Friday, April 5, 2013

Week In An Instant

 Images clockwise, left to right:
1. These bistro chairs from the 30s are one of my favorite things in the shop, especially when they're arranged all in a colorful row like this. Tom and Kelly found them on a buying trip, and although I've featured them before, their story should be shared over and over again. They were abandoned long ago in the basement of a Paris amphitheater until some lucky person discovered them. Even luckier, about 20 of them reside in our warehouse ready for you to pick your favorite. I love this shot of them, and randomly took it when I was sharing a picture of them with a customer.
2. I recently went home to Virginia. My family and Ethan love to crack jokes because whenever I get home, I go "exploring" through drawers and closets, hunting for special treasures. These books, written by my Great Uncle Julian Meade, are treasures indeed. Growing up, I loved hearing stories about Uncle Julian, and even thought at one point that I may follow in his footsteps.
3. Martinsville, Virginia is an interesting little town. We grew up just 15 minutes away in Ridgeway, an even smaller town, but a majority of my extended family lives in Martinsville and I spent a lot of my pre-Oddfellows years there. It also happens to include my all-time favorite house ever, the mid-century gem seen above. I used to think this house odd, and it certainly sticks out among all the traditional colonial varieties surrounding it. But it has quickly become my "dream home."
4. There have been some beautiful sunsets lately, and I love this little scene. It was taken beside a run down gas station just outside of Virginia on our way back to Asheville.
5. This is Lake Lanier in Martinsville, where Ethan and I were married almost two years ago! I also spent a lot of time there, learning to fish with my dad. It holds a really special place in my heart, and going for a quick visit to the lake is always a must.

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