Monday, January 7, 2013

Lamp Love

There has been a big debate going on in my house as of late.  I was pondering the necessity for two end tables in our living room recently because space is of the essence in our bungalow. Eventually I decided to opt for a floor lamp to save a little room. The hunt was on, and continues to this day. We've tried a few different variations so far in the past month and nothing is quite fitting. Trust me, I never knew choosing a floor lamp could be so difficult, especially when a handsome, yet extremely picky husband is involved. Amidst all of the hemming and hawing, I realized how many great options are available at Oddfellows right now. Take a look at these. Can you guess which one might end up at our house?

 This "floor lamp" is actually a vintage dental station. How cool is that?!? Dealer #NYA, $399.
 Definitely a more traditional option, but a really great choice because it could function in just about any room, any decor.  Dealer #150-C, $195.

 Ah, yes. This chrome arch lamp with marble base is a classic option. Dealer #83, $295.

 Loving these two options as well for their vintage aesthetic and pops of mod color. Dealer #133, $68 each.

This chrome industrial version is tried and true, and I like the flexible neck. Dealer #02, $50.

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