Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 12/22

Happy Holidays friends!! I hope you are all spending lots of time with loved ones and are celebrating the season with lots of cheer. My gift to you-one last T's Ten before we enter into the new year. Enjoy!

1. This wrought iron table is lovely on its own, but when our dealer Kathleen Gibbs got a hold of it, she went a step further, creating an assemblage of found objects. And while Kathleen has been in the antique business for years, she is also an amazing artist as well. This table is the perfect blend of those two talents combining, and I think it's quite lovely! Dealer #133, Assemblage Table, $595.

 2. I'm currently on the hunt for a side table. Not too big, not too small. Not too fancy, not too simple. Perhaps you've been in the same predicament before? This round mid-century era table is calling my name. I love the two-tier element and it isn't too big or bulky for the space I need, and it's understated which I love. Dealer #076, Mid-Century Side Table, $238.

3. And while we are on the subject of my side table needs, there's this option too! It's got more of an industrial feel to it, and was originally used in a salon, likely as a station to do someone's nails. Plus it has a working light attached to it. I think it would be such a cool bedside table. Dealer #150, Salon Cart, $195.

 4. I'm really digging this chair. Made by the modern furnishings company Blu Dot, this chair is super comfy and the grey wool upholstery adds a sophisticated touch. I also like the metal rack underneath, perfect for holding a book or magazines! Dealer #83, Blu Dot Chair, $395.

 5. This table!! One day, when I've got my own personal dream home situation going on, I'd like to have a table like this. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to make sure you could see the base. How cool, right? It gives an otherwise traditional oak piece a more modern look. Dealer #AE1, Round Oak Table, $1150.

 6. This French baker's rack is the real deal. Can't you just imagine this sitting in a Parisian bakery, filled with pastries? Its wrought iron construction with brass detailing is stunning. Even better, this piece is signed. There are a lot of reproduction French items out there these days, so a piece like this is rare to come by! Dealer #24, French Baker's Rack, $995.

7. I'm loving this sofa right now. It's the perfect size because it won't take up much room but can seat several people comfortably. The fabric is a nice neutral herringbone twill, which adds a nice texture. Dealer #444, 4 Cushion Sofa, $750.

8. I'm a sucker for these kinds of letters, especially because of the bright red color. Perfect to use on a bookcase, or on top of a credenza for a bit of graphic punch. Dealer #02, Red Letters, $20 ea. 

 9. This French oak chest is one of my favorite pieces from the last container load. It's got a lovely marble top, and the oak wood grain is just gorgeous. I love its functionality because you can hide away items in the drawers. If not for storage, I think it would be super fun if retrofitted into a small counter or bar. #44, French Oak Chest, $995.

 10. I'm really digging these grey dining chairs. They are Henredon from the 60s, and I especially appreciate the updates this dealer has made to the chairs. They were probably really nice as is, but the dealer has really put fresh, new life into them, don't you think? The modern fabric juxtaposed with the custom paint job really makes them stand out. Dealer #800, Set of 4 Henredon Chairs with Custom Paint and Fabric.

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