Monday, July 16, 2012

T's Ten, Week of 7/15/12

Have you guys had a chance to visit us yet? The shop is looking wonderful, I must say. The new furniture has yet again allowed a wonderful transformation to take place and I think Tom did a great job on the last buying trip. There's a little something for everyone! Now...after a bit of a delay, here are my top ten picks for this week!

1. I'm absolutely smitten with this anchor. It's a heavy little beast...and please allow a terrible pun: it would really anchor any room you put it in. Har Har Har. Anyway, I think it would be an awesome statement above a mantel or on any wall, really. If not that, then it would make a wonderful alternative to dumbbells. Who needs a home gym when you've got an anchor!?! Dealer #44, Large Anchor, $375.

 2. For some unknown reason, I'm just recently discovering how quintessential andirons and firedogs can be for a hearth. The weirder the better, I say. These firedogs do the trick and I love their figural quality. They date back to the 1880s and I'm particularly taken with the draping of these ladies' skirts. Dealer #133, 1880s Firedogs, $295.

 3. These hand painted cabinets from China are truly stunning in person, so I apologize for the "eh" photo. What I love about them is the juxtaposition of the heavy black background with the meticulously painted gold insects and florals in the foreground. These would be perfect flanked beside a sofa or would even be great bedside tables as well. Dealer #444, Hand Painted Chinese Cabinets, $325 ea.

 4. This sweet little driftwood lamp has been winking at me from across the warehouse, I swear. I've had it on my mind since the dealer brought it in last weekend and I may have to snatch it up before anyone else does. Driftwood has become a fast favorite of mine. I love driftwood's sculptural qualities and I'm a big fan of bringing nature indoors. This little lamp does the trick, and even better, it's got a tiny light pull that makes it even more charming (if that's even possible!). Dealer #076, Driftwood Lamp, $78.

 5. Guys. Let's all just take a step back to admire this piece of furniture. Who needs a rectangular table when this semi-circle wonder is around!?! I'm not always in love with the traditional demi-lune style tables (give me some time, I may come around), but this table is really quite delightful and a more modern twist on the original. I also feel like if not implemented as a coffee table, then this table would be a fun element added to a retail shop for displaying clothing or housewares (local retailers take note!). Dealer #44, Semi-Circle table, $325.
 6. This movie marquee is pretty self-explanatory, and would be fantastic pretty much anywhere. I like the idea of using it in a large, funky kitchen or in a child's bedroom. I also love the bright, blinking lights and wouldn't it be cool to use the marquee letters to spell out your name!? With this sign, everyone is a star! Dealer #NYA, 60s Movie Marquee, $1400.

 7. I'm a big fan of organizing. While my husband will disagree with that statement, it's really true. The thing is, I require furniture to keep me organized and this dental cabinet would be perfect in our home office for storing away things that Ethan would prefer we didn't own (like a nose-shaped pencil sharpener, or my growing collection of unused notebooks, but I digress...). I also like the little nook with glass sliding doors for displaying knick knacks. Dealer #03, Dental Cabinet, $450.

 8. Well would you look at this! A Kai Kristiansen (look it up!) Danish sofa long enough to fit a small army. Or a family of four. Check out those armrests because they don't get better than this. I'm in L-O-V-E with this sofa and you should be too. Dealer #123, Kai Kristiansen Danish Sofa, $1199.

 9. These iron and leather chairs are hard to handle. As in, I cannot handle the fact that they aren't mine already! I love the delicate iron frames and the worn leather seats are really gorgeous. Also, I promised I would never exceed 10 items in this list, but surely we all agree that this pub table is too good not to include. I love the bright blue iron base with the circular wood top. Dealer #44, Iron and Leather Chairs, $395 and Pub Table $345. 
 10. I keep wavering on which item from the container is my favorite. First, it was a little red toy bus. Then I was taken with a framed photograph of a high school swim team. But after much deliberation, these teak wood bowls are by far my favorite. They are beautifully crafted and as my friend Natalie said, they radiate positive energy. Dealer #44, Teak Bowls, $95 ea.


  1. Fun stuff! Love all the pieces you chose. Esp. that anchor! Looking forward to a more thorough scope-out when the hubby is at home.

  2. Sure did enjoy my visit on Sunday - great great merchandise - can't wait to use my new (old) ladder in my new gallery!

    1. Always great to see you Teresa! Hope the ladder will serve you for years to come!:)