Tuesday, October 2, 2012

T's Ten, Week of Sept 30, 2012

I hope this week has been treating everyone well. Tom and Kelly are hunting and gathering in England, and I am in the shop until they get back. Yes, this means I am accepting visits and soy chai lattes to help me get through the remaining 6 days! Anyway, here are my picks this week. I hope you enjoy them!

1. This mid-century media console is really awesome you guys. I love the modular storage, and the teak cabinet on the right opens flat to reveal a section for keeping a small bar stocked for parties. I know I featured it before, in this post, but let's give this piece its due attention. I'm still as in love with it as I was in the England Edition post, and I know a little dining room in West Asheville that would benefit from the extra storage! Dealer #44, Media Console, $595.

 2. This teal blue factory cart is awesome because...wait for it...it's teal blue! Usually the factory carts we see have the standard wood finish, but every now and again painted carts will appear and they're always a favorite. This one would be a lovely addition to a rustic farmhouse in a living room, or wouldn't it be fun on a porch for displaying potted plants? Dealer #NYA, Factory Cart, $599.

 3. Speaking of paint, this hand-painted desk organizer is as functional as it is beautiful. You could keep it on a desktop, but would work just as well mounted on the wall. I love the little drawers that are labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. We all know I'm always in need of organizational help and if it means I can also display my tiny smalls while hiding clutter, I'm all for it! Dealer #OMD, Hand-Painted Desk Organizer, $90.

 4. This set of 4 folding theater chairs arrived over the weekend, and I'm really taken with them. I love the scallop-carved backs and the velvet upholstery is a nice addition as well. They would be perfect for entertaining; when you need seating for a few extra guests, just pop these out and everyone will be impressed with your impeccable taste and hostess/host skills. Dealer #150-C, Set of 4 Theater Chairs, $295.

 5. Speaking of entertaining...This Pabst Blue Ribbon cooler is awesome. I wish we had something like this at our wedding a year ago to add a touch of character to the bottled PBR we served. Asheville is a beer city, and as much as I love a great locally crafted beer, PBR will always remain a favorite, and is a testament to my early 20s living in Atlanta. It's such a great price too! It's just begging for some ice and a 12 pack. Dealer #02, PBR Cooler, $110.

 6. This chair, and its matching partner, are definitely a new favorite of mine in the shop. As much as it is industrial, it is also Parisian cafe chic! The lilac color is a delight, and I'm thinking about where I could use them in our house. An obvious choice would be the dining room, but even better than that, our spare beedroom/my walk-in closet/office could benefit from the extra seating. They're quite lovely, don't you think? Dealer #FF, Industrial Chair, $125 (two available, priced individually).

 7. This dresser is stunning. I love the little Queen Anne-style legs, and the undulating curvature of the front is a nice touch as well. Even better, it's made from birdseye maple, one of my favorite wood finishes because it adds a bit of visual texture to the otherwise smooth grain. This would be a great addition to a bedroom, but I think it could work just as nicely in a dining room if you don't have much room for a larger scale buffet. Dealer #444, Birdseye Maple Dresser, $550.

 8. And now let's talk tiger oak. Tiger oak also provides some visual texture, with its stripey grain. This cabinet is probably my favorite right now, and not only because it is made from tiger oak (p.s. If I had a band I would name it Tiger Oak and sing about antique furniture all the time). Although we've had it for a while, I moved it up front and I'm so glad I did. I probably passed by it a million times helping customers, but now that it is front and center, it will get the attention it deserves. I think it would make an awesome bar, or you could even use it as a media console for containing dvds, dvd players, dvrs, dv-whatevers. Dealer #44, Tiger Oak Cabinet, $295.

9. I talk a lot about things I want, and rarely about things I truly need. Well, it's confession time. I truly need a new pendant light in our dining room. The one we have is just plain dull, and let's not skirt around the issue: it's really ugly. I'm very seriously considering taking home this mid-century pendant. It's made from string and has a fiberglass cylinder in the middle and emits such a nice, warm glow. I love that it's visually interesting, and it even provokes some natural elements with the fiber of the string. It's settled then. I need this pendant fixture, stat! Dealer #133, String and Fiberglass Light, $238. 

10. I'm loving this dresser. It's from Milo Baughman's "Today's Living" collection by Drexel, and it has a total of 8 drawers. Plenty of room for housing your clothing, and it's still in really wonderful shape. I believe it's made from elm (since we're all into wood finishes with this post), but correct me if any of you readers have better knowledge on that end! Really great piece, with an accompanying mirror so you can be sure when scrambling to get dressed in the morning that you're co-coordinating accordingly. Dealer #83, Milo Baughman for Drexel Dresser, $895.

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