Friday, September 28, 2012

Week In An Instant

Left to Right, Clockwise:
1. One of my favorite parts about my birthday. My family, friends, and I spent my birthday walking in the PurpleStride 5k in Charlotte, NC. After the walk, we celebrated my 29th birthday over lunch and at the end, a surprise "pull apart" cake was presented from Polka Dots Bakery. Ethan and my mom had sneakily been planning it for a while. The best part is knowing how well Ethan knows me. He asked the bakery to have fun with adding antique furniture, and this is the result. So sweet and thoughtful.
2. I was delivering some furniture for the shop in South Carolina this week, and I just like how this photo turned out, complete with old signs advertising thrift shops.
3. My latest obsession is branch weaving. Google it...We all know my weakness for textiles, and I love how natural and organic branch weavings are. I'm going to teach myself to do them this winter, but in the meantime I picked up this fine specimen at a shop outside of Charlotte, and there's no going back. I'm going to have an entire wall before Ethan can protest!
4. Another birthday treat, this duvet from West Elm has been keeping everyone lazy and snuggly and has prompted Bedroom Makeover 2012.

***Please note: Tom & Kelly are in the process of crossing the pond as I type this!! That means there will be new goods and another container day heading our way. Do you have any last minute requests? Let me know and I can be in touch with them while they're away. Also be sure to stop in and visit me this week! I'll be manning the ship.

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