Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 6/3

I've got a fresh batch of goodies for you today! Seems like this post is all about versatility today, which I love. I also love that Tom is arriving stateside today. I'm curious to hear how the trip went and what he was able to find for me...I mean...all of you guys! :)

 1. One of my weaknesses are small objects, particularly those that bring nature into the home. I love these starfish for that exact reason. Whether you use them as decorative paperweights, or simply propped against a window sill, they are a delight to keep around. Selection of starfish, Dealer #076, $12 ea.

 2. I'm drawn to golden tones lately and these tables are super cute. They are faux bamboo (love bamboo, faux or not) with caned shelving. They've got a great Regency style about them, and I like that they are the perfect height to anchor a standard sofa or loveseat. Faux Bamboo Side Table, Dealer #444, $149 ea.
 3. I'm really digging this mid-century light fixture. I know I've talked about lighting before, and how essential it is to any room. What makes this tiled fixture so cool is that it's like a hybrid of a wall sconce and a pendant lamp, wrapped into one. I also think it would be cool to use as a bedside lamp for reading Game of Thrones at night (you are all reading Game of Thrones, right?). Mid-century Tile Light Fixture, Dealer #133, $238.
 4. This French architectural fragment is super cool. It could be used as it is in the picture, providing a little niche for displaying decorative objects, or would be a great dining table centerpiece. I also think it would be a fun addition to a kitchen countertop. You could put a basket with fruit in it for an eclectic take on kitchen "storage." French Architectural Fragment, Dealer #150, $145.
 5. I'm loving this single unit school locker. We don't have a lot of extra space in our house so this one is nice because it wouldn't take up a lot of room and I could do things like hide away purses and scarves that, according to the husband, I have too many of. I don't know what he's talking about. Single Locker, Dealer #02, $100.
 6. I love these metal table bases because of their versatility. You can attach whatever top your heart desires, whether it be glass, marble, or wood, and because of its size there are endless possibilities. Do you live in an apartment with little to no dining space? Use this table! Do you have a corner of your den needing a game table? Use this table! Do you have a screened in porch needing an accent table to hold your plants? Use this table! Metal Base Table, Dealer #05, $145 (2 available).
 7. This is a sectional sofa that makes all other sectionals pale in comparison. Where to begin? There are 6 "sections" total. This picture shows four, and the other two pieces are rounded so you can either go with a long version as above, or create a demi-lune shape with all six. Or, you can split these four puppies into two loveseats. It's all about the versatility today, guys! Also I can attest to how comfortable this guy is. I love the velvety brown upholstery, too. 6 Piece Sectional by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin, Dealer #123, $900.
 8. This wouldn't be my top ten list if I didn't include a funky, eclectic delight like this tv lamp featuring a Great Dane. Love, love, love. I need this watchdog in my life ASAP. Vintage T.V. Lamp, Dealer #NYA, $75.
 9. This English side table is simply amazing. I really love the detail in the carved top, and the spindle legs add a bit of delicacy to balance out the darker wood finish. Carved table, Dealer #44, $275.
10. This elm altar/console table is by far one of my favorite pieces in the shop right now. I find myself drawn to it again and again. Why? Because it is elm, from the late 1700s, and has the most amazing green and teal painted surface. It would be wonderful in an entryway, or behind a larger sofa. I think it's a perfect example of sophistication and simplicity. Elm Altar Table From Late 1700s, Dealer #44, $1195.

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