Tuesday, December 18, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 12/16/12

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away! Perhaps shopping for gifts at an antique store isn't the first place to cross your mind. But I'm here to encourage you to give it a try! There are so many great gift ideas in the shop right now. I've gotten several goodies for friends and families and yes, maybe a few things thrown in for my house as well. It feels good knowing I've supported the shop, as well as a local business this holiday season. Plus it's awesome that the gifts I'm giving are unique, one-of-a-kind items that I put a lot of thought into. So be sure to check out our selection before the big day.

1. I've had my eye on this sign since it landed stateside. It's a 1930s Belgian deer crossing sign. I love the bold, black graphic of the deer the most and while I am quickly running out of wall space, I would definitely let a few things go to accommodate this piece. It's so cool! Dealer #44, Deer Crossing Sign, $295.

 2. This adorable pillow has been really tempting me this week. As an avid owl collector, I do own a few owl pillows but none quite as cute as this one. I love that the pillow is pieced together with different patches of fabric, and I especially love the pattern of the owl's body. This would be an awesome gift, and you can give it to me;) Dealer #133, Night Owl Pillow, $95.

 3. I know I've said this often, but it's true that lamps really tie a room together. They can really make a room feel warm, inviting, and cozy. This lamp is a delight, particularly because the contrast of the cylindrical glass base with the square shaped shade is a really sophisticated pairing. And the best part is that this lamp could function beautifully almost anywhere because of its minimal effect. Dealer #076, Glass Cylinder Lamp, $158.

 4. This pair of glass top mid-century tables are just plain sexy. There's no other word to describe them, really. Great lines, great shape. I love that they could flank either end of a sofa just as easily as they work side by side instead of a coffee table. Sexy, ya'll. Dealer #83, Pair of Mid-Century Tables, $295.

 5. Now for something a little classy. This corner bookcase/cupboard is lovely, don't you think? I love the geometric carving on the glass front and the bottom of the cabinet has great storage for hiding things you don't care to show off. I love the grey color because it reminds me of French country or even Swedish grey furniture. The best part, though, is that it fits snugly in a corner so doesn't take up much room. Dealer #44, Corner Bookcase/Cabinet, $495.

6. Check out this cozy little number. It's definitely a "man chair" if ever I've seen one, but because I enjoy sitting in it when I get a chance, I lovingly refer to it as the "Tarleton Chair." It's so comfortable and there is nothing better than a good leather chair. This particular piece is a vintage Old Hickory Tannery leather chair, and Old Hickory Tannery's leather goods are considered the best of the best. After sitting in it a while, I can certainly see why. Also the night owl pillow featured above would look awesome paired with this! Dealer #444, Old Hickory Tannery Chair and Ottoman, $595.

7. Although these look like a pair of stools, they are actually industrial plant stands. Aren't they fabulous? The tops are made of wood (hence we do not recommend using them as stools) and any healthy plant is sure to complement the industrial look. I also love that there are two of them. As we bring outdoor plants indoors for the winter, this pair is sure to prove useful, and with nice lines to boot! Dealer #NYA, Pair Industrial Plant Stands, $65 each.

 8. I'm digging this vintage iron sconce. There are four of them total, too, so I think these would be great going down a long hallway. Although I'm not well versed on electrical endeavors, I'm certain that those of you that are can turn these into lovely lights. Dealer #28, Set of 4 Sconces, $125.

 9. Yet another craving fresh from England, this pair of Danish modern leather chairs are awesome. To start, they are super comfortable. The frames are Rosewood (one of my favorites) and I love how sleek and sophisticated the lines are on them. An obvious choice for a bachelor pad, I could also see them working just as well in a living room I know in West Asheville. Dealer #03, Pair of Danish Modern Chairs, $950.

10. Surely by now you guys are aware of my love for unusual decorative objects. These bongos prove no exception. I love the idea of putting them on a shelf or bookcase to give some depth and contrast and the shots of red and salmon would make any room pop. Plus bongos are literally the only thing my husband does not own among his collection of instruments, so it would be nice to have late night bongo playing sessions! Dealer #297, Pair of Bongos, $150.

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