Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 12/22

Happy Holidays friends!! I hope you are all spending lots of time with loved ones and are celebrating the season with lots of cheer. My gift to you-one last T's Ten before we enter into the new year. Enjoy!

1. This wrought iron table is lovely on its own, but when our dealer Kathleen Gibbs got a hold of it, she went a step further, creating an assemblage of found objects. And while Kathleen has been in the antique business for years, she is also an amazing artist as well. This table is the perfect blend of those two talents combining, and I think it's quite lovely! Dealer #133, Assemblage Table, $595.

 2. I'm currently on the hunt for a side table. Not too big, not too small. Not too fancy, not too simple. Perhaps you've been in the same predicament before? This round mid-century era table is calling my name. I love the two-tier element and it isn't too big or bulky for the space I need, and it's understated which I love. Dealer #076, Mid-Century Side Table, $238.

3. And while we are on the subject of my side table needs, there's this option too! It's got more of an industrial feel to it, and was originally used in a salon, likely as a station to do someone's nails. Plus it has a working light attached to it. I think it would be such a cool bedside table. Dealer #150, Salon Cart, $195.

 4. I'm really digging this chair. Made by the modern furnishings company Blu Dot, this chair is super comfy and the grey wool upholstery adds a sophisticated touch. I also like the metal rack underneath, perfect for holding a book or magazines! Dealer #83, Blu Dot Chair, $395.

 5. This table!! One day, when I've got my own personal dream home situation going on, I'd like to have a table like this. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to make sure you could see the base. How cool, right? It gives an otherwise traditional oak piece a more modern look. Dealer #AE1, Round Oak Table, $1150.

 6. This French baker's rack is the real deal. Can't you just imagine this sitting in a Parisian bakery, filled with pastries? Its wrought iron construction with brass detailing is stunning. Even better, this piece is signed. There are a lot of reproduction French items out there these days, so a piece like this is rare to come by! Dealer #24, French Baker's Rack, $995.

7. I'm loving this sofa right now. It's the perfect size because it won't take up much room but can seat several people comfortably. The fabric is a nice neutral herringbone twill, which adds a nice texture. Dealer #444, 4 Cushion Sofa, $750.

8. I'm a sucker for these kinds of letters, especially because of the bright red color. Perfect to use on a bookcase, or on top of a credenza for a bit of graphic punch. Dealer #02, Red Letters, $20 ea. 

 9. This French oak chest is one of my favorite pieces from the last container load. It's got a lovely marble top, and the oak wood grain is just gorgeous. I love its functionality because you can hide away items in the drawers. If not for storage, I think it would be super fun if retrofitted into a small counter or bar. #44, French Oak Chest, $995.

 10. I'm really digging these grey dining chairs. They are Henredon from the 60s, and I especially appreciate the updates this dealer has made to the chairs. They were probably really nice as is, but the dealer has really put fresh, new life into them, don't you think? The modern fabric juxtaposed with the custom paint job really makes them stand out. Dealer #800, Set of 4 Henredon Chairs with Custom Paint and Fabric.

Monday, December 23, 2013

New Dealer Sneak Peek

That's right! A new Oddfellows dealer has arrived. Please help us welcome Jeff, dealer #24, a veteran to the business. Jeff specializes in it all--primitives, folk art, early American, European, with a little vintage thrown in too. He's got a great eye and his knowledge of antiques and furniture is impressive. Come on by soon to see Jeff's new spot!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oddfellows Guift Guide 2013

Hi guys! I know it's been a while, but between the container's arrival and the holidays, I've been one busy girl! The holidays are definitely in full swing, too. Last night began the first of many holiday parties we're attending, and it's certainly beginning to look festive in Asheville. As I rush to cookie swaps, gatherings with friends and family, and holiday pop up shops, it's a good thing I work at Oddfellows, because almost all of my gifts for loved ones this year will be bought here and I won't have to worry about fighting the crowds at the mall, or worry that online purchases will arrive on time. It's a nice way to support a local, small business while at the same time giving unique gifts that can't be found at the big box stores. With that in mind, I've put together a little gift guide for you guys. This certainly doesn't encompass all of the fun gifts you can find here, but it is a good start! 

 Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. Calendars are a classic gift giving choice, but this particular calendar is extra special. These are handmade by local artist Kreh Mellick. I could go on and on about how talented Kreh is, and her volume of work is really lovely. This calendar is filled with colorful images that will keep you delighted throughout 2014. #83, 2014 calendars by Kreh Mellick, $16 ea.

2. These stone crock bottles from England are another sweet choice, especially if you give them with a small bouquet of flowers. I'm especially digging the ones with the labels on them that advertise ginger beer. How cool, right? #44, Stone Crock Bottles, $24 for labeled bottles, $18 for unlabeled. 

3. Give the gift of good luck! These horseshoes would make great stocking stuffers. #44 Lucky Horseshoes, $5 ea.

4. I love pillows, and Ethan would probably suggest that we have too many. But you can never have too many pillows. This dealer carries an assortment of them, all down-filled, and I think they would make a nice gift for a certain sister of mine that has recently bought her first "grown up" sofa. #444 Assortment of Down-Filled Pillows, $59 ea.
 5. These gnarly little gargoyles from England would pair nicely with any Grinches on your gift-giving list! Or really for anyone with a sense of humor or love of the quirkier side of life. #44, Gargoyles starting at $32.

6. I really love the idea of giving someone a piece of stained glass. We have plenty of them in the shop, especially after the latest container load. They vary from simple, modern lines and colors to the more ornate, intricately designed pieces. Guys, the ladies love stained glass! #44, 03, AE1 Stained Glass Windows, range of prices starting at $75 and up. 

 7. You can't go wrong with vintage globes. They're fun for all ages and are one of those objects that can be integrated into any kind of decor with ease. Also a perfect gift for any travel lovers out there! #NYA Vintage globes starting at $24.

8. This collection of note cards and notebooks are perfect for the vintage lovers! Handmade by local artist Jon Arge, each piece is constructed from vintage imagery found in old magazines, books, and the like. Each one has its own sense of humor somehow. I'm particularly fond of the note cards featuring glamorously vintage men and women posing in front of black and white interiors. #297, Found Imagery by Jon Arge, starting at $3.

9. And finally, a selection of French demijohns for the friend that can appreciate their simplicity and charm. Use them as vases for flowers, or as decorative objects scattered about the house. Also, if you know a brewer or winemaker, these are just the ticket for storing crafted concoctions. #44, French Demijohns, $65-95. 

Hopefully this little roundup is giving you some inspiration. But there's certainly more where that came from! Just have a look at the photo below, of the front room, taken just yesterday. So many good things to be had! Come see us soon!:)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T's 10, Week of 11/3 Container Preview!

Hopefully you've had a chance to take a peek at the photos we've posted to our Facebook account showing a selection of what's to come in our container. The estimated date of arrival is November 19th, but as always we will keep you posted once we are 100% sure of its arrival. This week my top ten picks take a closer look at the things I'm most excited to see. Tom did a great job on the buying trip, and found a great mix of items that are as functional as they are interesting and unique.

Also, we still have spots to fill for the bench making class coming up next week. We would love to have you! The class will teach you the basics of assembling and making your own mid-century style bench to take home. Be sure to register at https://www.spruceaustin.com/class-descriptions/book-tour-class-registration

 And now, for my favorites this week!

1. I love this piece because it could serve a few different purposes. It would be a lovely bar/kitchen island, but would also be perfect as a hostess stand in a restaurant or as a small countertop in a boutique. The minty greenish blue color really pops against the wood grain on top, too.

 2. These industrial tables are probably my favorite thing Tom found. I love the graphic quality of the grid tops. I'm not sure of the height on these, but with a piece of glass on top, they would function quite nicely as side tables or even as a smaller bistro style table.

3. You know I love a functional piece of furniture, especially ones that allow me to hide away things that I don't use daily. This sideboard is perfect for that. It's a great size, and would perfectly accompany a dining room or used as a media cabinet in the den.

4. I love this velvet parlor chair! It's a nice petite size, and the carving along the back is just lovely. It adds just a small feminine touch in a subtle way.

5. I love chesterfield sofas! They are truly a classic design that can complement any kind of style you're going for, whether traditional or modern. This green version is particularly nice and I love the worn in look of the cushions. Leather is best that way-worn in, buttery soft, with beautiful vintage charm.

6. I'm also really excited to snag one of these British railroad oil lanterns! I have a green one that sits on our porch, and we light it at night when we're hosting friends for dinner.  We always get compliments, so I'm definitely going to stock up on a few more! They're lovely when lit, and add such a cool, industrial touch.

 7. Tom was also able find some more gargoyles, a staple at Oddfellows for sure. But he also grabbed a few of these concrete skulls as well. We can do our best Hamlet impressions now, right? The gargoyles and skulls are made from vintage molds and mixed with sandstone, so they've got a nice patina and interesting texture.
8. These garden gnomes will arrive just in time for the holidays! They make great gifts, and are always a fun option for Christmas decor.

 9. My inner hippie is delighted with this pub sign (I do live in Asheville, afterall). I love pub signs because they add an easy, graphic punch to any room and this one will certainly do just that. The pink flower is awesome and that it says "The Woodstock" has me wishing once again that I was born in the 60s, my favorite decade!

10. For the first time ever in my adult life, I will be tackling Thanksgiving dinner this month. Between visits to Georgia and Virginia this holiday season, Ethan and I decided to take it easy in Asheville on turkey day, and that means I've got to learn how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for two people with high expectations of what Thanksgiving dinner should be. Both of our families leave me with big shoes to fill in that department! So while I've been looking up recipes in preparation for the big day, I've been spending way more time looking at holiday decor. And one item in particular always pops up--the classic farm table. Luckily this one Tom found will be arriving just in time, and whether you're a novice turkey day chef or a seasoned veteran, this farm table will definitely complete the Thanksgiving look I keep imagining. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 10/27

This week has been busy at the shop! We love it when the air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and we can revisit with familiar faces that stop by the shop each year to see what new goods we've got. Tom had a successful buying trip, and while we don't know the exact date of its arrival, the container should be here sometime in mid-November.

We are also really excited about the event we are hosting with Amanda Brown of Spruce Upholstery. Hopefully by now you have had some time to read about the event, but just in case, you can read about it here. Amanda's book just arrived at the warehouse, and I've enjoyed looking through its pages. There are some really great decor ideas that I had not thought before, as well as a step-by-step explanation of the basics of upholstery. The book is included when you sign up and attend the class, so come by to get a preview! And now, a few treats for you guys to check out!

1. First up, a chest of many drawers! We often have folks stop by the shop searching for a cabinet that can be retrofitted into a bathroom vanity, and this is piece would be great for a project like that, especially considering there is plenty of storage as well. Dealer #444, Chest of Many Drawers, $325.

2. Ethan and I often talk about what our dream kitchen would look like, and we agreed that this kitchen island would certainly be included in the kitchen of our dreams. It's a custom piece made from old barn wood, and constructed by the Amish in Pennsylvania. The barn wood has a lovely finish, and would really complement any kitchen, but especially my dream kitchen. Dealer #AE1, Kitchen Island, $1450.

 3. I'm also loving this Swedish table. The gold highlights carved on the legs and surrounding the top are what really excites me about this table. It's a great height for a small entryway or could even be used as a dressing table. Dealer #150, Swedish Table, $395.

 4. And now a little something for your walls! These posters are fun, and with Christmas just ahead, would make perfect gifts. There are a few "Tattooed Lady" prints, some Johnny Cash, and the Andy Warhol style Dolly Parton is my favorite! Dealer #NYA, Poster Prints, $24 ea.

5. And while we're on the topic of Christmas gifts (I know, I know..not even Halloween yet!), these little collections would make perfect stocking stuffers. Choose from sequin patches, vintage matchbook collections, or old display cards from vending machines. Dealer #297, Vintage Sequin Packs/Display Cards/Matchbooks, $5-10.

 6. This 1940s server/chest of drawers is a lovely statement piece, don't you think? It's a custom piece painted by one of our dealers. I love the dark slate grey juxtaposed with the lighter, natural tones of the birch wood paper applied to the front of the drawers. Dealer #800, 40s Server, $585.

 7. I love this pair of mid-century side chairs. The upholstery is in great shape, and the lines of the arms and legs give a really sophisticated look to them. Perfect for a home office, or flanking either side of a living room floor plan. Dealer #83, Pair of Mid-Century Side Chairs, $495.

8. If you're looking for something less traditional in the way of storage, these chrome lockers are awesome. I love the look of them. They aren't your everyday school locker. A more sophisticated version for sure:) And if you're like me, I can always use more closet space. Dealer #44, Chrome Lockers, $295.
 9. How fun is this mannequin?!? The torso is covered in old newspapers from Italy. Such a fun look. We've been displaying them in the shop as decorative objects, and they certainly add a unique touch. Dealer #44, Mannequin, $125 ea.

 10. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and we've already helped a lot of visitors to the shop out with new dining tables or chair sets. This bonded leather set of 4 (only 3 pictured) would be a perfect addition. I love the chartreuse color and the fact that they are super comfortable doesn't hurt! Down the road they will need some upholstering, but for now you can enjoy them this holiday season when extra guests arrive! Dealer #DC, Set of 4 Bonded Leather Chairs, $198.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Week In An Instant

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. A few weeks ago I turned 30. I kicked the birthday weekend off with this elderberry margarita at WALK in West Asheville, one of our go-to places when we don't feel like making dinner. The cocktail was great, and I turned 30 surrounded by lots of family and friends. And so far, everyone has been right; my 30s seem to be taking shape nicely, although I've convinced myself I'm losing my eyesight due to "old age." 
2. This week Ethan and I visited Sky Top Orchard in Zirconia, NC near Flat Rock. While we were there to pick apples, I ended up getting distracted by all of the farm animals. This goat in particular was hilarious. He refused to move from his sun tanning spot, and the look on his face was one of pure joy. 
3. And then there were apples. And apple cinnamon donuts! It feels like we won a lifetime supply of apples. This weekend we're going to make cider for the first time. 
4. A detailed shot of a kilim runner that sold this week at the shop. I love the pastel pink and royal blue. 
5. While hunting and gathering last week for our booth, I came across this mid-century era painting and couldn't bear to let it go. It looks perfect in our bedroom and because I had to make room for it on our wall, it also inspired an impromptu burst of design inspiration. I began rearranging every little thing in our house and it's looking pretty good!

Also just a quick reminder-have you checked out the upcoming event we're hosting in November? Amanda Brown of Spruce will be teaching class participants how to construct and upholster their own bench to take home. Read more about it here.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oddfellows Hosts Bench Making Class with Amanda Brown!

Hi Oddfellows friends! I'm excited to announce an upcoming event here at the warehouse. On November 13, 2013 we will host Amanda Brown of SPRUCE Upholstery as she teaches a class of 15 how to construct and upholster their own benches. The event is in conjunction with Amanda's Fall 2013 Book Tour, in support of her newly published book Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design. In addition to the book, Amanda also has an instructional DVD series called Spruce At Home, and is also a contributing writer to Design*Sponge. In addition to the class at Oddfellows, Amanda will also be hosting a book signing at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe downtown starting at 7PM. What an honor it will be to have her join us at the shop for a day!

 This class, with Amanda's helpful guidance and knowledge, will teach you how to construct and upholster your own bench to take home. Students will pad, staple fabric, and attach tapered legs to complete a 16"-deep by 48"-long bench. The registration fee includes all materials and supplies, as well as a copy of Amanda's new book. Read below for the details, and be sure to check out Amanda's website SPRUCE for more information about Amanda and her team.

Description: From wooden substrate to finished bench, students pad, staple fabric, and attach tapered legs to complete a 16"-deep by 48"-long bench. Pneumatic tools will be used for this class, including an air compressor and staple guns.
Date and Time: Wednesday, November 13 (1-5pm)
Location: Oddfellows Antique & Design Warehouse 124 Swannanoa River Road
Class Size: 15 people
Registration Fee: $245 per student (includes a copy of the book)

And as if that wasn't enough, Amanda will also be giving one lucky attendee an upholstery tool kit (valued at $225, and $125 worth of fabric). Say what?!? Yes! Sign me up:) This class will probably fill up pretty quickly, so be sure to register soon!!

*I would also like to give a big thank you to Becky Johnson, one of our dealers at the shop. She played a big hand in organizing this event!! Thank you again Becky:)

Monday, September 30, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 9/29

A long overdue T's Ten! There are so many fun things in the shop right now, and it was certainly hard to contain my picks to just ten. Although that's almost always the case!:) Be sure to stop by to check out the warehouse.And for those of you wondering, the next buying trip is upon is. Tom will leave this Thursday to hunt and gather. That shipment will likely arrive late October or early November!

1. Everyone's a winner! These trophies from England make great decorative objects, and work well as gifts for a job well done. We have a few in our house, and we use them as a catchall for keys, coins, etc. #44 Trophies, prices range from $35-75.

 2. I'm loving this cozy brown leather chair. And when I say cozy, I mean it! I love the soft, buttery leather and the nailheads outlining the arms add a sophisticated touch. Just in time for autumn, too. I picture a lot of reading by the fire going on in this chair. #444, Bernhardt Leather Chair, $595.

 3. We often get a lot of requests for barstools, and I'm loving this pair. They are newly upholstered in a sturdy vintage fabric, and would be perfect for getting your drink on! #83 Pair of Vintage Barstools, $175.

 4. These chairs have a fresh coat of paint, new Suzani-style upholstery, and would be just the perfect pop of color your home needs! These traditional chairs really freshen up in a modern way once given a bright coat of paint. #800 Set of 4 Dining Chairs, $385.

 5. I'm a big fan of storage, and this industrial cabinet is perfect. Originally, it was used to display McCall's dress patterns, but I imagine it would fit in nicely in an office. You could tuck away quite a bit in these drawers. #297, McCall's Clothing Pattern Cabinet, $175.

 6. Speaking of fun storage, this industrial shelving with gym baskets is also a fun, yet functional option. Lately I've been attracted to the color red, so of course I was drawn to this fun piece. It would be perfect in a playroom because you can use the gym baskets as bins to store toys and art supplies. #NYA Industrial Shelving, $345.

 7. I love this carved Tibetan statue! You'll have to forgive me, because I'm not sure what she's called (Kimmara?), but a customer informed me that this half female, half bird statue is prominent in Buddhist mythology. I think it makes a lovely decorative object and I love that it has a mythological story behind it. #076, Tibetan Statue, $128.

8. I love the scale on this 1940s buffet. It's a great functional piece, and its smaller size makes it perfect for smaller spaces. It would look nice in a dining room, but I think it'd be a fun entertainment cabinet too. Hide away DVDs and the like in the drawers, and keep your flatscreen on top. #44 40s Buffet, #375.

 9. I definitely have a weakness for bottles, and these tall glass bottles are a fun addition to the shop. We usually carry a selection of bottles in varying sizes and shapes but none quite as tall as these! #AE1 Large Bottles, $95 each.

 10. What a statement this carousel horse makes! The stationary horse dates back to the 19th century, and was part of a carousel ride. And because it stands upright on its own, you can put it front and center in just about any room. I'd probably put it on our mantel, or as we've displayed it here, on a credenza just behind a sofa in a living room. #133 Carousel Horse, $1145.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In An Instant

It's feeling a lot like fall around here in Asheville! It's probably my favorite time of year, and it's also a great time to visit us at the shop. The changing of the seasons also usually means a trip overseas is in store. Tom will be heading to England in early October to fill another container. Are there any items you've been searching for? Now's the time to let us know! Stop by in person to see us or leave us a note here or via Facebook to let us know what you're after. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to.

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. I took an afternoon trip to Boone for a delivery, and on the way back down stopped in Spruce Pine to do a bit of exploring. I had a quick lunch at Knife & Fork, which is home to the best hot dog I've ever had! Then I walked a few blocks down to one of the mineral and gem shops called Rocks and Things. I've always been drawn to rocks and the like, and even had a collection when I was little. So imagine my delight in finding this spot. It's filled to the brim with beautiful gems, dream catchers, even some cowhides! I'll definitely be back for more to add to my collection.
2. I also managed to get away for a quick visit to Virginia to see family. I'm notorious for staying up late digging through drawers in order to find hidden treasures. My search never fails, and this time yielded this beautiful photograph of my mom at the carnival.
3. I've also been a longtime admirer of this marriage quilt, passed down from my great great grandmother. Each patch of the silk quilt has the embroidered initials of friends and family in order to commemorate their marriages. This patch is by far my favorite, but the whole quilt is just beautiful.
4. One of my favorite activities is exploring new places with Ethan. Even if it's just a short car ride away, I really enjoy our snippets of time together, especially now that he's back in school. Just a week or so ago, we took a quick trip to Fairview. We ate at The Local Joint, which is such a hidden treasure and definitely a must! Then we took a short walk, where we met these two horses. I say this a lot, but it's so true. We are really lucky to be where we are, and it's such a treat that we can take a short drive and be surrounded by beautiful farmland and mountains.
5. Last Tuesday I finally made some time to visit the West Asheville Tailgate Market. I usually go every week but have been busy the last few times. I love the sense of community whenever I go, and I almost assuredly run into a friend or two while I'm there. This savory pastry, made by Tara Jensen of Smoke Signals Bakery, was an extra little treat that Ethan and I devoured. You guys must, must try her baked goods if you're in Asheville. At my house we are big fans of her whole wheat bread, but her tarts and pastries are just amazing.Her website is here.
6. And finally, a view of the shop taken from behind the store counter. I'm loving all of the things in this photo right now, especially because the rich textures of the copper top table combined with the warmth of the furniture's wood finishes really evokes a feeling of fall for me.