Thursday, November 29, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/25/12

As promised, a brand new T's Ten post! This post features new items fresh from the container. I had trouble narrowing down my selections this week because there are so many great things in the shop right now. Life is good when you know the biggest dilemma you face is choosing just which garden gnome to take home! As always, if you see anything you like feel free to contact us or stop by this weekend.

 1. I am really aching for this tooth model. Get it, aching...tooth..toothache. I apologize; I couldn't resist! All joking aside, is this not the coolest? This teaching model is amazing and I know a bookshelf or two that would benefit from adding this pop of the unusual. There is also something really graphic and bold that I love about it. Dealer #03, Tooth Model, $95.

 2. Why, hello little desk, nice to meet you. This container load featured a lot of really awesome mid-century furniture and this secretary is one of my favorites. What I appreciate most about it is its compact size. I have so many friends that tell me that they are quickly running out of room in their homes (myself included), so it's nice when you can find a piece of furniture that is functional, designed well, and can tuck away without taking over the whole house. Plus I'm loving the little nooks for arranging papers and files. Dealer #44, Mid-Century Secretary, $235.

 3. As is often the case in the antiques business, every item has a story to tell. These 1920s/30s folding bistro chairs are no exception. They were tucked away in the basement of a Parisian amphitheatre just waiting to be discovered! How cool, right?!? We've got around 40 of them, and each chair features a great punch of color. I overheard Tom mention to a customer over the weekend that in over a decade of importing, he's never found something quite so cool and unique! Dealer #44, Parisian Bistro Chairs, $95 each.
 4. These French wine barrels are pretty great. Given that Asheville is making a name for itself in the food industry, I'm betting a local restaurant will want to pick these up for decor. They would immediately add to any room's atmosphere. I think they could also function as an interesting tabletop surface when paired with tall bar stools.  Not in the restaurant biz? That's ok, because the new wine cellar you're building is begging for these. Dealer #44, French Wine Barrels (5 total), $395 each.
 5. This retro red leather chair is really special. To start, I love the single tufting on the back and cushion. It comes with the lumbar pillow, which is great when you've reached the end of the work day and want to collapse and relax. This chair will be ready to keep you comfy. The texture of the leather is super soft and let's be honest, who doesn't love a red chair!?! Dealer #44, Red Leather Chair, $495.
 6. I love chalkboard paint as much as the next guy, but who needs it when you've got this instead? First, let me just say that this would make a really amazing announcement/specials board for a restaurant or local business. Second, I really want to put this in my living room so I can make friends come over for lengthy hangman battles. And let's not forget the best part of all, it's French! #03 French School Board, $495.
 7. This sign is so great you guys! It's large, has a really great graphic quality, and the cut-out heart at the bottom is just too cute. It would be a fun addition to a gallery wall or could even stand alone as a great piece of wall art. Dealer #44, Royal Insurance Company Sign, $495.
 8. I am so in love with this mirror from the 1800s. Every time I walk past it, I catch myself thinking, "Wow, what an awesome mirror!" I especially love the stark white branch frame. It's a bold, large size and would be a beautiful statement piece in your home. Dealer #44, 1800s Mirror, $595.
9. Speaking of a beautiful statement, this painted Hungarian bench is lovely. I'm digging the whitewashed grey juxtaposed with the black paint. If you look closely, in either corner of the bench's back, there are small shots of red paint sneaking in for an unexpected punch of color.  This would function perfectly in an entryway, because you can hide shoes and other accessories inside the bench. Dealer #44, Hungarian Bench, $895.

10. Last but certainly not least, this mid-century high board is stunning. I love the clean lines, and even better, I love all of the storage. Our home is awesome, but completely lacking in the storage department, so anytime a piece of furniture can functionally hide away things that shouldn't be seen everyday (like my obnoxious assortment of dinner napkins) I'm into it. Dealer #44, Mid-century High Board, $695.

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