Sunday, June 9, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 6/9 England Edition!

Hopefully by now you've all had a chance to peruse the album of pictures from Tom and Kelly's latest buying trip in England. While I held down the fort for the last week or so, T&K searched all of England (or a little bit of it at least) for new goodies, and what a great assortment they've found! I am eager to see everything in person. It was hard narrowing down my favorites from this trip, which is always a good thing! For those of you that have asked, we do not have an exact date on when this shipment will arrive to the warehouse but it should be here by the early to mid portion of July. At this time we do not have pricing available, but if you have any questions feel free to ask! And favorites! P.S. Did you really think I could narrow down to 10 choices?? I think there are actually closer to 20 favorites in this lot so far...I couldn't resist!

 Aren't these enamelware buckets the best? I love the bright colors stacked up together.

 This industrial cart is awesome. I'd love to use it in our kitchen as an island!

 This glass front cabinet is adorable. I love the different sizes of the panes of glass. This would also be a fun addition to a kitchen if used as a cabinet to store away dishes, etc.

 This wardrobe is for all of you bamboo lovers out there. Isn't it great? I'm really loving the look of bamboo lately, and this wardrobe is not only super functional, but also super sophisticated.

 So in love with this filing cabinet. I love the fun red color, and my office would surely benefit from this since I could hide away all the clutter!

 This bookcase is beautiful. I love the leaded glass front, and the functional top allows for two drawers, and an area to showcase a few smalls or vase of flowers.

 This grassy green chest of drawers is so lovely. Mamas with babies, take note. I think this would be awesome in a nursery!

 Clearly I'm feeling the green! This pair of kelly green doors are too cute for words!!! I know I've met a few folks recently looking for old doors and this are a great burst of color.

 This stag pub sign could quite possibly be my very favorite thing on this list. Can you believe that I actually do not have a pub sign in our house at this moment?? That's kind of ridiculous, considering where I work, and I think I'll have to rectify the situation with this guy...or one of the many other pub signs Tom and Kelly were able to find might do as well. :)

 How sweet is this retro chest of drawers? Also a great addition to a nursery or child's room, the dealer that T&K purchased this from covered the drawers in vintage wallpaper. Absolutely adorable.

 This is a lovely pine chest of drawers, probably early 1900s if I had to guess. I would love to see this used in an airy entryway with a giant floral arrangement on top.

 Seriously loving this piece as well. I've always appreciated a really nice worn-in piece of wood, and this work table does the trick.

 These industrial benches are just too much fun. I'm not sure on the height if it would work since I haven't seen them in person, but wouldn't these be fun at the base of a bed?

This really shouldn't need any explanation but...dress forms with hearts!! So cool!!

If there's one thing my husband should know about me by now, it's that I absolutely love cypress and driftwood, so this little stand is a big favorite for me. I would use it to display our potted plants...BUT I also happen to think this is the perfect alternative to those not-so-pretty climbing devices you can buy for cats. And since we have two cats...they deserve only the best when it comes to climbing, am I right?

 And let's end with some nice velvety goodness. This pair of chairs are super feminine and I adore the tufting.

So what do you guys think? I know I'm excited and really thrilled with what Tom and Kelly were able to find. The best part is that these pictures are only a portion of the lot, so there will be lots more to discover when you come visit us in July.


  1. Hi Tarleton! I'm planning to come visit in July for a trip to furnish some rooms in my house and would love to coordinate my trip around when you'll be getting this big shipment. I'm especially interested in the bamboo wardrobe, and would love to know the price, measurements and the condition, if possible. It's so gorgeous! It's been so long since we've visited your store, and can't wait! Thanks, J.B. Taylor

    1. J.B.!! I so hope I get to meet you guys. Unfortunately there is not an exact date of arrival of the container, but I can let you know as soon as we have firmed that up. I can tell you that we are shooting for mid-July. If all goes according to plan with customs, etc., I would anticipate that being between July 15-19. As far as pricing, etc. on the wardrobe, we wouldn't have measurements until it arrives at the shop. Tom and Kelly are working on pricing items right now, so I can let you know once they've come up with a price. I'm told the wardrobe is in good condition, dating to the late 1800s. Let me know if you've got any other questions, and let me know your travel plans. Would be exciting to meet you:)