Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Container Day Recap

Here it is! A few behind the scenes photos for you guys, so you have an idea of what we do once the container arrives. I always say this, but this particular container is my favorite. So many great finds!

There she is! And right on time, too. It's hard to believe so many items can fit onto a 40' container, but miraculously everything Tom and Kelly found tucked away nicely, thanks in part to the shippers.

 Tom, our fearless leader, giving the truck driver instructions on how to park.

I love these two photos because it seriously captures some of the excitement of container day, at least for me. I have an idea of what is bought, but the majority of the container is a surprise and Tom unlocking the truck makes me feel like a little girl at Christmastime. Seriously. And in the second photo, the work begins!

I think we were at the halfway point about this time. Here are Mike and Ethan, on the right, eagerly anticipating another piece of furniture. As you know, I ask Ethan  two questions every container day-what is the heaviest thing you lifted, and what is your favorite thing you lifted? Ethan said the heaviest item this go round was a large English wardrobe and his favorite thing were all of the mid-century credenzas.
 Another action shot. This is our friend Justin, a newcomer to the field of unloading containers. Although it was his first time unloading, he was a pro by the end and hopefully we didn't scare him off to help again:)

This is what the container looks like when it's been emptied and gutted.

Holy cardboard! This mountain of cardboard kept all of the goodies safe and snug on their journey overseas. In case you're keeping tabs, yes we recycled all of it! Kelly's awesome dad Mike oversees the organizing and recycling portion of container day!

The unloading takes about 2 hours to complete, and after that hard work is done, the fun part really begins. We start to unearth hidden treasures in boxes and bubble wrap. In the meantime, the shop opens for business, and our favorite customers and friends come by to check out the new things. This is Tara, a dear friend to Oddfellows, holding her new bull. Perhaps she will share a photo of the bull's final resting place if we beg and plead:)

And we'll end with the cutest customer of the day,  sweet Selah helped us feed all the teak animals from India. Check back later in the week for a new T's Ten, featuring the items fresh off the container.

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