Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week In An Instant

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. This is Hanger Hall in the Chicken Hill neighborhood, close to the River Arts District. Hanger Hall is one of my favorite historic buildings in Asheville. I captured this photo on a gloomy early morning and I love it. 

2. Oh little Etta. This is our kitten, who is now very much a cat. She flops down on this rug in our kitchen every time I prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, hoping to catch a crumb. She loves kale, eggs, and peaches. What a weirdo...

3. I bought this butterfly shade at a thrift shop in Atlanta about 6 years ago. There are very few remnants left from my college days, but this and an amazing red ottoman remain. Luckily I've moved on from "Dumpy," the blue sofa my roommate found on the street and its famous painted-with-nail-polish coffee table counterpart.  

4. Tom doesn't know it, but I took this picture of him at work the other day. 

5. My friend's Akita-German Shepard mix named Talent. Sweetest dog you'll ever meet! He's in her new shop space that I am helping her decorate. I have hinted about it before, and I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you soon!

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