Friday, September 21, 2012

Week In An Instant

This week has been busy! Kelly and I are both celebrating birthdays this week (woohoo!) and tomorrow I head to Charlotte to complete the Pancreatic Cancer 5k Run/Walk in honor of my dad. I've decided that my 29th year will be my best yet. Enjoy the weekend, and be sure to stop by the warehouse to say hello!

Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. I've been kind of obnoxious this year, as far as receiving gifts goes. As soon as a package arrives on our porch, I've been begging and pleading to open it. Maybe turning 29 means you regress into your 10 year-old self? Anyhow, Ethan ordered me a book from my book wish list post, which you can see here. So far I've really enjoyed looking through the pages and I've been very inspired.
2. Another birthday gift from Ethan, a pair of Clark's Desert Treks! And yes, ten year-old Tarleton threw an absolute fit in order to open the package early...oops. Every year around this time, I order a new pair of boots/shoes in preparation for the cold weather that will hit the warehouse and Ethan surprised me with these. Gotta keep my feet warm, ya know?
3. I went to dinner this week with a great friend, and he had never been to Chai Pani! So we ordered basically everything on the menu and went to town, feasting upon samosas, corn bhel, masala fries, butter chicken, and so much more. If I ever had a ranking of favorite restaurants in Asheville, Chai Pani would definitely make the top 5.The best part is the owner is in the process of opening a late night lounge behind Chai Pani, which will specialize in small plates and cocktails. Really excited for that!
4. I finally got around to putting up my metal "Cats" sign above where our piggies eat. It's so cute, and I'm pretty sure the cats are really enjoying it too. I got it from The Screendoor in case you are dying to have one too.
5. I took this of the warehouse on Monday when the sky was overcast and rain was pouring. It's really cozy in here when it's raining.
6. Hello enormous amethyst! Last night I attended the TWIN Awards, hosted by the Asheville YWCA. A friend received an award for her work with the Citizen-Times (congrats, Casey!) and I spent a lot of time admiring this large geode. Is it just me, or do you guys also find geodes and rocks fascinating? Goes to show, the best examples of design come from nature.

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