Friday, August 31, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise, Left To Right:

1. I am helping a friend decorate the inside of a shop she is opening in West Asheville. She and her crew have been working hard, and this is the floor sanded down, completely empty, waiting for occupancy so we can begin the fun part--bringing in lots of beautiful products and furniture! I'll share more on the venture soon, I promise!

2. This week hasn't been too interesting, but rather very busy with not a lot of time to cook. Lucky for us, Standard Pizza is just around the corner, and I've always really admired their brown and white striped awning. Have you been there? Where's your favorite pizza place in Asheville?

3. Here are happy Buddha statues again. I loved the photo I took for this week's ten picks so much that I decided to put it on Instagram as well. Still in love with them!

4. I found this dollar bill on the sidewalk and kind of fell in love with whomever decided George needed a shot of color. I like his neon profile much better now!

5. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this flower. If any of you readers do, please remind me! I was really taken with them, and they are growing outside of the shop I'm helping decorate. I also love the bee that planted itself perfectly in a bloom for the photo.

Pretty uneventful week, I must say. Stopping to enjoy an awning, a friend's labor of love, or to appreciate blooming flowers remind me to enjoy the small pleasantries, however. Do stay tuned though. There's a big secret I've been dying to share with you, and all will be revealed soon!!

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