Monday, February 25, 2013

T's Ten, Week of 2/24

Here in Oddfellows land we are eager for spring to arrive. You can really tell, too. I think we are all doing lots of pre-spring cleaning, because our dealers are not only sprucing and tidying, but also adding new things to their booths daily. That said, this post is long overdue, particularly since there really are so many fun things in the shop right now. Many apologies for withholding the goodies. More for me, I suppose!;) Check out my favorites this week and be sure to keep in touch!

 1. Let's start with this great piece of industrial history. This is an Edison dictograph, complete with wax cylinders and a speaking tube. Here's a  link to learn more about these cool pieces of history. They were predominantly used to dictate and record information for transcribers. It doesn't work any longer, but what a great prop this would be! Dealer #NYA, Edison Dictograph, $175. 
 2. I'm always thinking of creative ways to hide my clothes, purses, etc.from Ethan, and this rusty locker unit would be perfect! I love, love the finish on this one with the holes. It has such a great aged look, doesn't it? Dealer #02, Single Locker, $100.

3. This Edwardian oak server is by far one of my favorite pieces in the shop right now. It's becoming harder and harder to find them, and this one is a beauty. I especially love the carved wood doors, and this is an all around great functional piece. You could use it for its original purpose in a dining room, but I also think it's a great size and height to use as an entertainment unit. Dealer #150, Edwardian Oak Server, $795.

 4. This pair of framed vintage prints are really sweet, and I especially love the ribbons they hang from. Such a classic, sophisticated look. I think these would be lovely in a nursery or in a dressing room. Dealer #OMD, Pair of Vintage Prints, $30.

 5. Isn't this Louis XVI settee great? The fabric's ticking really makes it work for me. So simple, with so much understated sophistication. Hang the pair of vintage prints above close by! Dealer #444, Louis XVI Settee, $495.

 6. How fun is this star!? It could easily be rewired back to working order, and I think it would be the perfect compliment to my home. Or possibly yours. I just love the bold look, and imagine how fun this would be lit up at night! Dealer #150, Fun Star, $125.

 7. Look at these beauties! This set of J.L. Moller chairs arrived over the weekend and are a perfect, iconic example of Danish design done well. They are teak with natural cord seating. Love! Dealer #83, Set of four Moller Dining Chairs, $795.

 8. I've been pre-spring cleaning a ton, which for me means weeding through the many smalls and artwork that can tend to clutter our house. I'm on a mission to swap out some of my thriftier art pieces and prints I've held onto from my college days for more quality pieces. "Adult art," if you will. This Jewish folk art painting of a brass band is definitely on my radar. The lively band, juxtaposed with the rich colors makes a great little piece, don't you think? Dealer #133, Jewish Folk Art, $495.

 9. I'm also craving a little leather in our home, much to Ethan's dismay (the only material he absolutely despises, for some reason). This chesterfield club chair would be perfect. I love its golden mustard color, plus the seat cushion is the softest, buttery leather I've ever felt. I always say this, and it's true; you can't go wrong with a chesterfield. Dealer #150, Chesterfield Club Chair, $695.

 10. Customers have been raving about this pair of mid-century chairs (only one pictured), and for good reason. They definitely have a bit of a French feel to them with the fabric and little carved legs, which is great. Perhaps the best part about them, though, is that they swivel! How fun, right? Dealer #150, Pair of Mid-century Chairs, $495.

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