Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Record Store Day!

Our friends at Harvest Records are celebrating Record Store Day today. Because I live with a husband whose love of music takes up at least 100 square feet of our house, I thought I would share with you some record storage ideas I've come across recently. I hope you enjoy, and if you are in Asheville today stop by Harvest to partake in some musical goodness!

This first solution is perhaps my favorite. Designer Kenneth Brown came up with this approach. The drawers pull out and can hold up to 2, 000 lps. Dream come true! Image via Apartment Therapy.
 Check out this record room. This space is perfect because it keeps your collection neat and tidy without overtaking your space. In using stacked Ikea bookcases, it feels like the room has built-in bookcases and therefore provides a bit of sophistication to your listening lounge. Image via Apartment Therapy.

 This next solution from Atocha Design is for those of you that prefer to keep your collection tucked away entirely, while at the same time providing the sleek look of a mid-century credenza. If you live in a smaller home like me, you might appreciate the ability to keep your records organized in a less likely spot like the dining room or bedroom. I also like the way you can flip through the records the same way as if you were in a record store hunting for goodies to take home.

I might have to try this next storage solution myself. I'm always thinking of objects to take up space in the hearth of our non-working fireplace. With this idea, I can add a bit of quirkiness to our space (as if it needs more of that...) while also providing a bit of texture and color from the record sleeves. Image via Apartment Therapy.

 These shipping crates imported from England are definitely an easy solution for storing records as well. What makes them cooler than the typical crate, though, are the shipping stamps on either side.Dealer #44, $65 each.
 I love this pair of industrial barrister bookcases as an option. The nice thing about these is that you can break up the records with a cute vase or other collectibles for contrast. Dealer #NYA, $750 each.
Please pardon the terrible cell phone snapshot, it does not give this piece justice. This is a vintage Swedish record unit that fits both records and record player all in one piece. Plenty of room and again, would be a nice addition to a smaller space because it can house other knick knacks as well. Dealer #123, $225 on sale!

 And then there's this option. Let's face it, most of you have collection that will only fit inside of an industrial warehouse. Image via


  1. I love that record room design, that will perfectly fit for my husband who is also a singer. It looks so tidy and neat. I'm sure my husband would love it if I'm going to share this to him.