Friday, March 22, 2013

Week In An Instant

Images Left to Right, Clockwise:
1. Look at these sweeties. We've had a few spring-like days here in Asheville. Spoilers, really, for the big event. But seeing these chicks gives me hope that warmer days are indeed about to happen!
2. We've been updating our Etsy shop quite a bit, getting rid of the old to bring in the new:) Visit and let me know what you think!
3. This is my friend Anna, who is an aerial artist/gymnastics instructor/homesteader extraordinaire/vintage hat model/all around great girl.
4. Ethan and I delivered some furniture to Knoxville, TN and on the way we picked up lots of fireworks outside of Gatlinburg. Just kidding. Fireworks scare me, but these big box stores make for a fun photo and are again another reminder of warmer days ahead.
5. Another shot of Knoxville, riverside. It was a beautiful spring day, and it's a perfect destination for a quick road trip out of town. Check out Dead End BBQ while you're there, too! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 3/10

How could I not start off this rainy, post-Daylight Savings Monday with something to make you laugh? This is Steve, and he was so blown away by all of the amazing goodies in the shop this weekend that he had to be carried out on a gurney! We love all of our customers, and especially those with a great sense of humor. Steve we hope you enjoy your gurney, and thank you for letting me share this with our readers!:)

1. Check out this bad boy! This is a linen Bernhardt sofa with the sweetest seafoam green color (picture doesn't do the color justice). It has a highback and the sides trumpet out a bit. The best part are the big nail heads all along the frame. It's a great modern piece, but with all the little details is somewhat of a throwback as well...think The Tudors meets Downton Abbey. Dealer #444, Bernhardt sofa, $995.

 2. I'm loving this collection of antique claw feet. You could use them for any number of projects, including feet for tubs but what I noticed about them right away was the great sculptural quality they have when they're flipped over and displayed this way. They make a really great grouping of decorative objects, don't you think? Dealer #28, Claw Feet, $22 each.

 3. This French pharmacy sign is really beautiful. It's hand painted on both sides, and dates between 1860-1880. I especially love the arrow at the bottom. I think this sign would work well in just about any space. Dealer #150, French Pharmacy Sign, $525.

4. This scoop back mid-century chair by Carter Bros. Furniture just arrived in the shop this week. What's not to love about it? It's got great scale, the tufting is super sweet, and the green color with painted black frame is a bold choice. Dealer #076, Scoop Chair, $178.

 5. This file stack is great. I love how narrow it is, and some friends visited the shop recently and had considered using it as a lingerie chest. What a great idea, right? It's the perfect compact size to hold unmentionables. I also love that it's wooden, with metal drawer pulls. Dealer #AE1, File Stack, $275.

 6. And now for some Norwegian goodness. This is an Ekornes stressless chair from the 1970s. Perhaps the most comfortable chair in the world, it's also easy on the eyes. I love the chrome base and the tufted leather is great too. Dealer #83, 70s Ekornes Lounger, $795.

7. This large railroad crossing sign is awesome! It's pretty large, and I think it would be a great graphic touch in an entry way or hallway. Dealer #02, Railroad Crossing Sign, $95.

 8. Speaking of awesome, I am really loving this illuminated cross! It has a bit of a sleek, mid-century quality to it, and I think this would be awesome in a restaurant or bar for an eclectic touch. I'm thinking of you, Double Crown! The Double Crown is one of my new favorite spots in West Asheville, and this cross would go perfectly in their spot. Especially on nights when they play gospel music. Dealer #133, Cross, $695.

 9. This French painted chest is really sweet. I love the burnt orange color, and those circular spots add a ton of character as well! It's a perfect size for those of you with kids needing to store clothing, but it would also work really well in smaller entryways. Just add a fun bowl to hold keys! Dealer #150, French Painted Chest, $395.

 10. Check out these baskets. Aren't they great? I love that they come with the lids, because you can hide your junk easily without anyone knowing what's in there. I also like the idea of using them as smaller laundry baskets instead of the less pretty plastic versions that are out there. I'm thinking primarily of our plastic laundry basket, in fact. It's u-g-l-y, but that beautiful basket with the cool "F&M" logo would be perfect! Dealer #150, Baskets with Lids, Prices Vary Starting at $145 for the largest and descending according to size.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week In An Instant

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. After living here for almost 4 years, we finally made it to the Biltmore! Despite a rainy, cold February day it was really one of the best times to visit because there weren't tons of people. Plus it made the basement feel extra eerie:) Being involved in the antique business, I certainly appreciated all of those beautiful rooms. I especially loved the kitchen for its spaciousness and beautiful all those extra pantries!!
2. The grass in our yard is beginning to turn green, so certainly that is cause to celebrate!
3. We discovered the coolest elevator in all of Asheville the other day. It's in an old apartment building in North Asheville and smells just like the doctor's office from when I was little. And I love the graphic design throughout, particularly the floor numbers.
4. Our littlest cat had a rough week a few weeks back...she suffers from juvenile periodontal disease and is now working with 4 teeth only! Needless to say, helping her heal was stressful and a little tearful. But she's recovering wonderfully and is a much happier cat!
5. I think I mentioned pre-spring cleaning. It's still in full force, which means out with the old and in with the new rugs!:)