Monday, September 10, 2012

What I'm Listening To/Playlist No. 1

For a while now, I've been wanting to start doing a bi-weekly post about what I'm listening to. I'm inspired in many ways and when it comes to music, I have a great love and obsession with it. Nothing sparks my creativity more than when I listen to certain bands or musicians. Sometimes I'm not really in the mood to clean the house, but blasting The Rolling Stones motivates me. When I'm out for a walk, LCD Soundsystem keeps my heart rate up! And even when we're experiencing such beautiful weather in the mountains, preparing for autumn, I love to listen to old standbys like Cat Power or The Velvet Underground, which remind me of my college days. So much of design is inspired by music and most of these blog posts are written while listening to something. Even looking at a picture of a room can evoke a certain mood, or recall a favorite song. So I hope you'll enjoy this first music post. The playlist links directly to the Oddfellows spotify playlist I created. The list will stay up until the next "What I'm Listening To" post. Hopefully some of these songs will inspire you to get creative, go outside, or appreciate your surroundings in a new way.

Taken at Warren Wilson College!

Click Here to Listen!
1. Hank Williams Jr.- Long Gone Lonesome Blues
2. Heartless Bastards-Skin and Bone
3. Slip Away-Clarence Carter
4. Father John Misty-I'm Writing A Novel
5. Vetiver-Wonder Why
6. Otis Redding- Tell the Truth
7. Cat Power-Manhattan
8. The Fresh & Onlys-20 Days and 20 Nights
9. The B-52's-Roam
10. Magnetic Fields-Born On A Train
11. The Troggs- With A Girl Like You
12. Atlas Sound-Sheila

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