Friday, March 22, 2013

Week In An Instant

Images Left to Right, Clockwise:
1. Look at these sweeties. We've had a few spring-like days here in Asheville. Spoilers, really, for the big event. But seeing these chicks gives me hope that warmer days are indeed about to happen!
2. We've been updating our Etsy shop quite a bit, getting rid of the old to bring in the new:) Visit and let me know what you think!
3. This is my friend Anna, who is an aerial artist/gymnastics instructor/homesteader extraordinaire/vintage hat model/all around great girl.
4. Ethan and I delivered some furniture to Knoxville, TN and on the way we picked up lots of fireworks outside of Gatlinburg. Just kidding. Fireworks scare me, but these big box stores make for a fun photo and are again another reminder of warmer days ahead.
5. Another shot of Knoxville, riverside. It was a beautiful spring day, and it's a perfect destination for a quick road trip out of town. Check out Dead End BBQ while you're there, too! 

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