Friday, September 28, 2012

Week In An Instant

Left to Right, Clockwise:
1. One of my favorite parts about my birthday. My family, friends, and I spent my birthday walking in the PurpleStride 5k in Charlotte, NC. After the walk, we celebrated my 29th birthday over lunch and at the end, a surprise "pull apart" cake was presented from Polka Dots Bakery. Ethan and my mom had sneakily been planning it for a while. The best part is knowing how well Ethan knows me. He asked the bakery to have fun with adding antique furniture, and this is the result. So sweet and thoughtful.
2. I was delivering some furniture for the shop in South Carolina this week, and I just like how this photo turned out, complete with old signs advertising thrift shops.
3. My latest obsession is branch weaving. Google it...We all know my weakness for textiles, and I love how natural and organic branch weavings are. I'm going to teach myself to do them this winter, but in the meantime I picked up this fine specimen at a shop outside of Charlotte, and there's no going back. I'm going to have an entire wall before Ethan can protest!
4. Another birthday treat, this duvet from West Elm has been keeping everyone lazy and snuggly and has prompted Bedroom Makeover 2012.

***Please note: Tom & Kelly are in the process of crossing the pond as I type this!! That means there will be new goods and another container day heading our way. Do you have any last minute requests? Let me know and I can be in touch with them while they're away. Also be sure to stop in and visit me this week! I'll be manning the ship.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week In An Instant

This week has been busy! Kelly and I are both celebrating birthdays this week (woohoo!) and tomorrow I head to Charlotte to complete the Pancreatic Cancer 5k Run/Walk in honor of my dad. I've decided that my 29th year will be my best yet. Enjoy the weekend, and be sure to stop by the warehouse to say hello!

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. I've been kind of obnoxious this year, as far as receiving gifts goes. As soon as a package arrives on our porch, I've been begging and pleading to open it. Maybe turning 29 means you regress into your 10 year-old self? Anyhow, Ethan ordered me a book from my book wish list post, which you can see here. So far I've really enjoyed looking through the pages and I've been very inspired.
2. Another birthday gift from Ethan, a pair of Clark's Desert Treks! And yes, ten year-old Tarleton threw an absolute fit in order to open the package early...oops. Every year around this time, I order a new pair of boots/shoes in preparation for the cold weather that will hit the warehouse and Ethan surprised me with these. Gotta keep my feet warm, ya know?
3. I went to dinner this week with a great friend, and he had never been to Chai Pani! So we ordered basically everything on the menu and went to town, feasting upon samosas, corn bhel, masala fries, butter chicken, and so much more. If I ever had a ranking of favorite restaurants in Asheville, Chai Pani would definitely make the top 5.The best part is the owner is in the process of opening a late night lounge behind Chai Pani, which will specialize in small plates and cocktails. Really excited for that!
4. I finally got around to putting up my metal "Cats" sign above where our piggies eat. It's so cute, and I'm pretty sure the cats are really enjoying it too. I got it from The Screendoor in case you are dying to have one too.
5. I took this of the warehouse on Monday when the sky was overcast and rain was pouring. It's really cozy in here when it's raining.
6. Hello enormous amethyst! Last night I attended the TWIN Awards, hosted by the Asheville YWCA. A friend received an award for her work with the Citizen-Times (congrats, Casey!) and I spent a lot of time admiring this large geode. Is it just me, or do you guys also find geodes and rocks fascinating? Goes to show, the best examples of design come from nature.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have You Heard?

If you follow us on facebook, by now you've probably heard...Oddfellows is featured in the October 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living. We couldn't be more excited and are truly honored to grace the pages of one of our favorite magazines! It's almost as good as if Martha had visited us herself. You can look at more photos here! Have you seen the issue yet? Be sure to pick up a copy for a glimpse of what a weekend in Asheville is like!

Image Courtsey of, photograph by Jen Altman

Monday, September 17, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 9/16/12

It's been a little quiet around these parts, and for that I am very sorry! Life sometimes has a way of catching up with you, doesn't it? I'm back on track though, and pleased to present my favorite picks this week. Let me know what you think!

1. I try not to pick favorites. I love all of our furniture and objects equally, unconditionally. But this little French doorstop is my favorite. I'm a sucker for anything cute and tiny, and this little guy is both. And lucky me, my birthday is Saturday! Note to self: stop buying gifts for yourself! Dealer #150, Iron French Doorstop, $48.

2. I love this industrial cart. I like that it is compact and appears lightweight. Industrial items are often heavy and large, so I appreciate that I could take this cart home with me for a shot of metal to contrast with all of our teak wood furniture that won't take  up much room. It would make a perfect bedside table! Dealer #02, Industrial Cart on Wheels, $45.

 3. This is quite possibly the most comfortable club chair I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in. It's dangerous, though, because it makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book instead of encouraging customers that they should buy it. I love the crackled leather and the nailheads...this is just a classic set that works well with anything. And it's on sale! Dealer #444, Leather Chair and Ottoman, $395 reduced from $695!

4. Alright. I'm clearly prone to picking maybe the this is my absolute favorite? I love kilim textiles, and this bench delights me to no end. I would put it at the foot of our bed, but I think it would also be lovely in an entryway. I love that it's slightly curved, and the iron base adds a great touch as well. Dealer #150-C, Kilim Bench, $675.

 5. This kidney-shaped dressing table is really beautiful. I love how delicate and light it is, and it would be perfectly suited in a powder room. Or I think it would be adorable in a child's room to use as a writing desk. #44 Dressing Table, Circa 1910, $110.

  6. Brief history lesson for you: this is a riddling rack. Riddling racks, first used in France starting in the late 1800s, were used to aid in the production of champagne and sparkling wines. The holes are at a 45 degree angle, and every day the bottles would be turned and slightly shaken in order to bring sediments to the bottle neck. And now you know! While you probably wouldn't want to use this rack for riddling (the process takes 8-10 weeks of manual labor), it would make an excellent wine rack. Dealer #AE1, $475.

 7. This teak dining table is great, because it has two leaves that come out on either side, so there's plenty of room for your family and guests to gather round. Alternatively, if you are in need of a desk, I think this would be a fun option because there's plenty of room to spread out files and papers, and you can add fun storage on the bottom. Dealer #83, Teak Dining Table, $195.

 8. I'm loving this sweet little oak bench. I love the rush seating, and the spindled back is really lovely as well. I'd love to use this on our covered front porch because I think it would complement all of our plants really well. This bench is a great example of the beauty of simple, classic design. Dealer #150-C, Oak Bench, $295.

 9. Ok, so there's a running debate in the warehouse. Fox or raccoon? Weigh in on the comment section. I'm leaning toward raccoon, but someone's husband (ahem, mine) decided it could be a fox. Either way, this concrete fellow is meant to hang vertically on your wall and it's so charming! Dealer #03, Concrete Animal, $38.

 10. This McCaskey Register Co. carousel was originally used to hold sales slips and the like (in this case, it looks like a chemical company used it to hold foil slips of some kind?), but how amazing would this look in your living room, showing off family photos!?! I also like the idea of it in an office, holding reminders and memos. Either way, I love the industrial elements and I really like that each clasp is in numerical order. Dealer #133, McCaskey Register Carousel, $395.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What I'm Listening To/Playlist No. 1

For a while now, I've been wanting to start doing a bi-weekly post about what I'm listening to. I'm inspired in many ways and when it comes to music, I have a great love and obsession with it. Nothing sparks my creativity more than when I listen to certain bands or musicians. Sometimes I'm not really in the mood to clean the house, but blasting The Rolling Stones motivates me. When I'm out for a walk, LCD Soundsystem keeps my heart rate up! And even when we're experiencing such beautiful weather in the mountains, preparing for autumn, I love to listen to old standbys like Cat Power or The Velvet Underground, which remind me of my college days. So much of design is inspired by music and most of these blog posts are written while listening to something. Even looking at a picture of a room can evoke a certain mood, or recall a favorite song. So I hope you'll enjoy this first music post. The playlist links directly to the Oddfellows spotify playlist I created. The list will stay up until the next "What I'm Listening To" post. Hopefully some of these songs will inspire you to get creative, go outside, or appreciate your surroundings in a new way.

Taken at Warren Wilson College!

Click Here to Listen!
1. Hank Williams Jr.- Long Gone Lonesome Blues
2. Heartless Bastards-Skin and Bone
3. Slip Away-Clarence Carter
4. Father John Misty-I'm Writing A Novel
5. Vetiver-Wonder Why
6. Otis Redding- Tell the Truth
7. Cat Power-Manhattan
8. The Fresh & Onlys-20 Days and 20 Nights
9. The B-52's-Roam
10. Magnetic Fields-Born On A Train
11. The Troggs- With A Girl Like You
12. Atlas Sound-Sheila

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. This is Hanger Hall in the Chicken Hill neighborhood, close to the River Arts District. Hanger Hall is one of my favorite historic buildings in Asheville. I captured this photo on a gloomy early morning and I love it. 

2. Oh little Etta. This is our kitten, who is now very much a cat. She flops down on this rug in our kitchen every time I prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, hoping to catch a crumb. She loves kale, eggs, and peaches. What a weirdo...

3. I bought this butterfly shade at a thrift shop in Atlanta about 6 years ago. There are very few remnants left from my college days, but this and an amazing red ottoman remain. Luckily I've moved on from "Dumpy," the blue sofa my roommate found on the street and its famous painted-with-nail-polish coffee table counterpart.  

4. Tom doesn't know it, but I took this picture of him at work the other day. 

5. My friend's Akita-German Shepard mix named Talent. Sweetest dog you'll ever meet! He's in her new shop space that I am helping her decorate. I have hinted about it before, and I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 9/2/12

I'd like to start this week's ten picks with a huge, huge thank you! The feedback we've received from the Blind Pig supper has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm really excited that all of you enjoyed reading the post. If you want to check out more photos from the event, taken by a professional, check out this link. Cindy did such an amazing job, and I'm so pleased with the results. Again, check out Cindy's website CLicKs for more information. And allow me to indulge you with my favorite photo of the evening...

Your official Oddfellows team. Ethan's an Oddfellow by marriage, of course! We're a good lookin bunch, right!? And picks for the week!

1. Isn't this plant beautiful!?!? These pots arrived in our last container, and while we've got varying sizes, this large one is really amazing, especially now that it is keeping this plant cozy. I love the large scale and this potted plant would really work wonders on any space. Dealer #44, Concrete Planter $250/plant price available upon request.

2. This is too cute for words. Although I'm not a dog owner, I still appreciate how amazing this doorstop is. Yep, doorstop. While it appears as if this Scottie Dog is about to empty his bladder, his leg is actually raised to hold your door in place! I've never really needed a doorstop,  but this guy has made it all too clear to me that I do. Dealer #150, Scottie Doorstop, $52.

3. This iron terrarium is really lovely. I love the large scale, and I'm imagining what beautiful objects could be displayed inside. I think it would be perfect on a porch or veranda, but would be just as great in a kitchen for holding an herb garden. The possibilities are endless! Dealer #OMD, Iron Terrarium, $275.
4. Are these not the cutest little mid-century footstools!?! I'm so smitten. I love the perfect minty-teal color. I think the teal skirts were obviously added onto the footstools as slipcovers, because when the skirts are lifted, three iron legs show their true mid-century glory. These would be so darling in a child's room, or would even provide a great shot of color in a den or living room. Dealer #123, Teal Footstools, Price Available Upon Request.

5. Speaking of adorable and mid-century, these Salterini tv trays are too much. I would probably use them as plant stands or random side tables, but of course if you love to dine with your flatscreen, then you should be doing it with these guys. Dealer #NYA, Salterini TV Trays, $125 for 4.

6. I'm pretty sure I haven't indulged you with these burlap feed sacks until now. Please forgive me for having waited so long, because these are truly awesome. I love the thick black font and they would be so fun hanging on a wall. You can't ever go wrong with burlap, I say. Dealer #44, Burlap Feed Sacks, $19 ea. (tons available!).

7. This wouldn't be a T's Ten without a little industrial thrown into the mix. This table on casters is amazing. I love that the dealer used the grates at the top to display magazines. If there's one thing in my house that is in constant disarray, it's my neverending pile of magazines. It's true; I am a magazine hoarder through and through. Although this table is a little low to the ground to be a true coffee table, I would still use it as such, and have Ethan roll over a few back issues of Domino from across the room to me from my leaning tower of magazines. Dealer #02, Industrial Table, $180.

8. Holy cupboard, you guys! This Qing-style compound cupboard is massive and I love it for that very reason. It's a little too big to go in my house, which is why it should go in yours instead. I love all of the compartments for storage. It would make a lovely cupboard for storing clothing, or if you're adventurous, try it in the kitchen to store away pots and pans! Dealer #444, Qing-Style Cupboard, $1,595.

9. I recently discovered this style of pottery, known as Nemadji or Indian Pottery, from a blog I read. While I have plenty of "collections" to continue collecting and don't need to add anything else to that growing list, I'll have to make an exception. Nemadji pottery comes in all kinds of sizes, styles, and colors and I love the marbelized effect of the glaze. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered we've got our own Nemadji pot right in the warehouse! Rest assured, I'll be snapping this up along with many others! Dealer #133, Nemadji Ozark Tourist Pot, $125.

10. This lone tobacco drying rack is still on my list of wants. We had several others and they were quickly snatched up; one customer is using hers as a headboard for her daughter's college dormroom. I would use this one in my spare bedroom to tack photos, memos, or inspiration photos above our desk. I love the primitive quality of the rack, and the texture of the worn wood is lovely. Dealer #FF, Tobacco Drying Rack, $49.95.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blind Pig At Oddfellows

Pig's out of the bag, so to speak. Last night, our warehouse hosted a pop-up supper with The Blind Pig, a local underground supper club. I have been wanting to tell anyone and everyone about the event, but because the club doesn't tell its guests the location of supper until the day of the event, my lips were sealed. Believe me, keeping a secret this big to myself was hard work indeed!

 Each supper is organized around a theme and the Blind Pig rallies local chefs together for each event. Last night's theme, "Hemingway's Havana," was a perfect match for the warehouse. Each dish was influenced by Cuban cuisine, as well as Ernest Hemingway's writing. I will not pretend to play food critic, but rest assured that each dish was amazing. Add to that the atmosphere of an antique store at night, with Spanish guitar players in the background, and you've got one of the most amazing, surreal experiences I've had in Asheville to date.Executive Director Michael Moore is truly an inspiring individual. Overnight, along with his lovely wife Darlene, as well as his regular crew, Michael has created an organization worth every bit of its hype.Check out the pictures below, which do not at all do justice to how magical the evening really was. Also be sure to check out The Blind Pig website here to learn more about the supper club and its concept.

These pigs were perhaps the most important part of the entire supper.  Procured from The Chop Shop on Charlotte Street, these four pigs were delivered to the warehouse at about 12:45 Sunday.

As customers filed into the shop looking for antiques, the piggies were lined up on the spit in our parking lot for all to see. The roasting began around 1:30, and lasted up until suppertime at 8. Pictured are Zoe, Brian Canipelli, and Mike Moore keeping the pigs in line.

I have to say, this part was pretty awesome to watch, and I was totally intrigued with the entire roasting process. As the chefs began smoking and roasting, Tom and Kelly's dad Mike began emptying out the front room with a little help from yours truly. I lifted all the heavy stuff. Just kidding. Customers were really intrigued and excited to learn about the event, particularly out-of-towners that weren't familiar with Blind Pig.

Right at closing time, the Blind Pig crew shuffled in and filled the front room with tables and chairs. There were 10 tables total, with room enough for 80-85 guests. I've never seen a crew work so diligently, and so quickly. There wasn't much time between 5 and 7:30 when guests arrived, but because there were so many hands on deck, transitioning our warehouse from retail space to dining room went without any hitches.
Here are a few more shots of the crew as they got the tables prepped for dinner. 

 After each glass, napkin, and place setting was organized, Elaine and Bryan from Urban Farm Girl in Black Mountain, NC adorned the tables with wildflowers beautifully grown on their flower farm. They were the nicest couple, and one of the best parts of the supper for me was being able to connect with folks I had never met before. Elaine and Bryan were no exception and I admired their floral arrangements all evening. Check out their website here. Definitely consider them for your next occasion; it was a delight meeting them.
In addition to the flowers, Tom, Kelly, and I also picked several objects to adorn the tables as well. I love this scale with books, and Elaine and Bryan's flowers complement them so well, don't you think? Someone even ended up buying an object that was placed in front of her chair! 

Here's the final result. I couldn't have imagined a better table setting and I loved the way the soft lighting from candles and lamps showcased our items in a new way. We don't often see the warehouse at night, so it was really fun to see how cozy and inviting the space was for the event.

The beloved Kudu was made for entertaining, and so many people commented  upon how regal he looked. 
Another shot just before guests arrived. I can't speak enough about how excited I was to see it all come together. It felt wild having the front room arranged for a big gathering, and the result was way better than I imagined it looking like in my head.

Meanwhile, the V.I.P. guests of the evening start looking like they're ready to party!

Finally, after everyone checked in with Darlene and had a quick peek at the shop, it was time to feast...
 Our menu for the evening. Each dish had been thoughtfully conceptualized before the dinner and again, words can't express how wonderful each course truly was. Chefs Brian Canipelli, Mike Moore, Adam Bannasch, and Sam Etheridge created and executed each dish with such skill and creativity. They all complemented one another and just as I had decided on my favorite dish, another course was served only to take its place. 

 Here's a closeup of the menu. Seriously the best meal ever. 
 As everyone eagerly awaiting each new dish, the Blind Pig crew worked quickly behind the scenes. Tom was quickly able to snap this photo of dishes ready to get plated. 

Another behind the scenes shot. I believe this is Adam preparing the Paella de Mariscos. 

Here's a mashup of each dish. Left to Right, Up and Down: "The Old Man & The Sea Ceviche" (Papa Doble Cured Swordfish, Jalapeno and Grapefruit Gastrique, Cherry Rum Relish, Tostones Cilantro Oil), "The Have and Have Not Black Beans & Rice" (Duck Crepinette, Black Bean Puree, Pickled Mirliton), "Men Without Women Octopus" (Avocado Terrine, Chile, Spanish Onion, Local Tomato), "A Farewell To Arms Mofongo" (Local Rabbit Confit, Chorizo, Tarro Root Hash, Salsa Verde, 64 Degree Yolk), "Papa's Last Feast" (Cuban Lechon Asado, Paella De Mariscos, Pickled Vegetables, Coconut Braised Greens, and "Cassava Benjuelos" (Dulce De Leche Pudding, Cafe Cubano Ice Cream, Sea Salt Chocolate Crumble). My favorite, as well as Ethan's, was the octopus, followed by the ceviche. Tom's favorite was the ceviche, and the verdict is out on Kelly's favorite. Miss K, what was your favorite?

As we wined and dined, these fantastic Spanish guitar players accompanied the meal with beautifully rendered songs. I didn't catch their names, so if anyone is reading and knows, please comment below so I can give credit where it is most assuredly due. Their music really made the night feel surreal to me. The whole night was surreal, but add to that this music, and it's like I imagined it all in my head. It was too amazing to be real!

I just can't get over how amazing the room looked with everyone in it. I love these two shots. I believe they were taken right before the last course was served. It seemed to us that everyone was truly having a good time and enjoying the atmosphere.

When I pulled into the parking lot this morning, it felt like the night before had been some sort of dream. Surely we had not just hosted 85 guests in the warehouse, complete with an amazing 6 course meal, Spanish guitarists, and lovely antiques surrounding us. Luckily, this barrel remained along with the barbeque pit to remind me that I had indeed participated in an amazing adventure the night before. It was a lot of hard work, but SO worth it. I loved the feeling of community from the evening; it was great to connect with people I would not have otherwise met and it was awesome to showcase Oddfellows to a whole group of folks that might not have made it into the warehouse until last night. We are eager to host another dinner soon! A huge thank you again to Mike Moore and the Blind Pig, without whom we would not have journeyed to Havana and back, all in a day's time!

Be sure to check out these links:
-CLicKs (I'm hoping to share more pictures with you soon. The photographer, Cindy, took tons of photos and I'm eager to see what she captured. She was truly delightful to work with!)