Sunday, April 6, 2014

T's Ten, Week of 4/6

It looks like spring is here to stay for a little while, and we couldn't be more happy for it to arrive! Our dealers have been hard at work, re-merchandising their booths and bringing in their latest finds. There are some fun things in the shop right now, and I certainly have my eyes on a few things. Here are some of my favorite picks in the shop this week. Have a look!

1. Check out this white leather chesterfield from Bernhardt. This one is brand new, so this piece is ready to last throughout the coming years and will only get better with age! You know how I love aged leather:) I also think the white color is a great modern touch to such a classic style of furniture. Dealer #444, White Leather Chesterfield, $2495.

 2. While we're on the subject of leather, this vintage wingback chair is calling my name! I love the tufting, and this piece's versatility will allow it to sit pretty in both traditional or modern settings. Dealer #83, Leather Wingback Chair, $495.

 3. This palm tree sculpture is pretty awesome, and it would look really fun next to the two leather pieces I've already shown you. The trees have a great copper patina, and the base has a formation of crystals. It also makes me wish I was at the beach right about now:) Dealer #076, Vintage Palm Tree Sculpture, $118.

4. I'm loving these vintage clocks and am considering one for our kitchen. They've got such a great industrial look, don't you think? Come grab the middle one before I do!! Dealer #02, Vintage Clocks ranging in price from $45-65.

 5. Can you guess how this table was originally used? ....As a sculptor's table, of course! The sculptor would work with clay, stone, etc. and could easily turn the top around and around to make it easier to work. These tables are also pretty hefty, and are designed so that they can hold a lot of weight. So of course that means that it would make a perfect lazy susan coffee table and fun conversation piece. Dealer #44, Sculptor's Table, $595. 

 6. These vintage cabinets are a great retro relic. Used in a barbour shop to store supplies, these would be perfect in a salon or tattoo parlour to serve their original function . Or, if you're so inclined, they could function as taller nightstands! #AE1, Vintage Barbour Shop Cabinets, $750 ea.

 7. I am really in love with these Japanese advertisement aprons. I think they have a great graphic design element to them, and while you could indeed use them as aprons, I'm probably going to tie mine around the handle on the  front of our stove to add some interest there. It's hard to choose which one, though! Dealer #14, Japanese Advertisement Aprons, $68 ea.

8. I've never seen a credenza quite like this one.Each side has  sliding tambour doors that open up to plenty of extra storage. But let's focus on those doors! So cool, right? This piece would function especially well in a dining room or used as an entertainment center.   Dealer #133, Danish Tambour Door Credenza, $1950.

 9. I've always dreamed of having built-in bookcases, but this pair would be the next best thing. These are vintage Ethan Allen freestanding bookcases that have a custom painted finish. The creamy white backing is a great way to highlight decorative objects while the cabinets below can hide DVDs, games, etc. Dealer #800, $495 each. 

 10. I also really love the look of this 1920s era Jacobean walnut chair. The velvet cushion adds a sweet touch, and the petite size would make it perfect in an entryway or as a side chair in a living room. Dealer #24, Jacobean chair, $198.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Four Years of Oddfellows

This month marks a very special anniversary for me. While the actual date is a little fuzzy at this point, four years ago this month I began working at Oddfellows! Because of the daily and weekly hustle and bustle, I don't often take the time to reflect on how grateful I am to be part of a shop that has so much heart and provides me with endless creativity and inspiration. With that in mind, I hope you will indulge me as I share with you 4 things I love about working at Oddfellows!

An assortment of objects I've collected over the years, most of which came from Oddfellows.

1. Oddfellows has allowed me to meet many colorful people throughout my continuing journey there, but most obviously has allowed me to get to know Tom and Kelly, the shop owners, in such a way that they have become part of my Asheville family. I hope they won't mind, but I have to say, they are mentors in every sense of the word and I so enjoy learning from and working with them. I have also enjoyed meeting our dealers, past and present, whose talents are something that I admire constantly, much to the chagrin of my wallet.

2. Container Day! While this is certainly one of the longest days we experience, there is also something so thrilling about unloading and arranging the furniture, opening boxes to find hidden treasures, and assisting customers and clients as they navigate their way through the new goods. You can feel the excitement in the air for sure, and it's such a fun, positive energy to be around.

This woodblock stamp from India is one of my all-time favorite objects I've collected from Oddfellows.
3. The feeling that comes with helping our customers is truly rewarding. The moment that a customer finds that perfect piece of furniture, and is so thrilled with it, is such a good feeling. You know that the piece will serve a function and provide the customer's home with something beautiful to look at. But even further, the hope is that what you're buying will become part of your history, an object passed down for years to come. I love when you guys share photos with us of things you have purchased, and enjoy your compliments when you visit the shop. Getting to know our regulars has also been a treat, whether it's Mary Rita dropping by with a piece of cake, Philip stopping by to talk history, or Maggie accompanied by her dog Pip (and there are many others unmentioned here!), I love catching up and helping you shop for new objects. You're definitely part of what makes my experience in Asheville, and in particular, working at Oddfellows, so much fun!

4. And finally, I LOVE being surrounded by such cool objects and furniture. Each time I walk through the door, I know there will be something new to take in and appreciate. For someone that has been a lifelong collector, Oddfellows is such an awesome spot for finding something to add into my personal mix. I have filled my own home with so many great pieces over the years, and it's really fun to remember the story behind each piece, and even observe how much my own personal taste has changed over the course of 4 years. There are certain objects that I know I will have for many, many years to come and that will always provide a little piece of delight to my home.

A growing collection of English garden gnomes. These guys currently hang out in my kitchen.
 There you have it! Thanks for letting me share some love for Oddfellows today!

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Dealer Sneak Peek

We are so happy to welcome a new dealer to our Oddfellows family this month. Annie McClure has been in the interior design business for years, both as an antique dealer and stylist. Her work has even been featured in Country Living! And with good reason. You can expect to find a vignette of lovely objects, furniture, and textiles that Annie has collected over the years. Most recently, Annie's work has been inspired by Japanese Folk Craft Movement. That aesthetic certainly rings true here, and I've already had to take a treasure home with me:) Please stop by to see us, and check out Annie's new digs at the shop!

Friday, February 14, 2014

T's Ten, Week of 2/9

Now that we've all had some time to play in the snow and develop a bit of cabin fever, let's get back to business. The February Flash Sale is still on and running through the 28th. 15-30% OFF storewide! Take a closer look at my favorite pieces this week, and be sure to take advantage of all the great deals going on!

1. This trestle table is huge, so for those of you looking for a larger scale dining table, this one may be for you. The table is made of wormy chestnut from a Pennsylvania grainery, and dates to the 1800s. It can certainly fit a large group, so come check it out. Dealer #150-C, Trestle Table, $1795.

 2. You're going to need some dining chairs to go with the trestle table, and this set (four available) is certainly worth considering. This set of brown leather chairs are from Mitchell Gold, so you know the quality is going to be exceptional. And although they have a modern look, they will pair well with any dining table you choose. Dealer #150-C, Set of 4 Mitchell Gold Dining Chairs, $995.

 3. Next up, this industrial-meets-retro sofa is too cool! I personally think this would look great in a bar or restaurant setting for a little extra seating near a hostess stand, but if you're not in the restaurant biz it would also function as a sofa in a more casual living room setting just as easily. Throw some pillows in the mix, and you're good to go! Dealer #83, Vintage Sofa, $350. 30% OFF during flash sale!

 4. I've personally been lusting after these end tables ever since they came in the shop! I love the look. They are definitely unusual--Hollywood Regency meets Mid-Century for sure! And if you took them a step further, and gave them a little lacquer finish, they would really shine! Please scoop them up so I don't have to!:) Dealer #AE1, Mid-Century End Tables, $245. 20% OFF during flash sale!

 5. I'm also loving this Victorian-era oak and stick magazine/paper rack. I think what I like so much is the delicacy of the design in the middle. I love pieces with interesting details, and this rack certainly is lovely. A perfect gift for any readers out there. #24, Victorian Magazine/Paper Rack, $295. 20% OFF during flash sale!

 6. This petite dresser is really sweet, don't you think? It would be the perfect accompaniment to a little girl's room, or in a girly dressing room. In the French Provincial style, the lavender hue with gold detailing completes the look. #OMD, Custom Painted French Provincial Dresser, $165. 15% OFF during flash sale!

 7. If you're following us on Instagram, then you may recognize this piece. Not following us yet?!? Find us @oddfellowsantiques for regular updates. This is a lovely carved, glass front bookcase from Germany and is one of my favorite pieces in the shop right now. If I had a bigger house, this would definitely come home with me. I love the look of the darker wood, as well as the carved details. Perfection! Dealer #44, German Glass Front Bookcase, $895. 30% OFF during flash sale!

 8. This 60s Chevy tailgate is so cool! You'll want to hang it on the wall for a fun retro vibe. Or if you're feeling extra creative, why not use this as a coffee table top, or a headboard in a child's bedroom? The possibilities are endless, and the result will be a unique, retro look! Dealer #02, 60s Chevy Tailgate, $145. 20% OFF during flash sale!

9. The flashiest of mirrors! This Venetian mirror with blue and clear beveled glass packs a lot of punch, don't you think? It reminds me of sapphires and diamonds! I'd love to pair this mirror with some crazy patterned wallpaper in a bathroom. Dealer #08, Venetian Mirror, $195. 20% OFF during flash sale!

 10. Lately I've been feeling the urge to begin stocking up on more vintage barware and fancy libations. No more PBR for this lady! A sign of getting older, perhaps? Or maybe it's just a justification for buying this vintage barcart. I love the wood grain, juxtaposed with the black veneer on the inside. It's a perfect size for those of us with smaller homes, and the glassware I've been collecting over the years would really shine on top of this piece! Dealer #297, Bar Cart, $240. 20% OFF during flash sale!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Call us crazy (we are Oddfellows aren't we??), call it cabin fever, call it pending snowmageddon...but starting today begins our February Flash Sale! OH SNOW WE DIDN'T! That means big discounts store wide! Yes, store wide! From now until the end of February you can expect to find some good deals, with literally everything in the shop marked down. 15-30% OFF ya'll!! So if you've had your eye on an item, now is a good time to act!!

#076     15% OFF

#444     15% OFF

#44       30% OFF

     #83       30% OFF &
                                   10%OFF reduced items

#24     20% OFF
#44     30% OFF
#133    20% OFF

#DC     20% OFF

#AE1    20% OFF

    #08       20% OFF &
                                    10% OFF reduced items

                                         #OMD  15% OFF items not already reduced

#02       20% OFF

#800     25% OFF

                 #297     20% OFF over $25 &
                           10% OFF under $25

#NYA     25% OFF &
                                10% OFF reduced items

#03 30% OFF

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

T's 10, Week of 1/19

Hope you guys are doing well this week! The first order of business is to remind you to start following us on Instagram if you haven't already. While I will still maintain the blog, our Instagram account will showcase photos with a bit more frequency. Under the search field, just enter "oddfellowsantiques," click follow, and you're all set! You can also see our account by clicking here. And now, for this week's picks!

1. This Eastern European milk jug is so sweet! I love the hand painted floral motif, and the colors are happy and bright. This would make the perfect decorative object in a kitchen. Dealer #44, Milk Jug, $95.

 2. This armchair has a great look about it. The upholstery is super soft and the nailhead trim gives it a sophisticated edge. I also like the square back juxtaposed with the rounded arms--it gives it an interesting look. And the price is an added bonus! Dealer #444, Upholstered Armchair, $325.

  3. This globe is amazing! Its large scale makes it a pretty unique decorative object and will definitely be a conversation piece. Globes like this one are made of steel, and were used for military training (usually circa WWII) or in some cases, used for mapping out flight plans . How cool, right? Dealer #NYA, Steel Military Globe, $750.

4. I've never seen a tulip base table quite like this one before. The chrome edges and base provide an industrial look to an otherwise mid-century style. The inlay wood pieces are an added bonus. I love chrome and wood together. Because its scale rests somewhere between a coffee table and dining table, I think this guy would work quite nicely as a side table or if paired with lower seating, could function as a game table. Dealer #83, Tulip Base Side Table, $495.

 5. I've had this lucky elephant on my mind ever since the dealer brought it in. It is just like those large garden stools I love, but on a much smaller scale. It would be perfect as a bookend! Dealer #076, Good Luck Elephant, $38.

 6. If you're in need of a small, narrow accent table this one might do the trick. Not all houses have entryways, like mine, so I would use this table right beside our front door to catch keys, coins, and the like. Dealer #OMD, Hand Painted Accent Table, $75.

 7. I love live edge wood slabs, and this console table made locally in Asheville is really calling my name. The live edge wood is cherry, and has a great industrial metal base. I would use this as a bar top for our dining room, but it would also be perfect behind a sofa or used in an entryway. Dealer #150-C, Console Table with Cherry Top, $425.

 8. These aluminum chairs are literally the best deal we've got in the store right now. There are about 15-20 of them remaining and would be put to perfect use outside on a deck or patio. I love the classic, retro feel of them too. And the pricing on these are seriously great you guys! Dealer #02, Aluminum Chairs, $28 ea or 4 for $85!!, 6 for $120, 8 for $160. 

 9. This mid-century coffee table and matching end tables have gotten a lot of attention at the shop, and with good reason. The tiered coffee table is really cool, and all of the tables feature a portion of inlaid Italian tiles. I love the contrast of the stark white tiles with the teakwood. Dealer #AE1, Coffee table $345, Pair of End Tables, $345.

 10. This French parlour chair is really lovely and is the perfect accent to any room. The velvety blue fabric with the gold painted frame look great together. And good news, it is newly reduced in price! Dealer #03, French Parlour Chair, $295.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lamp Roundup

It's been a while since I've featured some of the lamps we've got in the shop, so I figured a roundup was in order! Lamps are a personal weakness of mine, and I'm almost always switching out one lamp for another. Plus now that we're settling in for a bit of winter hibernation, lamps will keep it cozy and bright indoors during the shorter days.Keep in mind that these six are just a small selection of what we've got right now, so be sure to come on by to see the rest.

 1. Marquetry lamp, featuring varying types of inlaid wood. Booth #133, $225.
 2. Machine Age Masterwork Lamp. Booth #NYA, $195.
 3. Custom made wine jug lamp, two available.Booth #444, $195.

 4. Vintage Regency style lamp, Booth #83, $175.
5. Chalkware Buddha lamp, Dealer #076, $178.

 6. Neo-Classical style lamp with brass and onyx detailing, Booth #24, $295.