Friday, March 30, 2012

Biergarten Season Arrives!

Lately the weather in Asheville has been outstanding. All of this sunshine and warmth calls for a celebration! As you begin spring cleaning and sprucing up your gardens, don't forget to do it in style. One of my favorite items that we keep in stock steadily at Oddfellows are German Biergarten sets. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining and add a classic, charming look to your garden or porch. Can you imagine having an intimate dinner party under twinkling lights, or playing host to an ice cream party for the kiddos? I can...and I am happy to say the weather is making it official: Biergarten season is here! We've got ten vintage sets straight from the source. At $350 per set, this is truly a steal. I've seen these guys priced between $500-800 in catalogs and online.The best part? The table and benches easily fold up, so you can take the party with you all spring and summer.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oddfellows At Home

I'm really excited to share this post today! Here at the shop we are often curious to know what happens to our goodies when they leave the shop. Luckily, our loyal customers will often snap a few pictures to share with us. With that in mind, this is the first installment of what will become an on-going series of sneak peeks into the homes of our customers. And because March marks two years for me at Oddfellows (Happy Anniversary Tom and Kelly!), and because I am still a very loyal customer, I would like to be the first to share with you my home.

 Last week I was interviewed and our home was photographed for the "Home of the Week" section of the Asheville Citizen-Times. Today the article came out in print format. Talk about dream come true! I'm both humbled and honored to share with you a few photos, as well as a link to the full article. I can't be happier with the results and the work Bruce and Margaret did with the article literally brought me to tears. I hope you enjoy it, and will be inspired enough to share with us some of your Oddfellows goodies in your home for future installments!

Photos described Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. The first picture is of our bedroom, which features a rug from dealer #133, a needlepoint pillow from dealer #123, antlers from a former dealer, and a pair of framed 60s party masks from another former dealer.
2. The next picture is of a corner of our living room, featuring a bookcase Tom and Kelly imported from England!
3. The next photo of our dining room features a G-Plan dining table and chairs from dealer #44, a German school chart from dealer #44, a rocking chair from dealer #123, a kilim rug from dealer #03, and knick knacks galore from assorted dealers!
4. Our guest room includes chairs from dealer #44, as well as more knick knacks...I love small things for sure.
5. The kitchen is probably the most overlooked room in our house, despite the fact that we spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining there. The rug is from dealer #03 and again...the small, cute objects are from various dealers.

As you can tell, a large percentage of our home has been decorated with goodies from Oddfellows and is all the better for it. I can't speak highly enough of Tom and Kelly and I feel really blessed to be part of the Oddfellows team. My home is especially happy to contain such wonderful treasures from the shop. So I hope you've enjoyed this first installment, and again, we'd love to see what your home looks like with a little bit of Oddfellows in it!

*All photos are courtesy of Maragret Hester of the Citizen-Times. Read the full article by the amazing Bruce Steele here and check out the full photo gallery here. Today's paper (March 24) features the article and pictures in print.

Monday, March 19, 2012

This Just In

This copper whale weather vane (dealer #150, $395) is adorable, don't you think? It floated in over the weekend and I'm loving it!

We've got several dealers with sales going on, so be sure to stop by this week to check out what's available!

-Dealer #03-25% OFF all merchandise; specializing in English and European antiques.

-Dealer #123-20% OFF all merchandise not already reduced; specializing in mid-century modern and vintage decor.

-Dealer #FF-20% OFF all merchandise not already reduced; specializing in an eclectic mix of traditional to modern.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you can't celebrate at your local pub this weekend, take part of the pub home with you. This one is actually a Mansfield Brewery sign from England (Dealer #44, $325), but  you get the idea. 

While you're at it, check out this roundup of cool links I discovered this week:

1. Kurt Perschke's Red Ball Project, in which Perschke tucks a giant red ball into architectural nooks and crannies throughout major world cities. Fun idea! Source: A Cup of Jo

2The Saguaro rainbow hotel in Palm Springs, California. Soiurce: A Cup of Jo

3.  Emily Henderson's design tips for senior living. Really touching post.

4. How to make a shamrock wreath from my new favorite blog The House That Lars Built

Have a great weekend from the Oddfellows team!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Orange at Oddfellows!

Ever since Pantone released its color of the year, "Tangerine Tango," I have noticed an abundance of orange floating about our warehouse. I have always loved orange, so I am happy that it keeps popping up literally everywhere.
*This picture is courtesy of Time Magazine's news feed. Read the article about Pantone's color of the year!

Here are a few quick shots of some orange items we currently have available at Oddfellows.  How would you include these items in your home? Do you like the tangerine/orange color trend? Let us know in the comments!

This is a Design Legacy orange coral highback chair. I can attest to its comfort and it would make a lovely desk or side chair. It is also on sale! Dealer #17, reduced from $295 to $235.
If you're like me at all, you've got a lot of stuff laying around that would be much better organized in an antique crate like this one. Rustic crates like this add character to a room while at the same time hiding away clutter. Plus history buffs will love the John Smith logo! Dealer #150, $65.
Lately I've been on a big pottery kick. This sweet pot made by Haeger would add a great pop of color on a bookshelf or coffee table. Dealer #FF, $20.
 This is a hand painted Tibetan bench. Unfortunately, my photography cannot give the credit that this piece deserves. I love the delicacy of the hand painted images on this piece. The bench itself opens, providing storage. Dealer #444, $450.
 LOVE these lifesavers, despite being completely terrified of the deep blue sea. Tom and Kelly found these on one of their buying trips in England. Dealer #44, $75-95.
 This vintage glassware set reminds me of Alexander Girard, and that is always a good thing. Dealer #123, set of 8 for $34.
 Sweet little mid-century footrest, also reduced in price. Dealer #83, reduced from $65 to $35.
 I'm craving these tangerine filing cabinets in a major way. I particularly love the chunkier handles on the cabinet to the left. Again, these would be great for hiding office clutter! Dealer #44, reduced from $235 to $195.
 This orange painted industrial cart is pretty amazing. I love that it can be moved around and the imaginary dream kitchen I have floating in my head needs this! Dealer #316, price available upon request.
 Just when I thought mousetraps were the least design-worthy objects on the planet, in floats this handmade mousetrap boat to change my mind. I would advise using this as a decorative object only, however, since any mice it may trap will instantly change from nasty critter to adorable little boat captain and you will suddenly find yourself with new pets. Dealer #133, $48.
 And finally, I cannot resist sharing this metal vase and dried flower pods. I absolutely love navy blue and this lighter coral color paired with the blues of this tin are totally working for me. Dealer #44, $65 for vase.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tickled Pink

I'm loving all of the bright pops of color showing up all over the place, particularly since it appears that spring is truly on its way. Usually I don't go for pink very often, but this chair and pillow are irresistible and would certainly add that pop I'm looking for. Be sure to visit Oddfellows this weekend to find your own pops of color!
#123 David Rowland for Thonet chair with original pink vinyl, $110; #83 vintage needlepoint pillow, $19

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rue Magazine

I am usually pretty traditional when it comes to technology; I will always prefer a book to a Kindle, and my beloved magazine stacks will continue to reach new heights. Kelly and I still mourn the loss of Domino Magazine! But with all of the amazing blogs and websites floating about, particularly those that focus on interior design and decor, I can't help but be amazed by the wealth of creativity and inspiration that is available.

This is certainly the case with Rue Magazine, which I discovered only a few days ago. I've already developed an obsession with the photo editorials and the unique way in which Rue's editors are able to translate the world of design into an approachable subject for everyone, whether a veteran or novice. Check out a few of the photos below, and follow the link to check out Rue Magazine for yourself.

P.S. Here is a great article from the New York Times explaining the business of online shelter magazines

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lamp Love

Lamps are truly an essential part of making a room really come together, while also providing warmth and coziness. We've got a great selection of lamps to help complete the look of any room, whether you are into the traditional or more modern. Here are a just a select few that have caught my eye in the last couple of weeks, leaving me to ponder the question: Can you ever have too many lamps? The answer: of course not!

Whisk Pendant Lamp, Dealer #316 $195

Regency style lamp with columns; Dealer #05, $85

French style metal wheat lamp; Dealer #08, $175

Candelabra lamp; Dealer #150, $175

Cigar box lamp; Dealer #FF, $49.95

Wood carved lamp with woodland creatures!!; Dealer #133, $585

Mid-Century Modern pottery lamp; Dealer #123, $200