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T's Ten, Week of 8/5/12

This week's ten picks are brought to you by the word LOVE! Not only because I love all of the things I'm featuring today, but also because tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. That's right, Ethan and I have made it one year as a married couple (and still going strong after 5 years total). Allow me to indulge you with a photo as evidence:
I thought about including a wedding photo, but let's face it: this photo perfectly captures who we are as a couple. We always have fun together, we're always a little silly, and we love each other a bunch! Plus if not for Ethan's patience and tolerance, I would not be the proud owner of a mounted duck head, a German school chart with the anatomy of a lobster, or a plastic deer that lights up that I've had since high school (yes, the other items came from Oddfellows). So here's to Ethan, for many, many reasons, but above all else because he continues to love me despite my ever-changing plethora of weird housewares.

And now for this week's ten stunners!

 1. These English oak doors are incredible. They date between 1910-20 and have a wonderful Gothic quality about them. But the reason I was first drawn to them was because of their great shape-I love how narrow and tall they are. They are massive, but because of their shape don't feel very overbearing, which I really appreciate. Plus the carved panels are just exquisite. Dealer #44, Pair of Oak Doors, $695.

 2. I'm utterly smitten with this chair and its matching partner. They are wrought iron with a fantastic, aged patina and the fan backs add an element of drama to them, don't you think? I think these would be fun indoors or out and if I had a fancy veranda, these guys would be coming home with me. Even better, they are a great steal, price wise. Dealer #44, Fan Back Wrought Iron Chair, $125 ea (2 available).

3. This industrial lamp is a new favorite of mine, so much so that I decided it belonged on our front counter! I love the fact that the lamp is adjustable and can swivel around, and the tiny cut out holes allow for a nice twinkling effect, which reminds me of cutting the tops of mason jars to collect lightening bugs. Anything that reminds me of summertime as a kid is going to tempt me! Dealer #AE1, Industrial Light, $195.

4. I may have featured this previously, and if so I don't regret it. It's so good that it deserves to be posted over and over again. I can't tell you enough how wonderful pub signs, and signage in general, is for any room. I think they add a wonderful element of graphic design and provide an eclectic touch without overwhelming a space. I particularly love this one because it's summertime, it's hot, and we're all dreaming of being back at the beach. Do you remember the big anchor I posted a few weeks back? Well, if that guy isn't quite for you, then certainly this anchor will be! Dealer #44, Pub Sign, $195.

 5. Another dark, secret side of me some of you might not be aware of is my love of vintage clothing and accessories. Dark, because I keep a stash of vintage clothing in the back of my closet and secret, mostly so that Ethan won't see all of my hidden treasures and make me give them away. So you can rest assured knowing these vintage skirts pull at my heartstrings. They range in price, size, and age but I love them all. Anything that's being produced these days fashion-wise doesn't compare for me. Dealer #83, Rack of Vintage Skirts, $15-35.

6. Every time I walk past this lot of old tools, they tug at my heart a little bit. One of my earliest memories is spending time in my dad's workshop with him, and I was always fascinated with his assortment of woodworking tools and other odds and ends. Although my dad lost his battle with cancer in October, he is still very present in my life and pops up at unexpected times. I love that with these tools, he shows up at work. If I think long and hard about it, my love of design and furniture really comes from him, and all of those afternoons we spent in his workshop. Dealer #03, Old Tools, Ranging in price from $14-30.

7. This pitch pine wardrobe is amazing, don't you think? I love everything about it. I love its height, the faux bamboo details, even the finials at the very top. I also love that it can hide away coats and accessories in a very sophisticated way! Dealer #44, Pitch Pine Wardrobe, $ 695.

8. Sigh. Big, big sigh. I am absolutely in love with this wood slab end table. I'm a big fan of bringing the outdoors inside, and this table does the trick in a sleek, modern way without turning your space into a lumberjack's haven (not that that's exactly a bad thing!). Words can't describe the rest of how I feel about this table, other than I NEED it in my life. Dealer #123, Wood Slab End Table, $225.

 9. Do you know what would look lovely paired with the wood slab end table? This chair!. There are actually four of them total, and the dealer tells me that they date to the 1940s and feature a wooden telescope frame with new canvas seating. I'm telling you, they are beautiful in person and actually quite cozy. I would use them in our dining room or in an enclosed porch with a cowhide rug, flanked by a wood slab table I know of... Dealer #FF, Director's Chairs, $125 ea (Four Available).

10. Last but not least, this show stopping glass and lucite base coffee table is amazing. Lucite is really popular with our customers, and this table really captures the eye. I love that despite its large square size, it doesn't feel like it takes up a lot of room because of its translucence. The cascading lucite base is mesmerizing...I really can't take my eyes off it! Dealer #133, Lucite and Glass Table, $795.

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