Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week In An Instant

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. As the days get colder, these two cats get cozier. It takes every fiber of my being to keep the cat pictures to a minimum! Plus they love to nest on the sofa we got at...Oddfellows!
2. I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Ethan and our friend/neighbor extraordinaire Carol. This is at a friend's Christmas Party, right after we completed a holiday themed LaZoom tour downtown. Probably the most holiday fun you can have in an hour, the LaZoom tour featured a live band complete with drum kit and horn section, as well as lots of champagne. I'm going to use this photo later for a "Buy Antiques" campaign poster.
3. First few gifts wrapped under our tree. We have really been enjoying the tree this year, and most evenings you can find the Walmsley-Morris household listening to records/knitting/reading treeside.
4. We visited a favorite haunt, the DeSoto Lounge earlier in the week and I was enamored with all of the new taxidermy on the walls. If I could take this pair home with me, I most assuredly would.
5. Suppertime! We spent a wonderful evening with friends new and old this week and I could spend hours taking pictures of all of this home's beautiful nooks and crannies. Plus, what a lovely spread!

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