Monday, November 5, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 11/4/12

Happy Monday! Looks to be a beautiful day here in the mountains. And a small container update-our shippers have packed everything in to the gills and it will be heading across the pond shortly. Unfortunately there is no set date yet, but no fear. We will let you know as soon as we hear word when to expect the new goods!

 1. I'm loving this oak bookshelf today. Our house is lacking in the built-in department, so I appreciate that this bookshelf gives the appearance of a nice built-in. Luckily I have enough books to fill this guy, but as an added bonus, those books you see are also for sale in case you need them! See, you can have it all. #44, Oak Bookshelf, $795.

 2. The holidays are coming, and I'm ready to entertain! This chair and its matching pair are perfect if you are needing additional seating as you play host to family and friends. I can imagine these would look great fireside with a cup of tea. I also love the bold, graphic detailing which calls to mind a Greek key pattern. Even better, this particular dealer is now providing really affordable upholstered pieces in our shop. You'll definitely want to check out what they've got because at such great prices they are likely to fly out of the door! #444, Bernhardt for Bloomingdales Chairs, $395 each.
3. I love a good workbench, and this one is particularly nice. I love how workbenches tell a story; each indentation or nick becomes a part of its history.  I imagine it going in an entryway, as a kitchen island, or even as a parsons style table behind a sofa. In any situation, it will be a stunning feature. #AE1, Workbench, $950.

 4. I'm loving this enamel fish sculpture. I love the textural quality, and the shots of green air bubbles juxtaposed with the bright orange fish is really fun. Plus if you have more of a neutral color palette, the shots of color will really make everything in your room pop. #133, Mid-Century Enamel Fish Sculpture, $425.

 5. This post may get a little cozy-heavy, so bear with me. I'm loving this chair because I'm imagining how cozy I could get curled up with a good book if this was in our living room. What can I say, cozy weather=cozy Tarleton. On another note, I really love this chair's wood frame with the more utilitarian canvas seat and back. Plus it's from can't go wrong! #83 Safari Style Chair from Denmark, $265.

6. This is the last cozy chair, I promise. But talk about cozy...this is a classic chair with a leather hyde sling seat and I'm in love. I love how masculine this chair is, despite its more delicate frame. #150, Classic Parlor Chair with Hyde, $295.

 7. This walnut chest of drawers is really lovely. The finish is beautiful and the marble on its top makes this piece really special. It would work just as well in a hallway/entry as it would in a bedroom and of course, is perfect for hiding away clothing or even odds and ends. #150-C Walnut Chest of Drawers, $395.

 8. I love barrister bookcases, but because we live in a small bungalow, the taller versions are never a practical option. Enter this two stack Steelcase bookcase, and we're in business! It's definitely more industrial than the standard barrister, which I love, and it's half the size. Match made in heaven. #NYA, Steelcase Barrister Bookcase, $349.

 9. By far one of my favorite items in the shop right now, this house made from Prince Albert tobacco tins is really fun. It definitely has a folk art element, and someone spent a lot of time and effort constructing this house. I would put it on our dining table as a centerpiece (because I'm weird like that). My favorite part is the tiny cutout of Prince Albert, standing ready to greet you at the door. #02 Prince Albert Tin House, $695.

 10. Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Are you lacking a beautiful, early 1900s English drawleaf table to serve a bountiful feast upon? Well, you're in luck because this guy is waiting for you. #44 Early 1900s English Drawleaf Table, $450.

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