Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Four Years of Oddfellows

This month marks a very special anniversary for me. While the actual date is a little fuzzy at this point, four years ago this month I began working at Oddfellows! Because of the daily and weekly hustle and bustle, I don't often take the time to reflect on how grateful I am to be part of a shop that has so much heart and provides me with endless creativity and inspiration. With that in mind, I hope you will indulge me as I share with you 4 things I love about working at Oddfellows!

An assortment of objects I've collected over the years, most of which came from Oddfellows.

1. Oddfellows has allowed me to meet many colorful people throughout my continuing journey there, but most obviously has allowed me to get to know Tom and Kelly, the shop owners, in such a way that they have become part of my Asheville family. I hope they won't mind, but I have to say, they are mentors in every sense of the word and I so enjoy learning from and working with them. I have also enjoyed meeting our dealers, past and present, whose talents are something that I admire constantly, much to the chagrin of my wallet.

2. Container Day! While this is certainly one of the longest days we experience, there is also something so thrilling about unloading and arranging the furniture, opening boxes to find hidden treasures, and assisting customers and clients as they navigate their way through the new goods. You can feel the excitement in the air for sure, and it's such a fun, positive energy to be around.

This woodblock stamp from India is one of my all-time favorite objects I've collected from Oddfellows.
3. The feeling that comes with helping our customers is truly rewarding. The moment that a customer finds that perfect piece of furniture, and is so thrilled with it, is such a good feeling. You know that the piece will serve a function and provide the customer's home with something beautiful to look at. But even further, the hope is that what you're buying will become part of your history, an object passed down for years to come. I love when you guys share photos with us of things you have purchased, and enjoy your compliments when you visit the shop. Getting to know our regulars has also been a treat, whether it's Mary Rita dropping by with a piece of cake, Philip stopping by to talk history, or Maggie accompanied by her dog Pip (and there are many others unmentioned here!), I love catching up and helping you shop for new objects. You're definitely part of what makes my experience in Asheville, and in particular, working at Oddfellows, so much fun!

4. And finally, I LOVE being surrounded by such cool objects and furniture. Each time I walk through the door, I know there will be something new to take in and appreciate. For someone that has been a lifelong collector, Oddfellows is such an awesome spot for finding something to add into my personal mix. I have filled my own home with so many great pieces over the years, and it's really fun to remember the story behind each piece, and even observe how much my own personal taste has changed over the course of 4 years. There are certain objects that I know I will have for many, many years to come and that will always provide a little piece of delight to my home.

A growing collection of English garden gnomes. These guys currently hang out in my kitchen.
 There you have it! Thanks for letting me share some love for Oddfellows today!

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