Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oddfellows Makeover #2!!

Some of you may be wondering how we Oddfellows have been celebrating the new year thus far. The answer: with a bang of course! After having completed the new store counter and stained glass room, we just kept on with the makeover. One of our dealers, Jeff Venturella, has recently expanded into what we once referred to as "the garden room." Although Jeff has been a dealer at Oddfellows for a while, taking over the garden room has proved an exciting feat.

You may have noticed a certain container outside our doors the last few weeks. The container housed tons of new goodies while Jeff and crew completed a few major updates to the garden room, which included new paint on the floors and walls, as well as major lighting additions. The transformation has been amazing. Much as I loved the garden room, it was definitely a little gloomy. Jeff's furniture--goods from the Northeast region of the States, as well as imports from Belgium--has completely and utterly made my eyes grow wide with excitement. It's a vast improvement, and one that I'm sure our customers will enjoy as well. And because Jeff has been in the antique and import business for over 20 years, he comes equipped with knowledge and amazing taste to boot. His stock includes a wide selection of mid-century modern, architectural accessories, store counters, tons of beautiful doors, lovely stained glass, Mission-era furnishings, as well as an eclectic mix of industrial lighting.

Have a look at the pictures below. They certainly don't do the new makeover justice, but definitely give you an idea.  Also, be sure to check out Jeff's website for even more great finds at coolsalvage.com. As an added bonus, Jeff is extending a major, major deal for you guys. If you see anything on his website you would like to purchase (coolsalvage.com), he will deliver to the Asheville area free of charge. Awesome, right?

 The dark garden room, pre-Jeff. You may recall that this space previously housed our stained glass, as well as concrete accessories and outdoor furniture.
 The top two photos in this set show the work in progress; Jeff dismantled old shelving and gave the floor and walls a fresh coat of paint. The bottom two shots show off the new space, complete with furniture and accessories.
Just before entering, an amazing architectural entryway. Our chimney pots never looked so good!!

In addition to new lighting, Jeff installed this beautiful antique, hand-painted stained glass sky light. Truly a rare centerpiece, Jeff purchased it on the Belgium/French border on one of his buying trips. Best of all, it can be yours!
A close-up of new art on the walls, stained glass hanging, and some great industrial lighting fixtures juxtaposed with a vintage sofa and chair.

What a great makeover, right? You'll have to see for yourself what I'm talking about, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below. Remember to check out coolsalvage.com while you're at it to take advantage of Jeff's amazing delivery offer.

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