Friday, January 18, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 1/13/13

1. A friend of mine has been looking for a mirror and when this arrived in the shop this week, I knew I had to share this one with her. Like Rachel, this mirror is both sophisticated and a little girly/glam all at once, and a stunner to boot. I love that it is round (round mirrors are my favorite) and I love the gilded gold frame as well. Dealer #076, Gilded Mirror, $138.

 2. This tiny Japanese altar is really awesome. It's dated to the late 19th century, and packs a lot of punch despite its small size. I like that the dealer put a clock inside, because this altar would make a great clock surround to flank a fireplace mantel, or stand alone to display smaller objects. Or you could live dangerously and let your kids use it as a dollhouse. Dealer #133, Japanese Altar, $265.

 3. Speaking of children, I wish I had a few of my own so that I could make use of this painted tiger oak chest. Originally used for storing blankets and quilts, I think it would be perfect for hiding away toys and stuffed animals. I love the sweet creamy white border and the little drawers add a nice touch as well. But the best part are those kelly green hinges, which add an unexpected pop of color. Dealer #01, Painted Tiger Oak Blanket Chest, $250.

4. You've probably seen several different versions of these industrial tables float into the shop in the last few months, but none quite like this. The dealer that brings them in makes them himself, using industrial sewing machines as bases. With a little bit of elbow grease and paint, Steve has come up with this bold, graphic version. Obviously the pop of color is great, but add to that the awesome arrow, and you've got one great statement piece. Dealer #02, Arrow Table, $495.
 5. There's nothing better than a great functional piece of furniture. This maple Heywood-Wakefield secretary/bookcase is a great example of form meeting function. I especially love these kinds of pieces in smaller homes or apartments, because it's like a 2-for-1 deal. You've got the secretary to the left, which can be tucked away at a moment's notice, along with the bookcase to the right. The best part; it won't take over a room! Dealer #83, Heywood-Wakefield Secretary/Bookcase, $595.

 6. I'm not gonna lie; I've been testing out this lounge for you guys to make sure it's in good functional order. No need to thank me. It's cozy as can be, and I'm sure it won't be long before someone kicks me off and says, "I'll take it!." This lounge, manufactured by ABC Carpet & Home (yes! the ABC Carpet & Home), is brand new and at this price, you won't want to miss it.Dealer #444, Lounge from ABC, $795.

 7. When you're doing all that lounging, you'll need a side table to place all your cocktails and books. Consider this version. It's the perfect height to flank a sofa or chaise lounge and doesn't look bulky or heavy. We've got four total, and they are super cute. Also, because they were originally pub tables, we've got a few low stools you can prop up beside of them for a little lounge-side bar. Dealer #44 Side/Pub Tables, $235 each, 4 available.

8. While we're on the subject of bars, check out this pair of hand painted bar stools in the French country style. I love the rush seat juxtaposed with the Robin's Egg blue of the stool's frame. I think these would be perfect next to a kitchen island or you know...beside a fancy bar! Dealer #OMD, Pair of French Country Style Bar Stools, $465.

 9. This stool is so sweet, especially because of the hook rug textile on top. I love the burst of pink and red florals, and it's a great reminder that sunny days are to come despite the cold temperatures we've been experiencing. Plus this would be a great little piece in a nursery or little girl's room. Dealer #28, Hook Rug Stool, $49.

 10. This store counter is really lovely, don't you think? I love the green painted top and the carved floral basket front and center adds a really charming element. How perfect would this be in a downtown shop? Even better, use it as a kitchen island in your home. Dealer #AE1, Store Counter, $475.

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