Monday, December 10, 2012

Week In An Instant

Images Left to Right:
1. My driftwood lamp obsession has reached epic proportions. It's like I have a magnet that attracts me to  them immediately. Needless to say, I swapped one driftwood lamp for another, and I am in love with the latest version.
2. This taxidermy goose can be found at Dwellings. I fell in love right away. I love the elegant curvature of the neck. My cats would have a field day with this new "friend."
3. I'm kicking myself for not having picked up this portrait right away. This lady is so sophisticated, and her presence might fancy up the house a bit.
4. It's definitely that time of year again. Each year I find a new vintage decoration to add to our growing collection. This year I found this angel tree topper, and lucky for us she still lights up quite nicely!
5. A captured moment from the first holiday party of the season. I'm lucky to have several friends that work for the Citizen-Times and each year, there is an epic party hosted by two reporters, one of whom has the most amazing Christmas decor. It's so filled to the brim, she even includes a scavenger hunt to add to the festivities.

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