Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 8/12/12

Allow me to indulge you with a little secret: I am a huge nerd. Despite not having been in school for 6 years now, I still get really excited for back to school shopping. Starting at a very young age, I have LOVED anything related to school. When we would shop for crayons, pencils, paper, binders, etc. I would immediately return home so that I could line everything up to show my dad, and then begin writing my name on least two months before school was scheduled to begin.

 Maybe it's because my mom, now an elementary school principal, used to let me play pretend in her classroom growing up. I loved her notebooks, the chalkboards, report cards, everything. It could be because when playing pretend with my little sister, I really enjoyed  bossing her around our "classroom" (I even once trapped her in a locker at the high school my mom was teaching at when we were little...oops!). And even though I'm not at all going back to school this year, I am still shopping the aisles at Target for a new planner or notebook. So, if you will indulge me for a bit, this week's ten choices are inspired entirely by back to school shopping nostalgia.

1. These stackable English school desks are a big favorite of mine. I love the wooden tops juxtaposed with the metal frames. They are the perfect height for kids, and I think they would make lovely art project tables. They would also make a lovely alternative to an outdoor table, perfect for displaying potted plants. Dealer #44, British School Desks, $125 ea.

2. Although science was not always my favorite subject in school, as an adult I really love when things like test tubes, beakers, and even Periodic Table charts show up in the shop. This test tube set is super cute, and reminds me of high school chemistry with Mr. Turner. These would make a great alternative to a bud vase, or an updated version of a flower frog. Dealer #NYA, Set of Test Tubes, $45.

3. School charts are a weak spot for me. The second thing I ever bought from Oddfellows was a German school chart and I think I'll always hold onto it for nostalgic reasons, but also because they provide an interesting graphic quality to any room. They are an obvious choice for a child's room or playroom, but I really appreciate when they crop up in an unexpected place like the dining room. This set has been on my mind ever since the dealer brought it in. I love the tattered edges of each map, which provides a little bit of sophistication in the rough. Dealer #02, School Maps, $95.

4. This little microscope is so cute. I didn't realize just how cute until I noticed the wooden box it comes with. I think it would make a lovely bookend on a shelf, or displayed along with other unusual knick knacks. Dealer #03, Vintage Microscope, $48.

5. These British school chairs are really sweet. I love that each one is slightly different and the simplicity of the wood frames is quite nice. I may need to snatch one up for our mid-century secretary! Dealer #44, British School Chairs, $45 each, 8 available.

6. You guys know I love items that can keep me organized, and these letter and folder files are perfect for that. You can keep homework folders, notebooks, memos, and the like organized in one place during the school year so that nothing gets misplaced or forgotten. Dealer #123, Industrial Filing Systems, $16-24.

7. This industrial coat rack is one of my favorite things in the shop right now. I love the tomato red color, of course, but I also love it because it reminds me of the coat racks that used to hang above our cubbies in elementary school. It would be so fun hanging in a playroom, or even used in an entryway for a fun pop of color. Dealer #03, Industrial Coat Rack, $225.

 8. Talk about school related. This is a German elementary textbook. It's fun to browse through the pictures, and remind myself of the year I spent in college learning my ABC's and eins, zwei, drei's! Dealer #83, Vintage German Textbook, $12.
 9. These British school bells are so charming, but boy are they loud! You could use them as decorative objects, but wouldn't it be more fun corralling your children inside for homework with them instead? Dealer #03, British School Bells, $85 and $95 ea.

10. An obvious choice, my school related picks wouldn't be the same without some cool lockers thrown in the mix. This one, and its matching pair, are fresh to the shop as of today, and I'm really loving them. I love the amount of clothing I could toss in these guys without Ethan's knowledge. And they would be great in a mudroom, or really anywhere. Dealer #02, Blue Locker Set, $225.

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