Thursday, September 6, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 9/2/12

I'd like to start this week's ten picks with a huge, huge thank you! The feedback we've received from the Blind Pig supper has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm really excited that all of you enjoyed reading the post. If you want to check out more photos from the event, taken by a professional, check out this link. Cindy did such an amazing job, and I'm so pleased with the results. Again, check out Cindy's website CLicKs for more information. And allow me to indulge you with my favorite photo of the evening...

Your official Oddfellows team. Ethan's an Oddfellow by marriage, of course! We're a good lookin bunch, right!? And picks for the week!

1. Isn't this plant beautiful!?!? These pots arrived in our last container, and while we've got varying sizes, this large one is really amazing, especially now that it is keeping this plant cozy. I love the large scale and this potted plant would really work wonders on any space. Dealer #44, Concrete Planter $250/plant price available upon request.

2. This is too cute for words. Although I'm not a dog owner, I still appreciate how amazing this doorstop is. Yep, doorstop. While it appears as if this Scottie Dog is about to empty his bladder, his leg is actually raised to hold your door in place! I've never really needed a doorstop,  but this guy has made it all too clear to me that I do. Dealer #150, Scottie Doorstop, $52.

3. This iron terrarium is really lovely. I love the large scale, and I'm imagining what beautiful objects could be displayed inside. I think it would be perfect on a porch or veranda, but would be just as great in a kitchen for holding an herb garden. The possibilities are endless! Dealer #OMD, Iron Terrarium, $275.
4. Are these not the cutest little mid-century footstools!?! I'm so smitten. I love the perfect minty-teal color. I think the teal skirts were obviously added onto the footstools as slipcovers, because when the skirts are lifted, three iron legs show their true mid-century glory. These would be so darling in a child's room, or would even provide a great shot of color in a den or living room. Dealer #123, Teal Footstools, Price Available Upon Request.

5. Speaking of adorable and mid-century, these Salterini tv trays are too much. I would probably use them as plant stands or random side tables, but of course if you love to dine with your flatscreen, then you should be doing it with these guys. Dealer #NYA, Salterini TV Trays, $125 for 4.

6. I'm pretty sure I haven't indulged you with these burlap feed sacks until now. Please forgive me for having waited so long, because these are truly awesome. I love the thick black font and they would be so fun hanging on a wall. You can't ever go wrong with burlap, I say. Dealer #44, Burlap Feed Sacks, $19 ea. (tons available!).

7. This wouldn't be a T's Ten without a little industrial thrown into the mix. This table on casters is amazing. I love that the dealer used the grates at the top to display magazines. If there's one thing in my house that is in constant disarray, it's my neverending pile of magazines. It's true; I am a magazine hoarder through and through. Although this table is a little low to the ground to be a true coffee table, I would still use it as such, and have Ethan roll over a few back issues of Domino from across the room to me from my leaning tower of magazines. Dealer #02, Industrial Table, $180.

8. Holy cupboard, you guys! This Qing-style compound cupboard is massive and I love it for that very reason. It's a little too big to go in my house, which is why it should go in yours instead. I love all of the compartments for storage. It would make a lovely cupboard for storing clothing, or if you're adventurous, try it in the kitchen to store away pots and pans! Dealer #444, Qing-Style Cupboard, $1,595.

9. I recently discovered this style of pottery, known as Nemadji or Indian Pottery, from a blog I read. While I have plenty of "collections" to continue collecting and don't need to add anything else to that growing list, I'll have to make an exception. Nemadji pottery comes in all kinds of sizes, styles, and colors and I love the marbelized effect of the glaze. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered we've got our own Nemadji pot right in the warehouse! Rest assured, I'll be snapping this up along with many others! Dealer #133, Nemadji Ozark Tourist Pot, $125.

10. This lone tobacco drying rack is still on my list of wants. We had several others and they were quickly snatched up; one customer is using hers as a headboard for her daughter's college dormroom. I would use this one in my spare bedroom to tack photos, memos, or inspiration photos above our desk. I love the primitive quality of the rack, and the texture of the worn wood is lovely. Dealer #FF, Tobacco Drying Rack, $49.95.

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