Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oddfellows At Home//Small Terrain

Remember the last few months, when I would mention special projects or show pictures from an unidentified raw space? The time has come to share! Since June of this year, I have been helping my friend Natalie Pollard make decisions. Lots and lots of design decisions! As of last Saturday, Natalie has been in business at her new shop, Small Terrain, located at 278 Haywood Road. The shop is the new go-to spot for urban homesteading. From supplies, including chicken feed and soil, to books on how to keep bees and the philosophy of homesteading, Natalie's shop will cater to all aspects of homesteading and will also offer classes for those of us new to the game or wanting to spruce up existing knowledge.

I'm really proud of Natalie, and I can attest to her kind, welcoming spirit. This will be a place without pretension and there is no need to feel intimidated with Natalie; I should know...I'm newly educated when it comes to bamboo splitters, cheesecloth, and the like. This was my first experiment in what I refer to as interior styling and while Natalie and I are almost identical when it comes to our design taste, it was fun navigating the design waters with her. Whenever a decision need to be made. a yes or no, that light fixture or this light fixture, I was there to give my opinion. What I loved most about this project, though, was how much the "shop raising" sparked so much community involvement. Natalie relied on a wonderful group of friends, as well as volunteers from the community, to complete projects from painting to sanding and staining the floors to hosting a ladies night completing sewing tasks and the like. That feeling really resonates throughout the shop, and Natalie is truly on her way to nurturing our community in a big way. Enjoy a few photos, but I'm leaving it up to you to see the finished product. You won't regret it, I promise! P.S. My friend Carol Motsinger of the Citizen-Times wrote a feature on Natalie and Small Terrain here and a write up about the shop's decor and my involvement here.

I love this photo series Natalie took of the shop, from its very beginning to just before furniture and merchandise was added to the shop. It goes to show just how raw the space was, and what a beautiful shop she was able to transform it into.

 This little section of storage held all of Natalie's supplies and decor until the shop was ready for occupation. Hard to believe we were able to fit so many things in such a narrow spot. We shopped as much as we could here in Asheville, and stuck mostly to Oddfellows and Screen Door. Some of the things collected were treasures Natalie has keep over the years, as well as trinkets passed down through her family. I think those elements add just the right touch of intimacy to the space.

Do any of you recognize this table? That's right, it was from our last container. I can't tell you how many swoons, "oohs" and "ahhs" this table has gotten whenever anyone new walks through the door. It's definitely my favorite element of the shop, and Natalie will plan on using it for displaying books, garden tools, and the like. The small teak wood bowl is also from Oddfellows! The beautiful folding chairs were from the Screen Door and the rug was an outsourced ebay find.

Another raw shot, as we were beginning to unpack boxes and arrange everything in its place.

Another quick shot of Natalie's counter, which she designed and built herself. This lady is talented, you guys.

Another work in progress shot. The doors, from Oddfellows, quickly became a focal point of the room.

Photo courtesy of The Citizen-Times and Photographer Bill Sanders
And finally, the lady herself. Do you recognize another familiar item? That's right. One of our dough bowls from the shop calls Small Terrain its home. Such a beautiful picture, too.

Be sure to visit Small Terrain in West Asheville (278 Haywood Rd). Natalie will be hosting a grand opening party, along with neighbor Bari Salon on their 1st birthday, on October 13th from 7 to 11PM for drinks and food, music, and a good time! Also be sure to visit Small Terrain's website here.


  1. I am not so good in arranging things in home. But I can say that Natalie has a good hands considering that she can make all those messy things fall into place again. Good job!

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