Monday, March 12, 2012

Orange at Oddfellows!

Ever since Pantone released its color of the year, "Tangerine Tango," I have noticed an abundance of orange floating about our warehouse. I have always loved orange, so I am happy that it keeps popping up literally everywhere.
*This picture is courtesy of Time Magazine's news feed. Read the article about Pantone's color of the year!

Here are a few quick shots of some orange items we currently have available at Oddfellows.  How would you include these items in your home? Do you like the tangerine/orange color trend? Let us know in the comments!

This is a Design Legacy orange coral highback chair. I can attest to its comfort and it would make a lovely desk or side chair. It is also on sale! Dealer #17, reduced from $295 to $235.
If you're like me at all, you've got a lot of stuff laying around that would be much better organized in an antique crate like this one. Rustic crates like this add character to a room while at the same time hiding away clutter. Plus history buffs will love the John Smith logo! Dealer #150, $65.
Lately I've been on a big pottery kick. This sweet pot made by Haeger would add a great pop of color on a bookshelf or coffee table. Dealer #FF, $20.
 This is a hand painted Tibetan bench. Unfortunately, my photography cannot give the credit that this piece deserves. I love the delicacy of the hand painted images on this piece. The bench itself opens, providing storage. Dealer #444, $450.
 LOVE these lifesavers, despite being completely terrified of the deep blue sea. Tom and Kelly found these on one of their buying trips in England. Dealer #44, $75-95.
 This vintage glassware set reminds me of Alexander Girard, and that is always a good thing. Dealer #123, set of 8 for $34.
 Sweet little mid-century footrest, also reduced in price. Dealer #83, reduced from $65 to $35.
 I'm craving these tangerine filing cabinets in a major way. I particularly love the chunkier handles on the cabinet to the left. Again, these would be great for hiding office clutter! Dealer #44, reduced from $235 to $195.
 This orange painted industrial cart is pretty amazing. I love that it can be moved around and the imaginary dream kitchen I have floating in my head needs this! Dealer #316, price available upon request.
 Just when I thought mousetraps were the least design-worthy objects on the planet, in floats this handmade mousetrap boat to change my mind. I would advise using this as a decorative object only, however, since any mice it may trap will instantly change from nasty critter to adorable little boat captain and you will suddenly find yourself with new pets. Dealer #133, $48.
 And finally, I cannot resist sharing this metal vase and dried flower pods. I absolutely love navy blue and this lighter coral color paired with the blues of this tin are totally working for me. Dealer #44, $65 for vase.

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