Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T's 10, Week of 11/3 Container Preview!

Hopefully you've had a chance to take a peek at the photos we've posted to our Facebook account showing a selection of what's to come in our container. The estimated date of arrival is November 19th, but as always we will keep you posted once we are 100% sure of its arrival. This week my top ten picks take a closer look at the things I'm most excited to see. Tom did a great job on the buying trip, and found a great mix of items that are as functional as they are interesting and unique.

Also, we still have spots to fill for the bench making class coming up next week. We would love to have you! The class will teach you the basics of assembling and making your own mid-century style bench to take home. Be sure to register at https://www.spruceaustin.com/class-descriptions/book-tour-class-registration

 And now, for my favorites this week!

1. I love this piece because it could serve a few different purposes. It would be a lovely bar/kitchen island, but would also be perfect as a hostess stand in a restaurant or as a small countertop in a boutique. The minty greenish blue color really pops against the wood grain on top, too.

 2. These industrial tables are probably my favorite thing Tom found. I love the graphic quality of the grid tops. I'm not sure of the height on these, but with a piece of glass on top, they would function quite nicely as side tables or even as a smaller bistro style table.

3. You know I love a functional piece of furniture, especially ones that allow me to hide away things that I don't use daily. This sideboard is perfect for that. It's a great size, and would perfectly accompany a dining room or used as a media cabinet in the den.

4. I love this velvet parlor chair! It's a nice petite size, and the carving along the back is just lovely. It adds just a small feminine touch in a subtle way.

5. I love chesterfield sofas! They are truly a classic design that can complement any kind of style you're going for, whether traditional or modern. This green version is particularly nice and I love the worn in look of the cushions. Leather is best that way-worn in, buttery soft, with beautiful vintage charm.

6. I'm also really excited to snag one of these British railroad oil lanterns! I have a green one that sits on our porch, and we light it at night when we're hosting friends for dinner.  We always get compliments, so I'm definitely going to stock up on a few more! They're lovely when lit, and add such a cool, industrial touch.

 7. Tom was also able find some more gargoyles, a staple at Oddfellows for sure. But he also grabbed a few of these concrete skulls as well. We can do our best Hamlet impressions now, right? The gargoyles and skulls are made from vintage molds and mixed with sandstone, so they've got a nice patina and interesting texture.
8. These garden gnomes will arrive just in time for the holidays! They make great gifts, and are always a fun option for Christmas decor.

 9. My inner hippie is delighted with this pub sign (I do live in Asheville, afterall). I love pub signs because they add an easy, graphic punch to any room and this one will certainly do just that. The pink flower is awesome and that it says "The Woodstock" has me wishing once again that I was born in the 60s, my favorite decade!

10. For the first time ever in my adult life, I will be tackling Thanksgiving dinner this month. Between visits to Georgia and Virginia this holiday season, Ethan and I decided to take it easy in Asheville on turkey day, and that means I've got to learn how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for two people with high expectations of what Thanksgiving dinner should be. Both of our families leave me with big shoes to fill in that department! So while I've been looking up recipes in preparation for the big day, I've been spending way more time looking at holiday decor. And one item in particular always pops up--the classic farm table. Luckily this one Tom found will be arriving just in time, and whether you're a novice turkey day chef or a seasoned veteran, this farm table will definitely complete the Thanksgiving look I keep imagining. :)


  1. Love so much! I know I've bugged you a million times about things, but would love to know prices for the skulls, and the industrial tables, if poss. So lame we still haven't made it down to visit you guys, but have plans to in early '14, for sure!

    1. Thanks J.B.! We're always happy to hear from you:) We don't have an exact cost on items yet, and will have a better idea once they've arrived to the warehouse but I can give you a general range of pricing. The skulls will be between $25-40 and the industrial tables are likely going for $125-175 each...again, this is just an estimate but probably within those ranges:) We hope to see you both soon!!

  2. Great! Can you please let me know when they arrive, and the measurements of the tables. If they fit the space we're thinking of, we totally want them (along with a skull, since they're awesome). Thanks again : )

    1. Hi J.B., we just heard from customs and our container is arriving this Wed, the 20th. I'll try to shoot measurements to you once the dust has settled:) Can you email me your phone number? That way I can call you directly with that info. My email is oddfellowsavl@gmail.com

  3. Hi J.B. just wanting to check in. Our container is in and I wanted to be in touch with you about measurements, etc. You can give us a call at 828-350-7800 or email me at oddfellowsavl@gmail.com