Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 10/21/12

We are having a beautiful week in Asheville. The weather is perfect, the leaves are changing, pumpkins are beginning to get carved. Autumn is my favorite time at the warehouse, not only because the temperature is just right, but also because it means that a new container will be arriving before we know it. Enjoy this week's picks you guys!

1. This Bernhardt sofa is so comfy. I think all of us at the shop have not only been admiring it, but trying to find a spare moment to put our feet up. :) It's a perfect neutral color to fit in any space, and you can complement it with some great pillows (I would pair it with kilim!).  #444, Bernhardt NC Sofa, $650.

 2. With the holidays around the corner, dining tables will be flying out the door as people prepare to entertain friends and family. This French country farm table will be a big hit. It's simply lovely, and you'll want to be making memories with it in your home. #AE1, French Farm Table, $1, 195.

 3. Speaking of entertaining, this mid-century cabinet by Ercol would be a great solution for media storage, particularly if you have a small living room like I do. You may be asking yourselves, "Tarleton, what do you mean Ercol??" Ercol happens to be a British furniture manufacturer, established by Lucian Ercolani in the 1920s. You'll have to wikipedia the rest, but Ercol makes quality pieces of furniture, including this guy. #03 Ercol Cabinet, $495.

 4. I'm loving this hand painted chair. It definitely has a sophisticated feel to it, but I'm particularly taken with the caned back and seat. I would probably use it as a desk chair, since I actually need a desk chair. But you could also use it to complement seating in your living or dining room with the same polished result!  #OMD, Painted Chair, $165.

5. A friend of mine is obsessed with copper, particularly copper pots and kitchenware. For some reason it had not hit my radar until recently. Now that I've been looking, I'm finding copper everywhere and this table is a new favorite. I love the legs, but the hammered copper is really the showstopper on this piece. You should snatch it up before I do! #44 Copper Top Table, $145.

 6. Ah, buttery leathery goodness. I'm loving this 70s Danish leather sofa in a big, big way. It's quite cozy, and for those of you that dream of turning your house into a 70s wonderland filled with macrame and plants (or is that only me?), this sofa is a must. #83, Danish Leather Sofa, $1,200.

 7. If you're more industrial, less macrame, then this industrial cart would be perfect. It would make a great coffee table, and the dealer did a wonderful job refinishing the wood top. I love the graphic touch of the number 47 and the faint green paint that pops out is fun. Dealer #02, Industrial Cart, $195.

 8. I'm still gravitating toward marble, despite my new found love for copper. The table legs are definitely more traditional, but when paired with the marble top it gives the piece an entirely fresh, modern look which I love. One day, when I have a big fancy house with an entryway, I will be wanting a table just like this to use as a catchall. #44, Marbletop Table on Casters, $495.

 9. Since our warmer days are numbered, I'm trying to spend as much time on our porch as I can. Our porch is definitely lacking when it comes to furniture I can really get lazy in. This rattan couch would be a great addition, and its unique shape is really great, too. #08, Rattan Couch, $495.

 10. I love butterfly chairs. Love. Luckily we've got this pair in the shop right now. I especially love the weathered grey canvas juxtaposed with the black lines of the frame. #076, Pair of Vintage Butterfly Chairs, $328.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. Last weekend I went home to visit my family. Where's home? Ridgeway, Virginia. And a visit home isn't complete with a lemonade from the Ridgeway Drive In.
2. This shot was on the way back into Asheville...according to the leaf forecast, we're hitting peak leaf viewing in the next few weeks. All I know is, the beautiful weather and changing colors make me feel lucky to live in such a wonderful spot of the country.
3. I visited The Dry Goods Shop in West Asheville on Wednesday and found some new treasures, including this beautiful necklace from Another Feather, a local jewelry artist. It's a perfect hand blown glass pendant with a feather inside and I may wear it everyday the rest of my life...I love it that much!
4. Another autumn scape from a morning walk with Ethan at Carrier Park.

Monday, October 15, 2012

T's Ten, England Edition!

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to peruse our Facebook photo album with a preview of pictures from Tom and Kelly's last buying trip. What?!? You haven't?!?  Have no fear...click here for the photo album. I've been spending a long time trying to narrow down my top ten picks from the trip. It's a really difficult decision, considering what an excellent job T&K did of finding really awesome stuff. What are your favorites? Do you have any questions about any of the items? Feel free to get in touch with us!

1. I'm loving this pub sign for several reasons. I love the colors, I love that there is an old man plucking feathers from a pheasant, and I love the alliteration...which, if you have any bit of crass humor, you could have a field day pronouncing this one aloud, or in my case, making sure I've typed it out correctly. Pheasant Plucker, Price Available Upon Request.

2. Check out the velvety goodness! This chair is all glamor, from the baby blue velvet tufting right down to the little legs. This would be an obvious choice for a bedroom or if you've got a gigantic walk-in closet you'll be needing this. I also think it would be a fun addition to your living room. Velvet Chair, Price Available Upon Request.

 3. I know we've had several requests for pine farm tables lately and this one won't disappoint. I love a good rustic farm table because it feels warm and inviting right away, and the years of use are seen right away in the smooth, worn texture of the wood. This one is particularly nice because the carved legs add a touch of delicacy. Pine Farm Table, Price Available Upon Request.

 4. I'm probably most excited about these demijohns. We always try to carry a large selection of them, and they are harder and harder to find. We were running low, so I know those of you that shop with us regularly will also be pleased to see them return. I am so in love with the rotund shapes of these and my dining room table is just begging for one. Assortment of Demijohns, Price Available Upon Request.
 5. This carved bench is absolutely beautiful. I'm so in love with the high back, especially because of the arched carvings. The barley twist arms and legs are also really lovely. This would be great paired with a dining table, or used in an entryway. Highback Carved Bench, Price Available Upon Request.
 6. These stools are just too much. I'm loving the wood tops paired with the industrial orange bases. I am really excited to see these in person...they would be a really fun, quirky take on the traditional dining chair.

7. This is a goat, but not just any goat. It's from India and dates to the early 1900s. I think they are so sweet, especially because of the hand carved, hand painted quality. Goat not tickling your fancy? There's also a dog and an elephant! Early 1900s Wood Carved Animals, Price Available Upon Request.

 8. This deco bar is crazy. I love the curved glass fronts, especially the middle portion. Who needs a tacky disco ball when you can entertain with this bar instead?!? Deco Bar, Price Available Upon Request.

9. This wouldn't be an England Edition post if I didn't include a wonderful chesterfield. The tufting on this is lovely, and a chesterfield sofa has been on my wishlist for a while now. I love the soft, worn leather of our chesterfields and I love these more traditional pieces paired with mid-century furniture for an updated, modern take.

10. Speaking of mid-century, check out this credenza. Those circles are killer and you can't go wrong with this guy if you're looking for extra storage. Mid-century Credenza, Price Available Upon Request.
Alright, these are my picks. Let me know what you think, and remember: the photo album on facebook  is merely a tease. There's plenty more heading to Asheville soon. We're anticipating the early part of November, so stay tuned and if you would like to add your email to our newsletter list, please leave a comment below.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oddfellows At Home//Small Terrain

Remember the last few months, when I would mention special projects or show pictures from an unidentified raw space? The time has come to share! Since June of this year, I have been helping my friend Natalie Pollard make decisions. Lots and lots of design decisions! As of last Saturday, Natalie has been in business at her new shop, Small Terrain, located at 278 Haywood Road. The shop is the new go-to spot for urban homesteading. From supplies, including chicken feed and soil, to books on how to keep bees and the philosophy of homesteading, Natalie's shop will cater to all aspects of homesteading and will also offer classes for those of us new to the game or wanting to spruce up existing knowledge.

I'm really proud of Natalie, and I can attest to her kind, welcoming spirit. This will be a place without pretension and there is no need to feel intimidated with Natalie; I should know...I'm newly educated when it comes to bamboo splitters, cheesecloth, and the like. This was my first experiment in what I refer to as interior styling and while Natalie and I are almost identical when it comes to our design taste, it was fun navigating the design waters with her. Whenever a decision need to be made. a yes or no, that light fixture or this light fixture, I was there to give my opinion. What I loved most about this project, though, was how much the "shop raising" sparked so much community involvement. Natalie relied on a wonderful group of friends, as well as volunteers from the community, to complete projects from painting to sanding and staining the floors to hosting a ladies night completing sewing tasks and the like. That feeling really resonates throughout the shop, and Natalie is truly on her way to nurturing our community in a big way. Enjoy a few photos, but I'm leaving it up to you to see the finished product. You won't regret it, I promise! P.S. My friend Carol Motsinger of the Citizen-Times wrote a feature on Natalie and Small Terrain here and a write up about the shop's decor and my involvement here.

I love this photo series Natalie took of the shop, from its very beginning to just before furniture and merchandise was added to the shop. It goes to show just how raw the space was, and what a beautiful shop she was able to transform it into.

 This little section of storage held all of Natalie's supplies and decor until the shop was ready for occupation. Hard to believe we were able to fit so many things in such a narrow spot. We shopped as much as we could here in Asheville, and stuck mostly to Oddfellows and Screen Door. Some of the things collected were treasures Natalie has keep over the years, as well as trinkets passed down through her family. I think those elements add just the right touch of intimacy to the space.

Do any of you recognize this table? That's right, it was from our last container. I can't tell you how many swoons, "oohs" and "ahhs" this table has gotten whenever anyone new walks through the door. It's definitely my favorite element of the shop, and Natalie will plan on using it for displaying books, garden tools, and the like. The small teak wood bowl is also from Oddfellows! The beautiful folding chairs were from the Screen Door and the rug was an outsourced ebay find.

Another raw shot, as we were beginning to unpack boxes and arrange everything in its place.

Another quick shot of Natalie's counter, which she designed and built herself. This lady is talented, you guys.

Another work in progress shot. The doors, from Oddfellows, quickly became a focal point of the room.

Photo courtesy of The Citizen-Times and Photographer Bill Sanders
And finally, the lady herself. Do you recognize another familiar item? That's right. One of our dough bowls from the shop calls Small Terrain its home. Such a beautiful picture, too.

Be sure to visit Small Terrain in West Asheville (278 Haywood Rd). Natalie will be hosting a grand opening party, along with neighbor Bari Salon on their 1st birthday, on October 13th from 7 to 11PM for drinks and food, music, and a good time! Also be sure to visit Small Terrain's website here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. One of our dealers brought in this neon Burger Chef sign from the 1950s and it's so awesome. You've got to see it in person. It's pretty big, and your downtown loft needs it.
2. A rare treat: Ethan and I went on a date!! I thought he was looking particularly dapper. We went to Nona Mia, on Haywood Rd in West Asheville. It's definitely worth a visit or two.
3. I was meeting a friend for dinner earlier in the week for an interview...more to come on that end but in the meantime, on my walk to the restaurant I parked in an alley and was quite taken with this stone and brickwork building. I also really liked the industrial window grates.
4. And because this week has been all about survival--I'm on my 8th day of work and my autopilot button has been launched--I haven't been cooking much. Luckily Thai Cuisine Express on Patton Ave has amazing thai takeout. By far my favorite Thai place in Asheville.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

T's Ten, Week of Sept 30, 2012

I hope this week has been treating everyone well. Tom and Kelly are hunting and gathering in England, and I am in the shop until they get back. Yes, this means I am accepting visits and soy chai lattes to help me get through the remaining 6 days! Anyway, here are my picks this week. I hope you enjoy them!

1. This mid-century media console is really awesome you guys. I love the modular storage, and the teak cabinet on the right opens flat to reveal a section for keeping a small bar stocked for parties. I know I featured it before, in this post, but let's give this piece its due attention. I'm still as in love with it as I was in the England Edition post, and I know a little dining room in West Asheville that would benefit from the extra storage! Dealer #44, Media Console, $595.

 2. This teal blue factory cart is awesome because...wait for it...it's teal blue! Usually the factory carts we see have the standard wood finish, but every now and again painted carts will appear and they're always a favorite. This one would be a lovely addition to a rustic farmhouse in a living room, or wouldn't it be fun on a porch for displaying potted plants? Dealer #NYA, Factory Cart, $599.

 3. Speaking of paint, this hand-painted desk organizer is as functional as it is beautiful. You could keep it on a desktop, but would work just as well mounted on the wall. I love the little drawers that are labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. We all know I'm always in need of organizational help and if it means I can also display my tiny smalls while hiding clutter, I'm all for it! Dealer #OMD, Hand-Painted Desk Organizer, $90.

 4. This set of 4 folding theater chairs arrived over the weekend, and I'm really taken with them. I love the scallop-carved backs and the velvet upholstery is a nice addition as well. They would be perfect for entertaining; when you need seating for a few extra guests, just pop these out and everyone will be impressed with your impeccable taste and hostess/host skills. Dealer #150-C, Set of 4 Theater Chairs, $295.

 5. Speaking of entertaining...This Pabst Blue Ribbon cooler is awesome. I wish we had something like this at our wedding a year ago to add a touch of character to the bottled PBR we served. Asheville is a beer city, and as much as I love a great locally crafted beer, PBR will always remain a favorite, and is a testament to my early 20s living in Atlanta. It's such a great price too! It's just begging for some ice and a 12 pack. Dealer #02, PBR Cooler, $110.

 6. This chair, and its matching partner, are definitely a new favorite of mine in the shop. As much as it is industrial, it is also Parisian cafe chic! The lilac color is a delight, and I'm thinking about where I could use them in our house. An obvious choice would be the dining room, but even better than that, our spare beedroom/my walk-in closet/office could benefit from the extra seating. They're quite lovely, don't you think? Dealer #FF, Industrial Chair, $125 (two available, priced individually).

 7. This dresser is stunning. I love the little Queen Anne-style legs, and the undulating curvature of the front is a nice touch as well. Even better, it's made from birdseye maple, one of my favorite wood finishes because it adds a bit of visual texture to the otherwise smooth grain. This would be a great addition to a bedroom, but I think it could work just as nicely in a dining room if you don't have much room for a larger scale buffet. Dealer #444, Birdseye Maple Dresser, $550.

 8. And now let's talk tiger oak. Tiger oak also provides some visual texture, with its stripey grain. This cabinet is probably my favorite right now, and not only because it is made from tiger oak (p.s. If I had a band I would name it Tiger Oak and sing about antique furniture all the time). Although we've had it for a while, I moved it up front and I'm so glad I did. I probably passed by it a million times helping customers, but now that it is front and center, it will get the attention it deserves. I think it would make an awesome bar, or you could even use it as a media console for containing dvds, dvd players, dvrs, dv-whatevers. Dealer #44, Tiger Oak Cabinet, $295.

9. I talk a lot about things I want, and rarely about things I truly need. Well, it's confession time. I truly need a new pendant light in our dining room. The one we have is just plain dull, and let's not skirt around the issue: it's really ugly. I'm very seriously considering taking home this mid-century pendant. It's made from string and has a fiberglass cylinder in the middle and emits such a nice, warm glow. I love that it's visually interesting, and it even provokes some natural elements with the fiber of the string. It's settled then. I need this pendant fixture, stat! Dealer #133, String and Fiberglass Light, $238. 

10. I'm loving this dresser. It's from Milo Baughman's "Today's Living" collection by Drexel, and it has a total of 8 drawers. Plenty of room for housing your clothing, and it's still in really wonderful shape. I believe it's made from elm (since we're all into wood finishes with this post), but correct me if any of you readers have better knowledge on that end! Really great piece, with an accompanying mirror so you can be sure when scrambling to get dressed in the morning that you're co-coordinating accordingly. Dealer #83, Milo Baughman for Drexel Dresser, $895.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What I'm Listening To/Playlist No. 2

Today's playlist doesn't really have a theme, but the cooler weather and rainy spell definitely influenced some of my choices. I've been hitting a musical slump, so I've been hassling everyone for suggestions. What are you listening to right now? What music do you find gets the creative juices flowing? I'd love to hear!

Click here to listen to playlist using Spotify.
1. See No Evil-Television
2. If It Makes You Happy-Wreckless Eric
3.No Fear-Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames/New Multitudes Woody Guthrie tribute album
4. Nocturne-Wild Nothing
5. Leonard-Sharon Van Etten
6. Dreams-Fleetwood Mac
7. I Got Nothing-Dum Dum Girls
8. Sugar-Stevie Wonder
9. Catamaran-Allah-Las
10. Elephant-Tame Impala
11.Unknown Legend-Neil Young
12. Anything We Want-Fiona Apple