Monday, June 18, 2012

Oddfellows At Home

I know I always say I'm really excited to share posts with you, but I really am excited to share this post with you. After a little begging, one of my favorite customers was willing to share a photo of her home with us. I always refer to her as "Beveled Mirror Clare," and for good reason. Check out the room below, and how wonderfully Clare implemented the beveled mirrors she purchased from us. I love the elegance and simplicity of the mirrors juxtaposed with the dark buffet below. My guess is that the mirrors also help to make the room appear larger and airy. Excellent work, Beveled Mirror Clare!! xo

T's Ten, Week of 6/17

Welcome to a very exciting addition of T's Ten! But first, please allow me a few mushy moments of gratitude. I have been getting some great feedback from a few of you that have been following the blog. Every time I hear someone mention that they read a post, or really like a particular item showcased, it really puts a smile on my face. It is rewarding to know that I'm reaching an audience. I have a lot of plans in store for the blog, and this venture is certainly a process so any kind of feedback received warms my heart. So thank you for all of the encouragement.

And now for the housekeeping. We are anticipating the container with new goodies to arrive by the first week of July, fingers crossed. It's sometimes hard to predict exactly which day. The best way to keep in the know is via our email list, which you can join by sharing your email with us (leave it in the comments below, or shoot us a message on Facebook). Another really awesome thing about container time is that Tom and Kelly buy these really cute starburst neon tags and use them to mark down items throughout the store. There are some crazy good deals going on, so check in this week before I buy it all!

Ok, ok, less talk more pictures!

1. I know it looks like we've got snow hanging on our stair rail, but I'm here to inform you that this is a huge shag rug that looks like snow, but is softer and warmer than snow. I can't reiterate how soft this guy is, actually. It's 9 feet x 13 feet and yes, I am guilty. I've been running my fingers across it all day because it is a grownup's version of a stuffed animal. Dealer #83, 9x13 Shag Rug, $595.

2. This Rosewood chest by Drylund is too good to be true. The left and right sides have sliding tambour doors that hide away pull out drawers and shelving, and the middle has 7 pull out drawers. You won't have any trouble keeping organized with this guy in your home, that's for sure. I would personally implement it as a mid-century modern take on the lingerie chest. Dealer #123, Drylund Rosewood Chest, $950.
 3. I'm always in love with Eddison style bulbs and these do not fail. I would love to use these clustered above our dining table as pendant lights to mimic a tiered chandelier. Right now we just have a drab little light covering that makes me shake my head in disgust every time I see it. These bulbs would really do the trick! Dealer #03, Eddison style bulbs, $38 ea.

 4. Do you have twenty children? Then this is the table for you. It's 6 feet round and ready to host your brood. I love that the metal base brings in an industrial element while the table top is more rustic. You really can't go wrong with that kind of pairing. The only issue I see with this table is learning to politely pass the peas from 6 feet away! Dealer #150-c, Round Dining Table, $995.

 5. I love hooks. Have I told you that before? Hooks solve so many problems, even better if they are shaped like deer heads with awesome antlers. I would place all four of these in a row and hang zillions of things on them...purses, scarves, hats, the possibilities are endless. Dealer #AE1, Set of 4 Deer Head Hooks, $245.

 6. This wood toolbox is really great. I love the blue paint, and cast iron casters have been attached to the bottom for easy transport. The obvious choice is to use this toolbox as a coffee table. It's perfect for hiding away things like magazines and the tv remotes. I also think this would look nicely in a child's room. Dealer #05, Wood Toolbox, $345.

 7. I am trying really hard not to reference Game of Thrones too much in my life, because at the moment it's taken over in a big way. Have any of you read the series or watched the show? So addicting. Anyway, these Victorian tent pole bases are clearly bringing to mind some elements of the series for me. Maybe it's a long shot, but whenever I'm reading about a character pitching a tent in the middle of war, or in Dany's case because she hatches dragons, she's always under a tent of some kind, I assume they are using THESE EXACT bases. Geekiness aside, I really like what Kelly has done with them. While I would have put them in our back yard trying to erect a tent, she has cleverly decided they make great candle holders. Kudos to Kelly, I would've never thought to use them that way! Dealer #44, Victorian tent pole bases, $28 ea.
8. By now you all know that I really enjoy mixing eras when it comes to design. This chair is a great example of that. Its bones are Victorian, but its fabric is reptilian with a great set of nail heads to boot. It would really add some elegance and sophistication to any room. Dealer #FF, Victorian Chair, $350. 

 9. Remember how I said Kelly and Tom have been placing magical starbursts everywhere? I found said starburst on this little chest yesterday and the price attached is incredible. For a mere $150 you can own this great chest, complete with sweet Queen Anne legs and lion drawer pulls. Perfect for an entryway with a great floral arrangement on top. Dealer #44, English Chest, $150.

 10. I know in the past few weeks customers have been asking about beds. Well, we've certainly got a bed for you. This one is as beautiful as they get and fits a queen size mattress. Constructed from pine, the columns are from a late 1880s Pennsylvania train station. I sometimes joke that I am going to move into Oddfellows to save money and now that this bed is here, I think I'll do it! Dealer #150, Queen Bed, $2, 250.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Dealer Sneak Peek

We've got a new dealer (AE1) joining us this month whose goods include decorative objects and industrial elements, fantastic antique doors, and a few amazing pine tables thrown in the mix for good measure. Let me just say that my wallet is feeling a lot lighter, and he just moved in Friday (not a good sign, people...I may go bankrupt before it's all said and done). Check out the photos below, and be sure to stop in to see his full collection of goodies.


Friday, June 8, 2012


Have you guys had a chance to check out the Oddfellows Facebook page with pictures from Tom's latest trip? Well, let me tell you. You're missing out if you haven't. I can't contain my excitement, and the best part is that there are even more goodies Tom wasn't able to get pictures of. Container time is always my favorite time at the shop, so I'm happy to share with you my ten favorite things Tom found that will be heading across the pond shortly. All prices are available upon request.

 1. These iron pub table bases are killer. I love that they are red for an added pop of color. I think a marble top would compliment them nicely.
 2. I've been on a major industrial kick lately (can you tell?) and this light fixture is awesome! I personally think it would look fabulous on our front porch but I could also see it above a breakfast nook or even rigged as a wall sconce.
 3. Holy mid-century bookcase! This is a stunner, isn't it? I love how many organizational elements are found in one piece and if you're a collector like me, the extra shelving is ideal for displaying knick knacks. When I saw this in the photo album I literally gasped!
 4. This chesterfield is a masterpiece and has a matching club chair. Most of you that shop with us know that the chesterfields are one of our most popular items, and they go fast. Luckily Tom found several great chesterfields on his visit, including an amazing navy version. He also found some burgundy pieces, so check out the other options on our Facebook page.
5. English dough bowls! We haven't had these in quite a while so I'm excited that Tom was able to find a great selection of them. Dough bowls never fail to enhance a room, whether placed in a family room, kitchen, or dining room. I like using them to contrast with our more modern and industrial pieces.
 6. Too much industrial goodness going on in one picture. Remember the French paper box with drawers? This white metal cabinet reminds me of that, and I would use it for the same purpose--hiding and storing all of my jewels so that my husband doesn't get worried that I own too many! Look at those little legs, too.
7. Tom found a lot of great pub signs this trip, but I think "The Green Dragon" is by far my favorite. I love its rounded shape and that the dragon is an actual cut out design.
 8. Loving this set of mid-century nesting tables, especially because of their smoky glass tops. I think Tom was able to pick up several nesting sets, too.
 9. This is a great high back upholstered bench, and I'm eager to see it in person. I love the diamond pattern of the fabric, and this piece would look great paired with a pine farm table or in an entryway. Plus you could probably have friends over to reinact your favorite scenes from Downton Abbey with this guy in your living room. Just saying.
10. I'm really into these pub tables. The bases are really what's doing it for me, but in general I love the selection of pub tables we keep in stock. A lot of my friends live in smaller homes or apartments that don't necessarily have room enough for a traditional dining table and chairs, but with the pub tables you can make a small dining nook without taking up a large amount of space. And again, look at these bases. Love!

So there you have it. Just a small glimpse at what Tom was able to find. We are expecting the shipment to arrive the first week of July. We will be sending out our newsletter announcing the container's arrival, so if you are not on our email list comment below with your email and we'll get you on board!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 6/3

I've got a fresh batch of goodies for you today! Seems like this post is all about versatility today, which I love. I also love that Tom is arriving stateside today. I'm curious to hear how the trip went and what he was able to find for me...I mean...all of you guys! :)

 1. One of my weaknesses are small objects, particularly those that bring nature into the home. I love these starfish for that exact reason. Whether you use them as decorative paperweights, or simply propped against a window sill, they are a delight to keep around. Selection of starfish, Dealer #076, $12 ea.

 2. I'm drawn to golden tones lately and these tables are super cute. They are faux bamboo (love bamboo, faux or not) with caned shelving. They've got a great Regency style about them, and I like that they are the perfect height to anchor a standard sofa or loveseat. Faux Bamboo Side Table, Dealer #444, $149 ea.
 3. I'm really digging this mid-century light fixture. I know I've talked about lighting before, and how essential it is to any room. What makes this tiled fixture so cool is that it's like a hybrid of a wall sconce and a pendant lamp, wrapped into one. I also think it would be cool to use as a bedside lamp for reading Game of Thrones at night (you are all reading Game of Thrones, right?). Mid-century Tile Light Fixture, Dealer #133, $238.
 4. This French architectural fragment is super cool. It could be used as it is in the picture, providing a little niche for displaying decorative objects, or would be a great dining table centerpiece. I also think it would be a fun addition to a kitchen countertop. You could put a basket with fruit in it for an eclectic take on kitchen "storage." French Architectural Fragment, Dealer #150, $145.
 5. I'm loving this single unit school locker. We don't have a lot of extra space in our house so this one is nice because it wouldn't take up a lot of room and I could do things like hide away purses and scarves that, according to the husband, I have too many of. I don't know what he's talking about. Single Locker, Dealer #02, $100.
 6. I love these metal table bases because of their versatility. You can attach whatever top your heart desires, whether it be glass, marble, or wood, and because of its size there are endless possibilities. Do you live in an apartment with little to no dining space? Use this table! Do you have a corner of your den needing a game table? Use this table! Do you have a screened in porch needing an accent table to hold your plants? Use this table! Metal Base Table, Dealer #05, $145 (2 available).
 7. This is a sectional sofa that makes all other sectionals pale in comparison. Where to begin? There are 6 "sections" total. This picture shows four, and the other two pieces are rounded so you can either go with a long version as above, or create a demi-lune shape with all six. Or, you can split these four puppies into two loveseats. It's all about the versatility today, guys! Also I can attest to how comfortable this guy is. I love the velvety brown upholstery, too. 6 Piece Sectional by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin, Dealer #123, $900.
 8. This wouldn't be my top ten list if I didn't include a funky, eclectic delight like this tv lamp featuring a Great Dane. Love, love, love. I need this watchdog in my life ASAP. Vintage T.V. Lamp, Dealer #NYA, $75.
 9. This English side table is simply amazing. I really love the detail in the carved top, and the spindle legs add a bit of delicacy to balance out the darker wood finish. Carved table, Dealer #44, $275.
10. This elm altar/console table is by far one of my favorite pieces in the shop right now. I find myself drawn to it again and again. Why? Because it is elm, from the late 1700s, and has the most amazing green and teal painted surface. It would be wonderful in an entryway, or behind a larger sofa. I think it's a perfect example of sophistication and simplicity. Elm Altar Table From Late 1700s, Dealer #44, $1195.