Monday, April 8, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 4/7/13

Somehow I've only just discovered the Panorama option on my phone's camera. Lucky for you, then, because you can see a few fun shots of the shop. Pretty cool, huh?!? And are my favorite picks for this week.

 1. This watchmaker's cabinet is by far one of the coolest things in the shop right now, and it just arrived today. Look at those tiny drawers! The enamel drawer pulls are too cute, and the hand carved quality of the cabinet is a must see as well. It would certainly make an unusual, yet elegant writing table or would even work in an entryway as a twist on the traditional console table. Dealer #076, Watchmaker's Cabinet, $428.

2. Aren't these tin tiles beautiful? These are great to use as a backsplash in a kitchen for a sophisticated, architectural touch. I think they would also be well used on the wall for a bit of texture. Dealer #150, Tin Tiles (two smaller squares are $75 ea, larger tile $175).

3. If this lamp isn't functional, then I don't know what is! Not only can it be used as a small end table, it also has a magazine rack at the bottom. A mid-century three-in-one, if you will. I love the minimal, industrial quality as well. I would use this in our bedroom, particularly since there's a growing stack of magazines on my side of the bed. Dealer #444, Mid-century End Table with Lamp, $69.

 4. I'm digging this mirror that came in earlier in the week. I love the carved, gilded gold frame. It has a classic, sophisticated look about it, which is further complimented by the oxidation of the mirror. I like mirrors well enough, but add some oxidation and I'm in love. Dealer #08, Antique Mirror, $90.

 5. I hope I'm not jinxing anything by saying this but...I think spring is officially here! With that in mind, I always have big plans for our yard (which rarely come to fruition, as I lack a green thumb). This year I'm planning on focusing on small projects, like a contained herb garden. Which is where this hand-painted pot comes in! I love what the dealer (Sally, from Once More Decor) has done to spruce up this terracotta pot. Just in time for those of you with an actual green thumb! Dealer #OMD, Hand-Painted Pot, $24.50.

 6. Check out this cute little concrete lion! I might have to snatch him up for our porch to keep our other concrete animals company. If not on the porch, wouldn't he be just as fun as a decorative object on a bookcase? Dealer #03, Concrete Lion, $48.

 7. This mid-century office chair from the late 50s/early 60s is pretty awesome. I love its functionality, but even better, its weathered naugahyde cushion provides a classic look when juxtaposed with the industrial frame. I much prefer this kind of chair paired with a cool desk more than the bulkier variety found at office supply stores nowadays. Dealer #83, Naugahyde Office Chair, $198.

8. Ah, chimney pots. I remember when I first started working at Oddfellows (3 years ago!!), one of the first things I learned to love were chimney pots. These come from England, and they have such a great sculptural quality about them. Traditionally chimney pots are used to lengthen an existing chimney and to provide better draft...but our customers have used them for all kinds of things. One customer even uses them on his lawn as decorative pieces that resemble a chessboard. Dealer #44, Selection of Chimney Pots, range in price from $175-395.

 9. This apothecary cabinet is amazing, and also arrived this week. The kitchen of my dreams would include this cabinet as an island. Wouldn't it be the perfect centerpiece to anchor a kitchen? Plus there are tons of drawers for storing your kitchen wares and accessories. If not in the kitchen, then this piece would be so awesome in a boutique of some kind, to add a general store kind of vibe. Truly a must-see, must-have item! Dealer #AE1, Apothecary Cabinet, $3,800.

 10. I love when objects in the shop have a fun bit of history to them. This industrial rolling cart was used in a hosiery mill in Knoxville, Tennessee. I love the odd shape and remember the magazine pile I mentioned earlier? Problem solved with this guy! Dealer #NYA, Rolling Cart, $249.

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  1. That did my heart good. Thank you, Tarleton. Happy spring!!! :)