Friday, August 17, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise from top left:

1. This is a shot of the warehouse from this morning. The weather today is fantastic, in terms of being in a large warehouse with no central heat or air. I love sunshine, but I am really appreciating the overcast day so far. Overall, the week has felt a lot like autumn, my favorite season, and I've been spending my afternoons after working in the shop riding my bike around my neighborhood.

2. This is a picture of my dad, taken when he was 32. I keep this photo on a ledge in our kitchen.An odd place, I know, but in the photo he is in my parent's kitchen in their first apartment. On a personal note, my dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last October.  My family and friends are doing the Purplestride walk in Charlotte on September 22 (my birthday!) this year in his memory, as we continue to celebrate his life. I have yet to reach my personal fundraising goal, so if you have a minute and would like to donate, check out this link: Tarleton's PurpleStride Fundraising Page. Every little bit helps!

3. This Brutalist-style floral sculpture is amazing. One of our mid-century dealers brought it in last week, and ever since I've been imagining where it should go in our house. I'm thinking near a certain steer skull I've recently acquired?

4. I took this shot of our cats. All three of us were waiting for Ethan to come home. I like how my living room looks with this lighting, but even more I love the teak bowl from Oddfellows on our table. I've been trying to convince the cats that they should curl up in it to no avail.

5. Ahhhhh. Why is this chair so amazing!?!? There are two of them in the shop right now, and while the tomato red color calls out to me, I also love that they swivel and rock. The upholstery is really beautiful, too. Unfortunately the cats would assume that I had bought them two very expensive scratching posts if I brought them home!

6. I realize this week's instant picks are slightly pet centric, but look at this! This is my friend Rachel's cat Suki trying to get along with my friend Natalie's pup Talent. They are roommates and still feeling each other out.

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