Monday, November 12, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/11/12

Hello Oddfellows friends and fans! Hope your week is getting off to a great start. I know I'm looking forward to this week and especially the next, as we eagerly await the container's arrival. Still no exact date, but keep checking back. We will let you know absolutely as soon as we know, and appreciate your patience as we all look forward to its arrival! And picks for the week!

1. First up, this pair of deco style vases. They are only about 10" high, which means they would be perfect objects placed upon a bookshelf along with other odds and ends and  you know...books too. I'm just smitten! Dealer #150, Pair of Vases, $125.

 2. This folk art goat by artist R. A. Miller is tugging at my heartstrings. R. A. Miller is known for his folk "whirligigs," and metal cut outs like this little goat. I love it for several reasons, but mostly because the artist is from Georgia. I spent 7 years in Atlanta, and have a big soft spot because of my time there. It's also where I met Ethan, so needless to say, anytime I can proudly display something in our home that reminds us of Georgia I will gladly do it! Dealer #133, R.A. Miller Goat, $110.

 3. At this point, you should all know I have an affinity for anything a little odd. I am an Oddfellow, afterall. This "Exercycle" bike is right up my alley. It's still in great working condition, and that's why I like it. Of course I wouldn't settle for a brand new workout machine; oh no, I must have an amazing 1930s-40s "Exercycle" or nothing at all! I love the industrial quality, and it proves that something as functional as workout equipment can indeed hold its own in the design world. Dealer #NYA, 1930s-40s Exercycle, $195.

 4. Speaking of industrial, isn't this drafting table great!? I love that it is more compact than the traditional drafting table, and I'm loving the little compartments at the top. Local restaurants take note! This would be really awesome in a restaurant for a host/hostess to use.  Dealer #076, Industrial Drafting Table, $278.

 5. This beautiful Danish drawleaf table is really quite special. It is the perfect option for those of you living in smaller spaces, because the leaves can tuck under the top for a perfect, smaller square shape. And with turkey day right around the corner, you can't go wrong. Dealer #83, Danish Drawleaf Table, $450.
 6. Ethan and I often joke that we will one day upgrade to a "grownup bed," meaning we'll one day find a headboard suitable enough for the both of us. Enter this tobacco drying rack, and we've got one massive headboard. You could use this rack for a number of things, but I think when turned horizontally, it would be a perfect headboard. I especially like the idea of attaching lighting on either side with two small shelves. Whatever the use, this rack is lovely. Dealer #03, Tobacco Drying Rack from England, $495.

 7. Have I ever explained to you how much I love cane details? It's true. I've always loved caning on chairs, tables, and this hand-painted coffee table is no exception. I think what I like is the texture, and with this piece in particular, the circular shape gives the impression of a sunburst. Dealer #OMD, Hand-painted Cane Coffee Table, $175.

 8. This English secretary is so beautiful. It truly doesn't get any better than this. The stained glass doors at the top are in perfect condition and allow for a quaint simplicity. The rustic wood is simple, yet elegant as well. All around a perfect piece at a great price to boot! Dealer #150, English Secretary, $395.

 9. Holy hot dogs. This vintage neon sign from our industrial signage dealer is pretty special, don't you think? An obvious choice in a restaurant, but why not in your kitchen instead for a punch of color? A great, graphic choice, whether you like hot dogs or not. Dealer #02, Neon Hot Dog Sign, $1, 250.

 10. This tiny carved stool is really cute. My favorite part is the moss growing up and down the legs. Moss=elegant in my book any day, and this stool would make an elegant addition to your home. Dealer #444, Wood Stool With Moss, $44.


  1. love, love love the art deco vases really nice for holiday decorating too!

    1. Carol they would look so good in your home!