Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 7/22

I hope this week's top ten finds all of you well. I personally can't believe July is almost over. Time flies when you're selling antiques, I tell you! And...here are my picks this week.

1. I am in love with these red chairs (5 total). They're meant to be used outdoors, but I think they would be just as fun in a dining room with a fun teak table. Dealer #03, Set of 5 Chairs, $295.

2. The other morning, as I was turning on the warehouse lights, I had to stop in awe. Somehow, as things were unloaded and displayed post-container, I missed this teak cabinet from India. What I love about it is the Yves Klein blue paint that contrasts wonderfully with the lighter blue paint and the teak wood. Do you like the casually placed Yves Klein blue art history reference I just made? I knew you would. Dealer #03, Indian Teak Cabinet, $495.

3. This is by far one of the coolest pub signs we've got at the moment. I love the wood frame and the nautical elements are really striking. I know a really great teak cabinet with Yves Klein blue paint that this would match up with perfectly. I kid, but in all seriousness this sign would be so much fun in a bachelor pad, or even in a bathroom as an added element of fun. Dealer #44, Donington Pub Sign, $295.

4. This pressed metal mirror is really quite cute. Its painted surface adds a charming rustic quality and would fit nicely in a bathroom or hallway. Dealer #OMD, Pressed Metal Mirror, $55.

  5. This vintage slipper chair is super comfy. I love a good slipper chair, and the minty green leather with tufted buttons makes this particular chair irresistible. There's actually another one exactly like it, and I'm imagining a little girl's room would benefit from having these around. They are so sweet and delicate, as every slipper chair should be. And again, who can resist mint green? Dealer #08, Pair of Leather Slipper Chairs, $130 each.

6. This locker unit is Ahhhhh-mazing. Not only does it provide great organization, but it's got a little bit of quirk to go with it, which we all know I really love. Where's the quirk? Look closely. Each unit has been assigned a name, and the inner nerd in me is delighted to imagine what Graham, Jason, Pat, Lola, and "Nobody" did for a living, what they looked like, and if they got along with each other. Dealer #02, Locker Unit, $180.

7. I'm pretty sure Lola, whose locker unit is mentioned above, would have carried this 1960s tapestry purse around. Or at least in my imagination she does. What a stylish lady that Lola is/was! Dealer #83, Vintage 60s purse, $29.

8. Map chests are always an item I'm drawn to immediately, despite not owning many maps. In another life, I would have been an architect and would've put this one to good use. I love that map chests are designed so well, and provide function at the same time. The black lacquered handles on this one are especially nice. Instead of maps, I'm thinking I could lay flat all of my family jewels and diamonds! Dealer #03, Map Chest, $575.

9. Lately, husband Ethan has been keen on scolding me for lack of organization where my purses and accessories are concerned (as usual). Well, Ethan, allow me to present this beautiful wardrobe. Aside from the beautiful carvings on its front, it would perfectly contain said purses and accessories without your beautiful blue eyes ever having to see them again! I think this piece would function just as well in an entry way to contain guests' coats and purses, by the way. Dealer #44, English Wardrobe, $425.

 10. I'm so in love with this birdcage right now. Its perfect teal color makes me weak in the knees, and I think it would be really fun to hang necklaces in if you don't like my map-chest-as-jewelry-box idea. Dealer #FF, Victorian era Birdcage, $195.

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  1. I'm with you on that birdcage, Tarleton. Yummy! And thanks for showcasing my mirror. That was fun to see. :)

    I hope to make it in today before I leave for Louisiana. (Why did my niece have to pick July for a wedding date?) If I don't make it, I'll see you early next week.