Monday, May 21, 2012

T's Ten, week of 5/20

I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy! We had a great weekend at the shop, and at the yard sale too! It sure is a wonder what ends up collecting dust at my house after a year. A few housekeeping notes to pass on--Tom's big trip to England starts next week! I am already anxious to see what he's able to find this go round. If you have any last minute items you'd like Tom to keep in mind for you as he's treasure hunting, be sure to visit us this week at the shop.

And now, on to more pertinent matters...This week's top ten favorites!

1. I have a weak spot for lucite, and this sculpture is calling my name. What I really like about it is its texture. I love the swirl of motion the sculpture provides, and because the lucite here isn't completely smooth it is really working for me. Vintage lucite sculpture, Dealer #076, $78.

 2. This chest has been a long time favorite of mine. It's an early English chest made of pine with excellent industrial style hardware. For me, it resembles a library card catalog, and that makes it all the more appealing. I think it would look great in a small entryway, or even used in a kitchen for additional storage. Early English chest, Dealer #44, $675.

 3. What's not to like about these stools!? They've got a great vinyl cover in orange for a fresh pop of color, with industrial bases. Originally used in a soda shop, I would put these puppies by a little outdoor bar. I can also see them in a large loft apartment as a funky alternative to side tables. Pair of Soda Shop Stools, Dealer #NYA, $225.

 4. This table is an eclectic alternative to the traditional marble top tables I've seen lately. I love the painted black legs with the slight turn at the feet and the marble is hitting my radar in a big way. Marble adds a really clean, sophisticated line that I appreciate. What's even better is there are two of these guys, sold as a pair. Trust me, you won't want to buy one without the other...together, these tables are a true design knockout. Pair of Marble Top Tables, Dealer #150, $600.

 5. AH, celadon!! What's celadon, you ask? Celadon is a term used to describe both the glaze and color (jade green) of ceramics and pottery which originated in ancient China and has since spread throughout Asia. The simplicity of these pots, combined with the minty jade color, are an impeccable example of great design. Lucky for us, we've got a dealer that specializes in imports from China. These three pots were originally used as food storage, but I think they could stand alone or with flowers. What's that old saying...You can never have too much celadon! Celadon pots, Dealer #444, $59 ea.
 6. Oh, hello there fancy birdcage. Although I have no need for a fancy birdcage, I really need this bird cage. Why? Because it will be a true statement piece atop our dining table. Or in our hallway on a lovely sideboard. Or how about adding a big Eddison bulb in the middle and hanging it as a chandelier in the dining room? Any of these situations will work just fine! Fantastic birdcage, Dealer #150, $275.

 7. Lately, I've been falling asleep each night looking at travel websites with amazing views of beachside villas. I'm pretty sure that I've seen a table just like this in a photo next to a lovely hammock, holding on its glass top an exotic adult beverage and a trashy beach novel . Maybe if I take this table home with me, my little bungalow will transform into a beachside villa off the coast of Tahiti? One can dream! Dealer #83, Vintage Rattan base table, $90.

 8. Bunnies! I love bunnies. Incidentally, who doesn't love bunnies?!? Anyway, these guys are actually a chocolate mold and if I had a French country kitchen, these would grace my countertops wonderfully. Until then, they will make an appearance in my current kitchen, adding 1 part whimsy with 2 parts bunny.  Plus, we've got 4 of them so you can get one too! Dealer #05, Bunny Chocolate Molds, $22.50 ea.

9. I am really into vintage signage lately. I love big and bold, but I also appreciate this Nehi sign for its long rectangular shape and smaller size. One of the problems I continually face in my own home is maintaining enough wall space for all of the great artwork and signs I constantly bring home. We are forever substituting one painting for another, swapping this deerhead with that duck mount, etc., so I appreciate that this guy is long and narrow. Plus I am also tempted to gift this to my little sister; she LOVES Peach Nehi. Dealer #02, Vintage Nehi Sign, $50.

 10. I think I've mentioned before my love of textiles and textile art. The quirkier the better, I say. This rooster is no exception. It is bold and graphic and the little red hearts are to die for. I think the obvious location for this rooster in my home is above our sofa, but I could also place it in the bedroom, and down the road I think it would be sweet hanging in a quirky nursery for a baby. Dealer #123, Rooster Textile, $110.

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