Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oddfellows At Home

I love when loyal customers are willing to share photos of their homes with us so we can see where the items in the shop end up. That's why I'm particularly excited about this edition. Carol and Connie have been shopping with us for a while now, and I always enjoy catching up with them when they visit Oddfellows. A few months back, I was lucky enough to deliver a piece of furniture to their home in West Asheville, and I was blown away with how they had decorated their home. I knew right away that I wanted to share their home with our readers and proceeded to beg and plead with them to share pictures! What I love so much about their home is how effortless each item and accessory appears, and yet you can tell a lot of love and thought has been put into their choices. It goes to show that if you fill your home with things you love, the rest will fall into place. Take a look at the photos below and let us know your thoughts. A job well done, Carol and Connie!

This is a shot of Carol and Connie's dining room. They paired a reclaimed pine table from Oddfellows with a beautiful chandelier and sophisticated dining chairs for an overall modern finish, despite the rustic element of the pine table. I love mixing styles, and this is a great example of what happens when you do.

This is a close up of the reclaimed table, complete with small antlers. We all know I love and appreciate antlers anywhere, but I really appreciate the simplicity of this set in the middle of their table juxtaposed with the heavier, French style candlelabra.

This gallery wall is across from the dining table and chairs, and helps anchor the room in a nice way and also showcases Carol and Connie's taste for the eclectic. I love that they have added a few architectural elements to the wall as well, which helps add contrast and texture to the wall.

Here's another shot of the wall, featuring the signal box sign they bought from Oddfellows.

This shelving console, imported from India, also came from Oddfellows and rests just below the gallery wall, and helps tie the entire look together nicely for an old world meets French meets rustic vibe. Job well done, I say.

Connie and Carol's most recent purchase was this sweet little writing desk that has been placed in their entryway to catch keys, odds and ends, and even showcases the celery vase they bought from...Oddfellows!

Ladies thank you again for allowing our readers a quick peek into your home. I'll see you at the shop or in the hood!!

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