Monday, October 28, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 10/27

This week has been busy at the shop! We love it when the air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and we can revisit with familiar faces that stop by the shop each year to see what new goods we've got. Tom had a successful buying trip, and while we don't know the exact date of its arrival, the container should be here sometime in mid-November.

We are also really excited about the event we are hosting with Amanda Brown of Spruce Upholstery. Hopefully by now you have had some time to read about the event, but just in case, you can read about it here. Amanda's book just arrived at the warehouse, and I've enjoyed looking through its pages. There are some really great decor ideas that I had not thought before, as well as a step-by-step explanation of the basics of upholstery. The book is included when you sign up and attend the class, so come by to get a preview! And now, a few treats for you guys to check out!

1. First up, a chest of many drawers! We often have folks stop by the shop searching for a cabinet that can be retrofitted into a bathroom vanity, and this is piece would be great for a project like that, especially considering there is plenty of storage as well. Dealer #444, Chest of Many Drawers, $325.

2. Ethan and I often talk about what our dream kitchen would look like, and we agreed that this kitchen island would certainly be included in the kitchen of our dreams. It's a custom piece made from old barn wood, and constructed by the Amish in Pennsylvania. The barn wood has a lovely finish, and would really complement any kitchen, but especially my dream kitchen. Dealer #AE1, Kitchen Island, $1450.

 3. I'm also loving this Swedish table. The gold highlights carved on the legs and surrounding the top are what really excites me about this table. It's a great height for a small entryway or could even be used as a dressing table. Dealer #150, Swedish Table, $395.

 4. And now a little something for your walls! These posters are fun, and with Christmas just ahead, would make perfect gifts. There are a few "Tattooed Lady" prints, some Johnny Cash, and the Andy Warhol style Dolly Parton is my favorite! Dealer #NYA, Poster Prints, $24 ea.

5. And while we're on the topic of Christmas gifts (I know, I know..not even Halloween yet!), these little collections would make perfect stocking stuffers. Choose from sequin patches, vintage matchbook collections, or old display cards from vending machines. Dealer #297, Vintage Sequin Packs/Display Cards/Matchbooks, $5-10.

 6. This 1940s server/chest of drawers is a lovely statement piece, don't you think? It's a custom piece painted by one of our dealers. I love the dark slate grey juxtaposed with the lighter, natural tones of the birch wood paper applied to the front of the drawers. Dealer #800, 40s Server, $585.

 7. I love this pair of mid-century side chairs. The upholstery is in great shape, and the lines of the arms and legs give a really sophisticated look to them. Perfect for a home office, or flanking either side of a living room floor plan. Dealer #83, Pair of Mid-Century Side Chairs, $495.

8. If you're looking for something less traditional in the way of storage, these chrome lockers are awesome. I love the look of them. They aren't your everyday school locker. A more sophisticated version for sure:) And if you're like me, I can always use more closet space. Dealer #44, Chrome Lockers, $295.
 9. How fun is this mannequin?!? The torso is covered in old newspapers from Italy. Such a fun look. We've been displaying them in the shop as decorative objects, and they certainly add a unique touch. Dealer #44, Mannequin, $125 ea.

 10. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and we've already helped a lot of visitors to the shop out with new dining tables or chair sets. This bonded leather set of 4 (only 3 pictured) would be a perfect addition. I love the chartreuse color and the fact that they are super comfortable doesn't hurt! Down the road they will need some upholstering, but for now you can enjoy them this holiday season when extra guests arrive! Dealer #DC, Set of 4 Bonded Leather Chairs, $198.

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