Monday, August 27, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 8/26/12

1. I'm really in love with these guys. Made from camphor wood, each Buddha statue seems to radiate positive energy. Every home needs a little of that, right? I love that they're a smaller size...I"m a sucker for anything small. Because they are wood carved, they have a lovely delicacy about them. Dealer #444, Camphor Wood Buddhas, $95 ea.

 2. Why hello there really comfortable leather chair. Seriously, this chair and its matching partner are so comfortable. I've been lounging in them all weekend long. Kidding..but really, so comfortable. I also love the small nail heads throughout, juxtaposed with the larger ones at the base. They would be so awesome in a library. Dealer #150-C, Pair of Red Leather Chairs, $1,600.

 3. I wish this photo would do better justice for this large photograph. It's of a swim team from Hanley High School in Stoke-On-Trent taken June 1930. How amazing, right? I love taking a closer peek at each face and imagining a bit about their lives. I also think this kind of framed photograph adds an eclectic touch of sophistication to any room--wouldn't it be fun in a bachelor's restroom? Dealer #44, Framed Swim Team Photo, $295.

 4. This dental cabinet is AMAZING. Truly! Don't quote me on this but it's likely late 1800s/early 1900s and each drawer contains an enamel white metal tray perfect for your dental supplies...or in my case, my jewelry. I love that such a beautiful example of craftmanship provided functionality as well. It's also harder and harder to find unique medical cabinets like this one. It's definitely a conversation piece! Dealer #133, Dental Cabinet, $1895.

 5. I'm loving this industrial foundry piece as wall art. The dealer has several other options, but this one is my favorite because it reminds me of flowers. I think this would complement our living room's gallery wall really well, or any gallery wall for that matter. I really like adding contrast and different textures to my walls and this one is really working for me. Dealer #02, Foundry Part, $70.

 6. This vintage iron table has a great graphic quality about it and reminds me a bit of Regency-style latticework. But what makes this table particularly unique is that the metal frame is made from WWII scrap metal! This would make a great side table in a family room and I really like that it visually doesn't take up much room since it has a glass top that you can see through. Dealer #FF, Iron Table, $425.

 7. One of the parts I love about working at Oddfellows are the history lessons I receive on a regular basis, whether it means I'm learning more about a particular item or brushing up on some vocabulary. Because my background is in Art History, I very briefly navigated my way through the Decorative Arts. In hindsight, I would have loved to delve deeper into that, but instead, I've continued my education at Oddfellows navigating my way through learning about credenzas, buffets, sideboards, and the like. Until the other day, when Tom asked me to snap a picture of the pub settle. The whaaa? Yep, this is a pub settle. Or in Tarleton's terms, the "big, highback bench thing." I have a way with words. Pub settles are benches primarily found in...pubs! This one is a new favorite for me, mostly because I appreciate learning something new but also beacuse I love the diamond patterned fabric. It would go wonderfully with a dining table, don't you think? Dealer #44, Pub Settle, $425.

 8. I absolutely love this carved bookcase. It's nice because it could stand freely on its own, but would work just as well on a wall displaying books and tchotkes. I'm always wanting Ethan to hang shelves (his least favorite activity), but this bookcase would be easy enough! Dealer #03, Carved Bookcase, $165.

 9. Right now I've got my eye on this banner shaped mirror. Isn't it cute? I love the possibility of using a dry erase marker to write messages on it on special occasions like "Dear Ethan, Buy this for Tarleton. Her birthday is coming up!" or something like that. Dealer #722, Banner Mirror, $189.

10. This lamp is really lovely. It's a vintage Italian Murano Glass lamp with an alabaster marble base, and it is begging me to take it home with me today. I love that the glass reflects a warm pink and gold color throughout. I think it would be fun in a little girl's room or powder room for sure. Dealer #076, Murano Glass Lamp, $168. 

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