Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week In An Instant

Apologies for the delay in posts this summer. Time has been flying by at a fast pace and I'm still trying to keep up. We've received such a great response to the latest container, and we can't thank all of you enough for stopping in to have a peek at the latest arrivals. That said, since this warm weather won't last for much longer, I'm going to take a minute to share a small glimpse into what this season has been like for me! Some memories have definitely been made this year! Be sure to pop in if you've yet to see the container. So many fun things to see.

Images Clockwise, Left to Right:
1. In June Ethan and I took a quick visit to Folly Beach, SC. Just thinking about that whole adventure puts a smile on my face. This was taken the first day on the beach. While the weather was a little spotty we definitely made the best of it.
2. After having our fair share of fried shrimp and crab legs, sand and sun, we did a bit of exploring in Charleston as well. I could have walked around for hours, soaking in all of that beautiful architecture. This green door was one of my favorites.
3. I also loved this ivy covered wall, with the tiny terra cotta tiles scattered about.
4. The bold graphic design of the red cross on this wall was such a fun pop of color.
5. During our walking tour, we visited several churches, including this Episcopal Church...the name is escaping me! Any Charleston readers out there please remind me!:)
6. Such old world charm throughout Charleston! 
7. Even the beautiful ferns climbing the walls are beautiful.
8. Our last night at Folly, we took a short walk to visit the Morris Island Lighthouse. It was perfect timing because the sun was just about to go down. Probably my favorite part of the whole trip.
9. Another shot by the lighthouse. I love how the light is captured on the branches of that tree.

  Images Clockwise from Left To Right:
1. We have been making a few small furniture updates in our house. This chest of drawers came from Oddfellows, and once it was in place, I was sure to add all my little treasures on top. It's quickly become one of my favorite little vignettes in the house.
2. My friend Anna is part of an aerial arts and dance collective called Bromelia. Earlier this summer the collective performed at the Orange Peel. These girls are so talented, and it's such a beauty to watch them perform. And it also makes me feel very proud to have such a talented friend.
3. Tozer in a teak bowl. I had planned to put this in our booth but he has become so attached to his new cat bed. It would be cruel to make Tozer give up such a cozy nook!!:)
4. We spent July 4th in Atlanta this year. We stayed with our good friends Liza and David, both of whom I've known since I was a freshman in college. They just bought a new house in Grant Park (our old hood) and I loved this little section of their house. Liza is a talented interior designer and David is an amazing artist...and their home really shows their talents throughout. 
5. Not to mention their dog, Paco. He's a special little guy for sure.
6. When we got back to town, we continued our celebration of America at a friend's annual July 4th party. Of course there were sparklers!
7. Etta just hanging out. I think she complements the vintage globe pretty well.
8. And then there's all the pool time. We haven't had much opportunity to soak up the sun since the rain has been crazy in the mountains. If I've got any spare time, and the sun happens to be out, to Malvern Hills I go!
9. And here's a little shot from container day. Love those mannequin forms with the red file cabinet. 

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