Thursday, November 29, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/25/12

As promised, a brand new T's Ten post! This post features new items fresh from the container. I had trouble narrowing down my selections this week because there are so many great things in the shop right now. Life is good when you know the biggest dilemma you face is choosing just which garden gnome to take home! As always, if you see anything you like feel free to contact us or stop by this weekend.

 1. I am really aching for this tooth model. Get it, aching...tooth..toothache. I apologize; I couldn't resist! All joking aside, is this not the coolest? This teaching model is amazing and I know a bookshelf or two that would benefit from adding this pop of the unusual. There is also something really graphic and bold that I love about it. Dealer #03, Tooth Model, $95.

 2. Why, hello little desk, nice to meet you. This container load featured a lot of really awesome mid-century furniture and this secretary is one of my favorites. What I appreciate most about it is its compact size. I have so many friends that tell me that they are quickly running out of room in their homes (myself included), so it's nice when you can find a piece of furniture that is functional, designed well, and can tuck away without taking over the whole house. Plus I'm loving the little nooks for arranging papers and files. Dealer #44, Mid-Century Secretary, $235.

 3. As is often the case in the antiques business, every item has a story to tell. These 1920s/30s folding bistro chairs are no exception. They were tucked away in the basement of a Parisian amphitheatre just waiting to be discovered! How cool, right?!? We've got around 40 of them, and each chair features a great punch of color. I overheard Tom mention to a customer over the weekend that in over a decade of importing, he's never found something quite so cool and unique! Dealer #44, Parisian Bistro Chairs, $95 each.
 4. These French wine barrels are pretty great. Given that Asheville is making a name for itself in the food industry, I'm betting a local restaurant will want to pick these up for decor. They would immediately add to any room's atmosphere. I think they could also function as an interesting tabletop surface when paired with tall bar stools.  Not in the restaurant biz? That's ok, because the new wine cellar you're building is begging for these. Dealer #44, French Wine Barrels (5 total), $395 each.
 5. This retro red leather chair is really special. To start, I love the single tufting on the back and cushion. It comes with the lumbar pillow, which is great when you've reached the end of the work day and want to collapse and relax. This chair will be ready to keep you comfy. The texture of the leather is super soft and let's be honest, who doesn't love a red chair!?! Dealer #44, Red Leather Chair, $495.
 6. I love chalkboard paint as much as the next guy, but who needs it when you've got this instead? First, let me just say that this would make a really amazing announcement/specials board for a restaurant or local business. Second, I really want to put this in my living room so I can make friends come over for lengthy hangman battles. And let's not forget the best part of all, it's French! #03 French School Board, $495.
 7. This sign is so great you guys! It's large, has a really great graphic quality, and the cut-out heart at the bottom is just too cute. It would be a fun addition to a gallery wall or could even stand alone as a great piece of wall art. Dealer #44, Royal Insurance Company Sign, $495.
 8. I am so in love with this mirror from the 1800s. Every time I walk past it, I catch myself thinking, "Wow, what an awesome mirror!" I especially love the stark white branch frame. It's a bold, large size and would be a beautiful statement piece in your home. Dealer #44, 1800s Mirror, $595.
9. Speaking of a beautiful statement, this painted Hungarian bench is lovely. I'm digging the whitewashed grey juxtaposed with the black paint. If you look closely, in either corner of the bench's back, there are small shots of red paint sneaking in for an unexpected punch of color.  This would function perfectly in an entryway, because you can hide shoes and other accessories inside the bench. Dealer #44, Hungarian Bench, $895.

10. Last but certainly not least, this mid-century high board is stunning. I love the clean lines, and even better, I love all of the storage. Our home is awesome, but completely lacking in the storage department, so anytime a piece of furniture can functionally hide away things that shouldn't be seen everyday (like my obnoxious assortment of dinner napkins) I'm into it. Dealer #44, Mid-century High Board, $695.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Container Day Recap

Here it is! A few behind the scenes photos for you guys, so you have an idea of what we do once the container arrives. I always say this, but this particular container is my favorite. So many great finds!

There she is! And right on time, too. It's hard to believe so many items can fit onto a 40' container, but miraculously everything Tom and Kelly found tucked away nicely, thanks in part to the shippers.

 Tom, our fearless leader, giving the truck driver instructions on how to park.

I love these two photos because it seriously captures some of the excitement of container day, at least for me. I have an idea of what is bought, but the majority of the container is a surprise and Tom unlocking the truck makes me feel like a little girl at Christmastime. Seriously. And in the second photo, the work begins!

I think we were at the halfway point about this time. Here are Mike and Ethan, on the right, eagerly anticipating another piece of furniture. As you know, I ask Ethan  two questions every container day-what is the heaviest thing you lifted, and what is your favorite thing you lifted? Ethan said the heaviest item this go round was a large English wardrobe and his favorite thing were all of the mid-century credenzas.
 Another action shot. This is our friend Justin, a newcomer to the field of unloading containers. Although it was his first time unloading, he was a pro by the end and hopefully we didn't scare him off to help again:)

This is what the container looks like when it's been emptied and gutted.

Holy cardboard! This mountain of cardboard kept all of the goodies safe and snug on their journey overseas. In case you're keeping tabs, yes we recycled all of it! Kelly's awesome dad Mike oversees the organizing and recycling portion of container day!

The unloading takes about 2 hours to complete, and after that hard work is done, the fun part really begins. We start to unearth hidden treasures in boxes and bubble wrap. In the meantime, the shop opens for business, and our favorite customers and friends come by to check out the new things. This is Tara, a dear friend to Oddfellows, holding her new bull. Perhaps she will share a photo of the bull's final resting place if we beg and plead:)

And we'll end with the cutest customer of the day,  sweet Selah helped us feed all the teak animals from India. Check back later in the week for a new T's Ten, featuring the items fresh off the container.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two Weeks In An Instant!

If you're like me, you're still playing a little catch up. We celebrated Ethan's birthday, plus took a whirlwind trip to Atlanta over the holiday. Coming up this week, look out for a container day post, as well as a new T's Ten. In the meantime, check out what I've been up to as I catch up!

Images left to right, clockwise.
1. I know I've mentioned it before, but I am really nesting right now. Lucky for me, I work at Oddfellows and have lots of nesting options around me all the time. Like this lamp. I featured it in a T's Ten a few weeks back and as I was writing about it, I knew I needed it. And my dining room is looking so much cozier with it!
2. We changed a few things up in the living room as well. I had to take advantage of dealer 444's awesome upholstered sofas, and it is now lovingly referred to as our "grown up" sofa.
3. I threw a party for Ethan to celebrate his birthday. A whisk(e)y tasting party, to be exact! It was such a fun party  because we were surrounded by all of our friends as we celebrated how great Ethan is. And also because I was able to capture this photo of Etta, our catpuppy, trying to steal some grub.
4. The following evening, we went to see Angel Olsen perform at Forsythia Hall. Our friends at Harvest Records hosted the event, and it was a truly beautiful experience. Also, as someone that absolutely loves peeking into others' homes, Forsythia Hall was a feast for the eyes.
5. There's that birthday boy!

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. One of my favorite finds from the container, the teak animals from India are lined up and ready for their new homes.
2. We spent Turkey Day in Atlanta with Ethan's family. My favorite part was driving around our old haunts. Here, a shot of Piedmont and Ralph McGill. It was nice experiencing some warmer weather, and Atlanta still has lots of leaves to admire.
3. Ethan and our nephew Ben, playing in said leaves.
4. We also had time to catch up with some old friends of ours, Julia and Rosa. Both hugely talented ladies, Rosa owns a vintage clothing business called Recollection Vintage and Julia is the chef de cuisine at Watershed. So glad I was able to catch up with them during our whirlwind trip.
5. A new addition to Ethan's extended family, this is Rosie. She's a pug and dachshund mix and so tiny, furry, cuddly, and cute. I love puppies.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Dealer Sneak Peek

What!?! Another new dealer sneak peek? Yes, that's right. Allow me to introduce dealer #297, who specializes in vintage and industrial housewares and furniture as well as eclectic odds and ends. Sharon has been in the biz for a while now, and some of you locals may be familiar with her shop Trash, Inc. Peep the website here to learn more. In the meantime, we are lucky to have her join us in her new project as "Plan B Studio."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oddfellows will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but we will reopen on Friday. If you haven't had a chance to see the shop post-container this weekend would be a great time to do it. Bring the whole gang!

Image Courtesy of

And now...a few things I'm thankful for this year:
-a husband whose patience knows no bounds, even when it comes to taxidermy
-my mom and little sister whose company I miss daily
-a job that keeps me inspired and nurtures my creativity
-bosses that I'm lucky to call family
-two mischievous cats that double as great photography models
-friends whose love and support is amazing
-the 28 years I was able to spend with my dad

New Dealer Sneak Peek

The shop is looking really wonderful lately, due in part to the container's arrival and also because we've got a few new dealers joining us. We are lucky to have them, and can't wait to see what they bring to the fold. Stay tuned for an update about "Container Day," and in the meantime, enjoy this peek at dealer #28!

Check out the "Coming Attractions"'s killer! Dealer #28 specializes in vintage, primitives, and painted furniture. Come by this weekend to take a look!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Container Is Coming!!

Yes, it's true! The container is sitting pretty right now, and will be arriving to us in Asheville on Monday, November 19th. That's this Monday!! Doors open at 11:00 and you won't want to miss out on the fresh goods.

Monday, November 12, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/11/12

Hello Oddfellows friends and fans! Hope your week is getting off to a great start. I know I'm looking forward to this week and especially the next, as we eagerly await the container's arrival. Still no exact date, but keep checking back. We will let you know absolutely as soon as we know, and appreciate your patience as we all look forward to its arrival! And picks for the week!

1. First up, this pair of deco style vases. They are only about 10" high, which means they would be perfect objects placed upon a bookshelf along with other odds and ends and  you know...books too. I'm just smitten! Dealer #150, Pair of Vases, $125.

 2. This folk art goat by artist R. A. Miller is tugging at my heartstrings. R. A. Miller is known for his folk "whirligigs," and metal cut outs like this little goat. I love it for several reasons, but mostly because the artist is from Georgia. I spent 7 years in Atlanta, and have a big soft spot because of my time there. It's also where I met Ethan, so needless to say, anytime I can proudly display something in our home that reminds us of Georgia I will gladly do it! Dealer #133, R.A. Miller Goat, $110.

 3. At this point, you should all know I have an affinity for anything a little odd. I am an Oddfellow, afterall. This "Exercycle" bike is right up my alley. It's still in great working condition, and that's why I like it. Of course I wouldn't settle for a brand new workout machine; oh no, I must have an amazing 1930s-40s "Exercycle" or nothing at all! I love the industrial quality, and it proves that something as functional as workout equipment can indeed hold its own in the design world. Dealer #NYA, 1930s-40s Exercycle, $195.

 4. Speaking of industrial, isn't this drafting table great!? I love that it is more compact than the traditional drafting table, and I'm loving the little compartments at the top. Local restaurants take note! This would be really awesome in a restaurant for a host/hostess to use.  Dealer #076, Industrial Drafting Table, $278.

 5. This beautiful Danish drawleaf table is really quite special. It is the perfect option for those of you living in smaller spaces, because the leaves can tuck under the top for a perfect, smaller square shape. And with turkey day right around the corner, you can't go wrong. Dealer #83, Danish Drawleaf Table, $450.
 6. Ethan and I often joke that we will one day upgrade to a "grownup bed," meaning we'll one day find a headboard suitable enough for the both of us. Enter this tobacco drying rack, and we've got one massive headboard. You could use this rack for a number of things, but I think when turned horizontally, it would be a perfect headboard. I especially like the idea of attaching lighting on either side with two small shelves. Whatever the use, this rack is lovely. Dealer #03, Tobacco Drying Rack from England, $495.

 7. Have I ever explained to you how much I love cane details? It's true. I've always loved caning on chairs, tables, and this hand-painted coffee table is no exception. I think what I like is the texture, and with this piece in particular, the circular shape gives the impression of a sunburst. Dealer #OMD, Hand-painted Cane Coffee Table, $175.

 8. This English secretary is so beautiful. It truly doesn't get any better than this. The stained glass doors at the top are in perfect condition and allow for a quaint simplicity. The rustic wood is simple, yet elegant as well. All around a perfect piece at a great price to boot! Dealer #150, English Secretary, $395.

 9. Holy hot dogs. This vintage neon sign from our industrial signage dealer is pretty special, don't you think? An obvious choice in a restaurant, but why not in your kitchen instead for a punch of color? A great, graphic choice, whether you like hot dogs or not. Dealer #02, Neon Hot Dog Sign, $1, 250.

 10. This tiny carved stool is really cute. My favorite part is the moss growing up and down the legs. Moss=elegant in my book any day, and this stool would make an elegant addition to your home. Dealer #444, Wood Stool With Moss, $44.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week In An Instant

First, some news. We still don't have an approximate date for the container arrival but we do know that it has been narrowed down to the week of Thanksgiving, likely earlier in the week. We will be able to tell you the exact date just as soon as we know, so stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates. Also, if you would like to be added to our email list, leave a comment below and I'll be sure you get added! And's what I did this week.

Counterclockwise, Left to Right. 
1. We went for a walk yesterday at the Botanical Garden. Again, I can't reiterate how much  I love this spot in Asheville. It's a tiny, quiet little refuge only 10 minutes from home and I always enjoy myself when I'm there.
2. I have been really nesting lately. Which mostly means I arrange, re-arrange, spruce up all of our junk. Sometimes when that happens, I discover things I forgot I this awesome vintage lamp. It was hiding out in the abyss of our spare bedroom, and now it's in our dining room never to be forgotten!
3. Our little house, just before nightfall. We are definitely still adjusting to the time change...
4. And finally, a little political humor. We were definitely more attuned to the election this year, and this sign has me cracking up! One of our dealers left this for me and while ole Cullie's results didn't turn out as he had hoped, he's still a winner to me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/4/12

Happy Monday! Looks to be a beautiful day here in the mountains. And a small container update-our shippers have packed everything in to the gills and it will be heading across the pond shortly. Unfortunately there is no set date yet, but no fear. We will let you know as soon as we hear word when to expect the new goods!

 1. I'm loving this oak bookshelf today. Our house is lacking in the built-in department, so I appreciate that this bookshelf gives the appearance of a nice built-in. Luckily I have enough books to fill this guy, but as an added bonus, those books you see are also for sale in case you need them! See, you can have it all. #44, Oak Bookshelf, $795.

 2. The holidays are coming, and I'm ready to entertain! This chair and its matching pair are perfect if you are needing additional seating as you play host to family and friends. I can imagine these would look great fireside with a cup of tea. I also love the bold, graphic detailing which calls to mind a Greek key pattern. Even better, this particular dealer is now providing really affordable upholstered pieces in our shop. You'll definitely want to check out what they've got because at such great prices they are likely to fly out of the door! #444, Bernhardt for Bloomingdales Chairs, $395 each.
3. I love a good workbench, and this one is particularly nice. I love how workbenches tell a story; each indentation or nick becomes a part of its history.  I imagine it going in an entryway, as a kitchen island, or even as a parsons style table behind a sofa. In any situation, it will be a stunning feature. #AE1, Workbench, $950.

 4. I'm loving this enamel fish sculpture. I love the textural quality, and the shots of green air bubbles juxtaposed with the bright orange fish is really fun. Plus if you have more of a neutral color palette, the shots of color will really make everything in your room pop. #133, Mid-Century Enamel Fish Sculpture, $425.

 5. This post may get a little cozy-heavy, so bear with me. I'm loving this chair because I'm imagining how cozy I could get curled up with a good book if this was in our living room. What can I say, cozy weather=cozy Tarleton. On another note, I really love this chair's wood frame with the more utilitarian canvas seat and back. Plus it's from can't go wrong! #83 Safari Style Chair from Denmark, $265.

6. This is the last cozy chair, I promise. But talk about cozy...this is a classic chair with a leather hyde sling seat and I'm in love. I love how masculine this chair is, despite its more delicate frame. #150, Classic Parlor Chair with Hyde, $295.

 7. This walnut chest of drawers is really lovely. The finish is beautiful and the marble on its top makes this piece really special. It would work just as well in a hallway/entry as it would in a bedroom and of course, is perfect for hiding away clothing or even odds and ends. #150-C Walnut Chest of Drawers, $395.

 8. I love barrister bookcases, but because we live in a small bungalow, the taller versions are never a practical option. Enter this two stack Steelcase bookcase, and we're in business! It's definitely more industrial than the standard barrister, which I love, and it's half the size. Match made in heaven. #NYA, Steelcase Barrister Bookcase, $349.

 9. By far one of my favorite items in the shop right now, this house made from Prince Albert tobacco tins is really fun. It definitely has a folk art element, and someone spent a lot of time and effort constructing this house. I would put it on our dining table as a centerpiece (because I'm weird like that). My favorite part is the tiny cutout of Prince Albert, standing ready to greet you at the door. #02 Prince Albert Tin House, $695.

 10. Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Are you lacking a beautiful, early 1900s English drawleaf table to serve a bountiful feast upon? Well, you're in luck because this guy is waiting for you. #44 Early 1900s English Drawleaf Table, $450.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week In An Instant

It's been kinda quiet on the blog, and a lot of cozy indoor time to boot. The cooler temperatures have officially arrived in the mountains and it's given me time to think a lot about things we're grateful for, and our hearts go out to those whose lives have been changed because of the hurricane, both on the coast of NC and to the north in New England. Enjoy this week's photos, and take a step back to appreciate the life you live!

Images clockwise, left to right:
1. I took this picture on a walk in our neighborhood, just before the temperature began to drop. We've had some beautiful autumn afternoons in the mountains lately, and I find all of the changing colors inspiring.
2. This little Etta Bee helped us pass out candy to trick or treaters on Wednesday. Unfortunately our street doesn't get a lot of traffic, but we had fun talking to the baby hot dog, little princess, and ghost that visited.
3. I took this picture at the Botanical Garden Thursday morning. By far one of my favorite places in Asheville, I try to go on walks there as often as I can. It's a quiet little refuge and it lifts the spirits whenever I'm there.
4. I finally had a chance to check out the newly opened MG Road with Ethan and friends Thursday evening. We shared a few desserts and tried a few cocktails. This one, the "Long Hello," was my favorite. Anything with St. Germain is usually my favorite.
5. A random shot of some owls hanging out in our house. What do you guys like collecting? Among my many collections, owls rank high on the list.